Kilo day

I had a lovely little surprise visitor with me home from the gym yesterday! Poor Stella has done something to her leg and needed some help walking Kilo and when she asked me I of course couldn’t say no! We walked back from the gym and then he kept me company at home for the rest of the day. I absolutely love having him here and whilst I was working away on some stuff on my laptop he was all snuggled up next to me. My heart melted!

I felt exhausted yesterday. I think it’s a combination of lot of exercise and not sleeping very well these past couple of nights. So when I got to Strong Mums and looked at the board, I couldn’t bare the thought of doing another high intensity workout. I instead did some lifting and helped making one of the little baby’s who come along with his mummy, smile so she could train. I really didn’t mind at all, I love babies and he’s such a cutie!

I was also meant to go to Team Cavanagh in the evening and I decided against that too. Instead I took it easy and went to bed early to get some rest. Feeling way better today thankfully. Slightly stressed about loads of different things but at least I feel a bit more rested. It’s a start.

I have a feeling these two days before I leave for Sweden are going to be busy! I’m just doing my best to keep my calm and not panic.

There’ll be more exciting posts coming once this weekend is over!

M xxx


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