Crossfit Level 1 Results

A very happy Maddie at this morning’s class

Hi lovelies! Happy Friday! I was on my phone browsing in bed this morning and opened my emails and there it was, an email saying that my Crossfit Level 1 results had arrived. I immediately got extremely nervous! The test felt alright but having heard a lot of people fail the first attempt I started getting more and more nervous to see how I had done. I knew I put in a lot of work but the test was quite tricky and under time pressure you just never know! You start second guessing yourself.

I first had to sign a license agreement in the first email and once that was done it said they would send the results to me in a separate email. My heart was beating fast at this point and I was sweating. It felt like forever until the next email popped up in my inbox (after a lot of refreshing!), it did eventually and I took a big breath and opened the email. I skim read it quickly until I could see the words PASSED, CONGRATULATIONS and how I’m allowed to refer to my new gained title as a trainer. I had passed. Me! I did it. I’m now a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. I can’t believe it.

Poor Jamie was sleeping and I just couldn’t not tell him. I wanted him to be the first to know so I woke him up and I think he had a mini heart attack thinking something was wrong because I never wake him up. I just couldn’t believe it when I said to him I had passed. Both of us were just laughing at how amazing it was. What a great way to start my Friday.

I was prepared for the results to arrive on Sunday or Monday but I’m not complaining that they arrived earlier! One less thing to be nervous about. Just Rainhill to go now.

It was interesting studying for this test and signing up for this course because everything felt natural. With the reading I really enjoyed learning more about everything. When I signed up I didn’t really have much fear that I’d fail. Not because I was feeling arrogant or overly confident about it but more because failure didn’t feel like an option. I wanted this and I wanted to prove to myself that I was ready and capable of doing it.

Usually I’d be struggling to get studying done at uni just because I didn’t really feel real passion for what I was studying. For the first time I was studying genuinely because I found it interesting and I wanted to learn more. I wanted to understand, not because I was scared of failing an exam or I wanted to pass it. Yes that was important too but I was driven by something else more than just gaining the qualification and it was so refreshing. I’d never really felt that before. I’m hoping this is a sign that I’m on the right track!

So what now? I’m officially a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer!! I’m so excited, I have no plan right now but we’ll see what’s to come. Now I just need to start getting some experience or something 😛

Thank you again to all the amazing people around me who have been so supportive along the way and believed in me that I could do it. It means the world to me.

Now time to celebrate! Jamie’s working tonight so Faye and maybe even Kate is coming over for a homemade Thai curry evening. I’m really looking forward to it. The sun is shining outside, we had a great workout this morning at G5. Today is a good day. I’m feeling so grateful.

M xxx


6 thoughts on “Crossfit Level 1 Results

  1. Congratulations in your achievement!!! I would like to follow your steps… so let’s see. I had to stop my training after loosing my job and then came Maria… And other, and other… Your happiness just motivates me to return. No matter what. Thanks!


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