The final lifts

Lifting with Faye is the best kind of lifting!

The Rainhill trio, excited for the three of us to compete!

I look devastated haha. I promise I wasn’t! Getting some coaching from Stella.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!! I hope you are feeling the love today, whether it’s from a partner, friends or family. It’s funny how this is actually a day, like you have to love people in your life a little bit extra on this day rather than any other day? I suppose it makes us stop and appreciate the people around us when we are caught up in everyday life. It is something I always try to do more of, tell the people in my life how much they mean to me more regularly. It’s so important.

I’m just back from my last proper training session for Rainhill! The pictures above are from Sunday when we were practising some heavier cleans and stuff. Today it was more high intensity training and Stella made sure Lou, Carol and I who are competing had a final sweaty session haha! I was incredibly touched when Stella made us all stop in between the 6am class and 6.45 class switch over to make a little speech for the three of us competing at Rainhill and had everyone give us three cheers. I appreciate all of them so much, they’ve been incredibly encouraging the entire way and it’s helped loads during training. Thank you guys for being the best crew ever.

I still can’t believe how many from the gym are actually going down for the weekend to cheer the three of us on! I think I counted that it’s almost 30 people making the trip down to Manchester. Some are even just driving down for the day. It’s so incredibly kind of them to take the time out of their busy lives to come down to cheer us on. It will make all the difference when Lou, Carol and I are doing our workouts hearing them screaming.

When I first started at G5 and heard about people competing I NEVER thought I’d compete myself. Not in a million years and then slowly but surely my mind changed and it felt like a great goal to work towards. It’s made me work really hard and focus on my training in a different way than ever before.

I can’t believe that’s it. That’s my Rainhill training done. It’s felt like such a long process and we’ve been waiting for months for this day to come but at the same time I’m wondering where all that time went? We’re almost there now. It’s so close and whilst I’m nervous I feel alright just now. I feel like I’ve done everything I could’ve possibly done. I know I’ll be terrified waiting for my first heat to start but I’m just telling myself that I can only give it everything I’ve got and do my best. Either way I’ll be so proud of myself for daring to try and put myself out there. At the end of the day, it’s just a workout that needs to be done. The same way when we show up to G5 and there’s a workout on the board that needs to be done. At least for Rainhill we know what to expect!

Like everyone has said to me in the gym, aim to enjoy it and have fun. That’s what I want to take with me when I’m competing on the day. It’s meant to be fun and I really want to be able to look back on this weekend and remember how amazing it was. Not only because we were competing and hopefully did alright but because we were all there together having a great time. I love those people and I’m just happy for us to have a weekend away as well.

I’ve started writing a packing list for the weekend. I don’t usually do this but I felt like there is so much stuff I need to remember taking with that I was just as well writing one just to be sure. I’m wondering how we’re all going to fit in Carole’s (Faye’s mum, not Carol who’s competing) car because we’ll be four people (Carole, Faye, Jamie and I) plus our luggage all mushed in there somehow. We’ll find a way! Poor Jamie might not have a lot of room for his long legs though haha.

Right, time for a shower and then get this day started! Have a beautiful day my dears, xxx


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