Nourish that body

Hello lovelies! How are you? Hope you slept well and your day is off to an amazing start. So the exciting thing Jamie and I were doing yesterday didn’t happen, we’re doing it today instead hopefully. Life got in the way, which happens sometimes. Instead I managed to get some stuff done on other exciting things that are happening so that was good. Again, sorry for all the vagueness! The evening was spent in front of a film eating homemade veggie burgers with sweet potato veggies. Yum!

The picture above is a meal I threw together a couple of days ago. We had loads of random veg in the fridge and I wanted to try and eat some of it so made kind of like a mixed salad plate. I roasted butternut squash and sweet potato in the oven until nice and crispy on the outside to top it all off (I can tell you that I ended up piling on even more after finishing my plate haha). I’ve been so hungry recently so I’ve just been embracing it. This girl needs to feel full and happy! A meal like this leaves me feeling a nice full and it tastes so fresh! Usually there will be leftovers in the fridge too like a veggie chilli or curry or something but sometimes this is what I scrape together.

Breakfast has just been eaten and now it’s time to get ready for a session at G5. We’ll see what Stella’s got planned for today’s class. I can feel yesterday’s session in my back muscles, a little bit tender this morning!

Tonight my friend Hannah is having an event with lululemon, 18 in 18. It’s a vision and goal session for 2018 that I’m going to. The event will start off with some yoga and then talk about setting 18 goals for this year. I’m excited to see her in action, I know this has been a dream of hers for so long. Maybe I’ll see you there?

M xxx


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