Day of the Pancake

Excuse our messy kitchen in the background…Heeeeellooo! How are you my dears? In case you’ve missed what day it is, it is PANCAKE DAY. However, considering my Instagram feed has been flooded with pancakes all day I think it’s a difficult one to miss hehe. I was at the gym this morning for the second last day of training (it’s getting so close now, I can’t believe it’s happening). Straight after the gym I headed home to make pancakes for lunch because you can’t not have pancakes on this day.

I made the usual vegan banana pancakes we usually have, they didn’t turn out quite as nice as they usually do visually but still tasted good which is the pain part. I’ve now ended up in some sort of food coma! It’s a beautiful day outside and I’m thinking of maybe going back to G5 this evening to hang out and going through some rowing technique. We shall see, I’m undecided.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Do you celebrate it? Jamie and I aren’t massive Valentine’s people plus he’s busy working so we thought we’ do something nice in Manchester on Sunday after Rainhill. I’ll instead be going to lululemon Glasgow’s Rawnchy Yoga event in the evening in the showroom. My amazing friend Alice Gray will be leading the yoga class (her classes are incredible) and afterwards Rawnchy who do raw vegan desserts will be serving up some treats I think. Doesn’t sound like a bad Valentine’s Day to me. Faye will of course be joining me and my sister! A very nice bonus So we’ll be having a romantic evening the three of us! I’m really looking forward to it.

I now to get going, I’ve got a parcel to return and some other stuff that needs to be sorted.

Speak soon, M xxx

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