Rainhill Trials WOD 2 & 3

Warm up stretch

Testing out those cleans before going on the floor with my new belt!

After I realised I finally got my 57.5kg clean complex. So happy!!

These guys ❤ Photo: Pete Williamson Photography
And these ❤ Photo: Pete Williamson PhotographyStraight into WOD 3

Hi lovelies! I’ve received so much love since my post yesterday about my mum. Thank you so much for all the beautiful and positive vibes! I needed them and all your words put a smile on my face. I’m very grateful to be surrounded by such incredible people like you who lift me up when things are tough.

Right so where were we in the Rainhill story? I just finished WOD 1, had a muffin (and a couple of other snacks) and then I tried to relax and take it easy until it was time to get ready again. you think an hour and a half is a long time to wait but it went by at lightning speed and before I knew it it was time to start warming up again.

WOD 2 and 3 were done straight after each other. WOD 2 was to find your max for a complex which was: one clean (however you want, I did squat cleans), one hang squat clean and then one front squat. Funnily enough, very similar to one of the workouts at Forth Valley Throwdown last year although that was one squat clean to get the bar up and then two front squats. You had five minutes to reach your max. Stella and I had both discussed and concluded that I’d start off with a lift I knew I could do, which was at 55kg so that was in the bag.

After warming up with some lighter weights I waited to get out on the competition floor. Trying not to look too much at what was going on in the heat before mine. I got picked up by my judge last minute and walked over to my lane once again. I was so incredibly thirsty and ran over to Faye who had my water bottle. Once they said go it felt like everyone loaded their bars at lightning speed! Before I had finished loading my bar, others were already on their first lift. How they did that I don’t know! I pulled my belt a bit tighter. It felt almost like safety blanket out there on the competition floor.

I went for it. Goodness me, with the adrenaline you feel like a superwoman and it felt like that bar just flew up. I heard the G5 crowd shouting my name in the background. They felt miles away, not just a couple of metres. I took my time once I had the bar up before I dropped it to my hips and then thighs. I took a deep breath and then initiated my hang squat clean with my hips and voila, I was under the bar. I stood it up, another deep breath and then did my front squat, done!

I was so happy that lift went well without any drama. I added my 1.25kg plates on each side. This was the moment of truth. Would this complex actually happen? I’d managed several cleans at this weight a couple of days before but never managed to go straight from the first clean into the hang squat clean. I stood and stared at the bar then decided to just go for it.

I got into position and just went for it and I got under the bar! First part done, then I pushed with everything I had and stood up! Wohoo! Here I stood with the bar in the front rack position for a couple of seconds to gather myself then, determined that I would nail this lift, I dropped the bar to my hips then thighs. I just went for it and I got under the bar. I couldn’t believe it. I stood up and then did my final front squat. I got so excited that once I had lowered the bar to my hips it kind of slipped out of my hands slightly and fell and I was paranoid the judge would tell me off for that but seeing it was below the hips I think it was fine and yes I nailed it. I couldn’t believe it. It was one of the best feelings ever. It was incredible.

For a moment I was standing there thinking that felt easy I should attempt a 60kg lift. I think Stella could see it in my eyes because just as I was standing there I heard her voice above all the people and I snapped back into reality. She said “Change the weight!”. As in, don’t even think about it. Which was true. That wasn’t the plan and if I failed those lifts I would have wasted a lot of energy for nothing. Instead I changed the weight to 45 kg for WOD 3. That was a moment I was proud of and it’s moments like that you become a better competitor. Realising when to stop, this time thanks to Stella, but it did remind me that I can’t get carried away. I did that at Forth Valley and just wasted time on a lift I couldn’t finish.

WOD 3 was a very quick workout. We had a three minute rest in between and then we had to do 10x45kg power cleans, 60 double unders or 120 single unders and then finish with 10 more power cleans. A very fast paced workout. The time cap was three minutes so there was no room to stop at all really if you wanted a good time.

My major dilemma that I had even walking onto the competition floor for these two WODs was what shoes to wear. I wore my lifters for my heavy lifts but then I wasn’t sure what to do for the next one. A couple of people were keeping their lifters on and I felt so indecisive. Last minute I decided to change shoes to my Metcons because I felt I would jump better in them for the skips. I didn’t really need the lifters for that weight I was so relived when I made that decision and felt comfortable so I knew it was the right one. At the end of the day, they’re just shoes and they’re not going to make a massive difference it’s more about how you feel. You want to feel confident and good and that’s what I did.

Because I finished my lifts fairly quickly I got quite a long rest in between which was in my favour I think. A lot of the girls were lifting very heavy. Someone got like 75.5kg I think and she won the WOD. I just couldn’t even compete with that so instead I made sure I had energy to have the speed for the next WOD which was one I could do way better in. You need to be tactical with how you use your energy in competitions I’ve learnt.

I had a major discussion with my judge at this point when I was changing my weight. I started taking off the plates and he said you don’t need to have all that weight on and I got really confused and wondered if it was a 20 bar we were using instead of a 15 bar. He said no it’s a 15 bar and I said yes, so 15 plus 15 plus 15 is 45. He went “Did you think you lifted heavier than you thought you did?”. I said no I did 57.5kg and now I’m changing it 45. Then he turned to his papers and said no you’re doing… Oh, I thought it was 35 kg (That was the Wood weights). Both of us laughed and he said “At least someone’s on the ball”.

Then it was time to go. 5,3, 2, 1. LET’S GO! I was set on doing all my cleans unbroken which I did and was very happy with. I went at a good pace and and actually the slightly squishy mat underneath made it a bit easier. ThenI hurried over to my rope. I wasn’t sure how the skips were going to go because I’d been messing up when I was warming up for the workout but I managed them all unbroken. I was so focused. Threw my rope and then back to the bar. It was heavy at this point but somehow I just smashed through them as fast as I possibly could (stopping was no option in my head, just push through) and then I was done! I was so happy with what I had just accomplished and I got the time 1:59 which was over 50 seconds better than what I did at the gym when practising. I couldn’t believe it. I shocked myself.

I walked off the floor, forgetting my rope so I had to run down after the heat after me to collect it haha. I was completely dead after that workout but so happy. I loved those WODs. I finished 19th in WOD 2 but I was probably the happiest about that outcome because my strength is one of my weaker points. However, still placing 19 over 50 people I didn’t think was bad at all. It’s your journey and really a competition against yourself to improve, yes you are competing against others but what they do doesn’t really matter. It’s what you can do with your abilities.

I’m incredibly proud of all my WODs and how they went but it was something special with those two. Then again when I think about it, I improved all my times and weights in comparison to when I did the workouts in G5 so I can’t complain. I suppose with the more high intensity ones I can look back and think I could’ve pushed harder but it’s a learning for next time and I’m really not going to focus on that when it was my first individual competition. There’s definitely so much to be improved and learned but how proud I am over what I’ve accomplished will never go away. I can look back and think that I gave it my all in every WOD, which I did.

I got a longer break between WOD 3 and 4 because there’s a lunch break around midday. I managed to eat some more food. I didn’t feel particularly hungry but I knew that I needed food to fuel myself. The worst you can possibly do is not eat enough and run out of energy. Something I was doing my very best to avoid. I know how badly I perform if I don’t properly. You can really spot the difference. Plus all I can focus on when I’m hungry is how hungry I am, which takes away focus from what I’m actually meant to be doing. Food is so important!

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