Rainhill Trials WOD 4

Haha this camera angle on me!

Athlete briefing number 2

So happy Jamie was there with me for it all

Time to get warmed up

Time to go!

As you can see I was clearly enjoying myself… HAHA

Goodness, WOD 4 already! That’s what I was thinking on the day too as I was eating my lunch. Where had the time gone? Over half of the competition was completed already. I was sitting and nibbling away with Ellis, Jamie and Faye during the break. This is the difficult part I think in terms of your motivation because it’s a longer break, you’ve had a light lunch and you’re waiting. It’s easy to get out of the zone and start feeling tired.

During the lunch break I went onto the competition floor to try out the wall balls for the workout. We don’t throw the balls at specific targets like the little ones at Rainhill at G5 so I just wanted to get a feel for what it was like. It felt alright. The target was slightly lower than what Stella usually gets us to do so I was hoping that would work a bit in my favour.

WOD 4 was three rounds of 20 wall balls (7kg), 15 American kettlebell swings and 10 shoulder to overhead (whether you strict pressed the bar, push pressed or jerked) for time. I did push presses because it’s quicker if you can do it. The WOD had an eight minute time cap.

I knew this WOD was going to be tough because it was a lot of upper body movements and I’m not as strong in my upper body but also I was tired from the previous WODs too.

When it was time for me once again to go onto the floor I was picked up by my next judge Nicola I think her name was. She was a lovely Crossfit box owner from somewhere in south of England. I can’t quite remember! We went through the movements and it felt alright.

I waited for the countdown and off I went! 20 wall balls, wohoo! They can get so tiring those things. I managed them unbroken which was good and then went straight to the kettlebell swings and then to the shoulder overhead. The first round felt alright. The second round was okay and the third round was painful.

In the second round when I finished my wall balls I dropped the ball in a way that it rolled over away from me. Not ideal at all. I saw my judge’s reflex was to go get it but considering she needed to keep an eye on my reps and count she couldn’t so she stayed where she was. Understandable, it was me being clumsy. I finished my round and then when I got back to my final round I had to waste a bit of time getting the ball. I don’t think it was too bad because my arms were tired it gave me a little breather. This time around the I think I stopped on the wall balls once or twice. The kettlebell swings felt near impossible and the shoulder to overhead were HEAVY. My judge told me off a couple of times and told me to straighten my arms more at the top of the swings. Luckily I didn’t get any no reps!

In the final shoulder to overheads my arms felt like jelly. I had to put the bar down twice which I probably shouldn’t have looking back. I should’ve just pushed through for those final reps but it’s a learning for next time. It’s so frustrating looking back at the video and seeing myself put the bar down so many times when I know I could’ve dug a bit deeper and pushed it up. Nothing I can do about it now though! Once I’d finished the final rep I put down the bar and fell to the ground into a little ball. My judge showed me her stopwatch where it said 5:07. About a minute and a half better than my time at G5. I was happy with that but mainly I was happy it was done. I finished 13th in that WOD in the end.

I wasn’t as happy with that WOD as my earlier ones. I knew I could’ve done more and done better. It definitely gave me motivation to train harder to improve my upper body even further. I think I also just struggle to push through pain as much as more lower body focused stuff. I need to realise that my upper body can do more than I think it does because once you are confident in your abilities you are not as scared to push yourself. It’s also getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Feeling the struggle but still pushing through. It’s a difficult mind game but also what makes your mind stronger. I love that feeling of pushing through the boundaries you thought you had. Surprising yourself.

After the WOD was done I had no idea where on the leaderboard I was sitting. I eventually found out that I was sitting 7th in my category. Which meant I qualified for the final. I couldn’t believe it. Jamie was constantly refreshing the leaderboard as the scores were being added until they were all up and we realised I was going to have to get my game on once again. I was going to be the third G5 member ever to go to the final of Rainhill. I actually couldn’t believe it and got some tears in my eyes. Faye, Ellis, Jamie and I were standing outside in the sun for fresh air when I found out I had qualified. It made me quite emotional. Going to Rainhill I was hoping that I would make it all the way to the final but you just never know what will happen. I was shocked, I’m still shocked that it happened.

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