The Rainhill Trials Final

On my way to the final WOD

Ellis working it!

And so we were off! I remember being so determined to run pas these girls on the turn. As you might be able to tell in my giant leap haha.

First run in the bag

These were such a weird movement with the plate over your head.

The weights look tiny on this 20kg bar haha.  So many emotions after a day that went better than I ever dared to hope for! 
The Rainhill trio!

With our amazing coach Stella. Thanks for helping us prepare for this!
What a crew!

I couldn’t have done this without Jamie who always believes in me.
Leaving the venue I couldn’t believe it was all over.

Parts of the G5 squad heading towards the cars
Out for dinner with the G5 squad who stayed for another night. You can see how tired we both are in this photo!

Hi lovelies! Happy Monday! It’s time to share what happened at the Rainhill final. At this point I was absolutely knackered but at the same time buzzing from all the excitement. I was in the final of my category! That’s just crazy and I was sitting seventh going in, which was even more crazy. The top half of the people in the final. Wow.

As soon as we all suspected I might be in the final (not trying to get ahead of ourselves or anything), Faye helped me get a protein shake in me. It tasted awful haha. I just don’t really like drinking protein on it’s own and the Oatly I had with me had gone kind of lukewarm. Not ideal but I sucked it up and got it in me as it was quick fuel if I needed to do the final. I also ate some Love Corn for quick energy and savouriness. So they announced the finalists in the heats and I heard my name being called out, confirming what we had seen on the leaderboard on our phones. Crazy!

The kit crew started started setting up for the final and I sat and waited for the Wood category to get ready for their final. Then I walked over with Faye, Ellis and Jamie to wait for Rastrick (my category ) to be allowed into the warm up area. I was nervous but at the same time so happy to just be in the final. Wherever I’d place I was just happy to be there. I couldn’t believe I was there and had made it so far. Wood started their final and I hugged everyone before heading into the warm up area. Whilst Wood were doing their thing the head judge talked us through the final and the movement standards for it so we were good to go when it was our turn. Then he left us to warm up. I was chatting with a few of the girls who were in the final as well whilst waiting. I was so excited to go out and give it my all one last time. I really wanted to smash this workout.

Then it was our turn! The MC announced our names one by one in the microphone and we were asked to walk to our lane. It felt very odd when I heard my name “In lane seven, Madeleine Kristensen!”. My judge this time was a lovely girl called Vicky. She met me over at my lane and we went through the movements once more and the logistics of where to run and how to move through the stations.

The final was: 200 m run around the track, 10x 25kg thrusters, 20x sit ups (they were sort of like ab mat sit ups but not really), 10x 25kg thrusters and finish off with another 200m run. You were done when you were stood up on your box when you got back.

When going through the movements with my judge I picked up the 25kg bar to do a thruster and a 25kg barbell has never felt so heavy ever. Usually we tend to do a heavier weight but I could tell that my body was tired after a long day of competing! This was going to be tough.

We stood and waited for the countdown. I could here everyone from G5 shouting and see them cheering in the corner of my eye. The guy who is in charge of Rainhill and also an MC there walked past everyone making sure they were all good to go before starting. “10 seconds to go”, “5,3,2,1”. And I ran as fast as I possibly could and felt my entire body feeling so exhausted. Every step felt tiring and it almost felt like I was running in slow motion. I remember wanting to get past two girls on the corner leading onto the track and I cut in just on the inside on the turn.

I ran past the G5 cheer squad and everyone was screaming which made me want to run even faster. I came back in fourth and ran right up to my bar. Thrusters are terrible when you’ve just been running but I had to dig deep and push. There was no option, I wouldn’t stop now.

I finished the thrusters and went straight onto the sit ups with the plate. They felt like they took forever and they were quite difficult to do quickly because I wasn’t really used to the movement. I got through them and ran back to do my final ten thrusters. They felt a lot better this time when I had managed to catch my breath whilst doing the sit ups. I finished them, put the bar down and ran. I pushed and pushed. This time the run felt even slower. There was no way of knowing what position I was in. Everyone was quite evenly spread out. I ran as fast as I possibly could. There was a girl who I was closing in on towards the end and when I ran past the G5 crew I felt their energy and started closing in even more on this girl but unfortunately her station was just a bit closer coming in from the run and she finished just before me.

I ran up onto my box and stood up. I was done! Rainhill was over! The workout was over and I felt such a mix of emotions. We sat on our boxes waiting to finish. I just sat and stared. Then I looked up and everyone from the gym and Jamie were applauding and cheering. I was so unbelievably happy and proud. I hadn’t only just completed my first ever individual competition, I’d also made it all the way to the final. I can’t remember the last time I felt such joy despite how painful some of the workouts had been. It was that feeling of having accomplished a big goal. It felt out of this world.

Once all the girls had finished I ran to get my bottle at my first station. I wasn’t going to repeat that again, forgetting my stuff on the floor hehe. I walked over to everyone and it was a hug fest! I got a hug from Jamie and I was close to tears. So many hugs and so much happiness. Then I turned over to Faye and I don’t know what it was but I just burst into tears. Just like she had when she’d finished her final workout at her Rainhill. I couldn’t hold it together any longer. She had been such great support and been there for me. It was a mix of relief, happiness, joy, exhaustion and a little bit of pain all at once.

Then it was time to get some photos with the Rainhill trio. Then Stella was of course asked to be in a photo with us as well! She then gave us all hugs and when she hugged me I burst into tears again and then Jamie came in hugged me and I cried again haha. What can I say? I’m a crier! I get tears in my eyes just writing about all of this again, reliving it.

With that my road to Raihill was over and it had been so much than I’d ever could’ve thought it would. I loved it. I really loved it. Not just because of how well I did but because it was one of the most fun days I’ve ever had, having everyone there together. Where I places was just the cherry on top.

Jamie said afterwards when we got back to the hotel that he’s never been so proud of me. I looked at him and asked him if he was even more proud than when I graduated from university in a jokey way. He looked at me for a little while and said yes, because this is something that I am so passionate about and love to do and I’d put so much work into it. I looked at him and thought I felt the same.

I was more happy about this than when I graduated. I’ve never real felt accomplished in anything in my life until I started training like this and competing. No matter how I did in school and everything, it never felt like I’d done well or that I was that proud of myself, even though I did do well. Here I could just walk away and feel, I freaking smashed that and gave it my all and it paid off. All of that work paid off and I couldn’t be happier. I’m already excited to push myself further and harder. As Faye said in her card she gave to me, “I’m sure you will get the competition bug after this”. Hehe I think she was right…

In the evening the bunch of us who were staying for another night went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant nearby. I felt so tired and thought I was going to fall asleep at one point sitting there. We went back to the hotel afterwards and everyone stayed for a couple of drinks. I was happily sipping away on my water as per usual haha. Eventually I had to go to bed, I couldn’t stay awake any longer.

Thanks for reading about my Rainhill experience. I hope it might inspire you to do something out of your comfort zone. The reason I wanted to share it is to show that you never know where something might take you. When I started training all these years ago I never thought I would end up loving health and fitness the way I do now. When I started at G5 I never ever thought I would be competing. When I did my first pair competition with Kirsty last year I never thought I would do an individual competition. Leading up to my individual competition I didn’t think I would go to the final. We limit ourselves with barriers in our mind. They aren’t real and if we don’t break through these walls we build up inside we might miss out on some of the most exciting things that could ever happen to us. Be brave and step out of that space, break down those walls. If I can do it, you most definitely can.

M xxx

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