Sun’s out, shutter up

Stella’s and my session this morning. It was nice having arms 😛 Couldn’t feel them afterwards…

Kilo sunbathing, he’s got a good life that dog

I think the assault bike was probably the worst in that WOD

Love a session with SB!

Hi lovelies! I’ve managed my last gym session before going to Sweden tomorrow. Since I’d already done yesterday’s class and the Strong Mum class were doing it today, Stella had a different plan for us.

It was really fun training with Stella. Like I said to her in one of my messages after I left, it felt like when I used to do PT with her. I had the best time during those sessions and it’s so amazing to think back when I was just starting out at G5 and look at where I am today. Sometimes you need to remind yourself how much you’ve progressed, even though you don’t always feel like it. It takes time and patience. Long term sustainable progress is usually in smaller increments rather than something happening over night. So you don’t always even notice it.

Stella recently got a Ski Erg for the gym and of course included in the workout. The first time I came across one was at Everyday Athlete and I think the only other two times I’ve been on one was at my competition with Kirsty and at another gym I’ve tried out. Now since it arrived there’s been plenty of ski erg sessions. It’s tough on the arms!

The workout we did was split into two, we were swapping between Part 1 and 2. One person on the ski erg, the other doing the AMRAP. When you were done on the ski erg you swapped over, when the second person was done you then swapped over and the first person was on the assault bike whilst the second went back to the AMRAP. It was a good workout and even better when we could feel the warmth from the sun. I had almost forgotten what that felt like. I’ve missed it so much. I’m hoping this is only the beginning of  brighter and sunnier days.

Now I’ve got a million things to do before Sweden tomorrow morning. My flight leaves just before nine from Edinburgh so it’s an early start. Jamie is working today during the day but is home for dinner so I get to see him before I leave. Not that I’m away for very long, I’m back on Monday again. Ready to train again. Rainhill is so close now so I can’t really stop!

I’d love to stay here and write for longer but I really need to get going.

Speak soon! xxx

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