Pot Kettle Black // 14 Barton Arcade // Manchester

It’s like waking up to Winter wonderlnd here in Glasgow today. The snowing won’t stop and it feels like the city has come to a stand still. It feels very quiet.

I’m just about to head out into the cold but before I do i wanted to share this amazing place with you today. Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day, together with brunch. Therefore, when the hotel we stayed at in Manchester city centre’s breakfast buffet looked quite sad for the money they were asking for it, we decided to go out somewhere else instead. I had a little list of places I’d seen that could be worth checking out in Manchester and Pot Kettle Black was a top contender. It was located quite close by to our hotel so we thought let’s give it a go.

This coffee shop is located in one of the most cool buildings I’ve ever seen a coffee shop in. An old Victorian arcade. PKB is super spacious and I loved the interior. The staff were very friendly and the food was delicious. I had two of their lovely matcha lattes at breakfast as well. You have to make the most of these opportunities when they arise, like matcha lattes on the menu haha. My dish I ordered was very simple but very tasty. I loved the beans it came with, lots of flavour and homemade. I’m no fan of Heinz baked beans, they were the reason why I only recently thought I just wasn’t a baked beans kind of girl. Nope it’s just the overly sweet and sticky kind I can’t stand. Singl-end here in Glasgow changed my world when I tried their homemade beans and I haven’t looked back since! Jamie had the N’duja Eggs and I think he was in heaven. He looked so happy munching away.

After being out for the most of the day at Old Trafford, Jamie and I were both starving amd just needed any kind of food really. We know when get to such a state we just need to get somewhere that serves good food we both can eat, not the easiest job when the two of us eat so differently hehe. We remembered we were looking at the lunch menu at PKB and thought it looked really good so we thought, why not make it easy for ourselves and just go back? Saves us hangrily (yes I just made that word up probably) trying to come to a joint decision of somewhere else to go.

So we went back to PKB and got sat down at the exact same table. Haha we’re so sad but did not regret it one bit. We’re not sure if the girl recognised us. Either way we were happy to squeeze another visit in before heading back to Glasgow. I went for their Buddha Bowl and Jamie had a Korean chicken sandwich if I remember correctly. We were both very happy with our choices. However, me with my enormous appetite (seriously I exhaust myself at how hungry I get, it’s a never ending eating spree at times) was still hungry since my portion was quite small so I got Jamie to share some spelt pancakes with me. Okay, let’s be honest, I probably ate most of it myself. They were served with agave syrup, berries and cashew butter. They were lovely and I was so happy I got a chance to try them too.


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