My first Crossfit Open workout (18.1)

Hello my dears! It is wiiiiild out there today (and yesterday). I can’t believe how much snow we actually have had so far. I wasn’t sure I’d make it to the gym or if Stella would still keep class on in the evening but nope she decided to have the gym open for a bit in the evening so onto the underground I went. I’m so glad I went because the session was great and I felt so good afterwards! I was partnered up with Stella and we got started as soon as we arrived so we could leave a bit early and catch the last underground back. They closed it early last night due to the weather conditions. Glasgow is like a ghost town at the moment and apparently there were people stuck on the motorway for like 8 hours and couldn’t get anywhere. As a Swede it’s quite interesting to see and I realise that we do cope a bit better with weather like this. I know we do get more of it. It fascinates me how there’s not a law saying you must have winter tyres on during the winter months like we have back home.

So last weekend was the start of the Crossfit Open. The Open is what you enter to go to the Crossfit Games (if you’ve watched Fittest on Earth on Netflix, that’s the Crossfit Games, if you haven’t you should watch it because it’s amazing! They’ve got two of them up on Netflix at the moment). Anyone can enter and  complete the workouts and see where they rank in comparison to other Crossfitters all over the world. It’s pretty cool to see where you rank. The very top are of course crushing everyone but what I love is that you get to experience and do the same workout like they do and see how you score in relation to them. It’s even more eye opening and you realise how freaking crazy and insanely fit they are. Sam Briggs who is in the top after that workout did more than double the amount of reps that I did. MORE than double. It’s so inspiring and motivating.

So how was my first Crossfit Open workout experience? I enjoyed it, I’m not taking this too seriously as I just want to do it to see what it’s like and also it’ll be cool to do it future years and see how I have hopefully improved over the past year. I didn’t want to get worked up about it and just go in and do the best that I can.

18.1 was a 20 minute AMRAP with 8 toes to bar, 10x 15kg dumbbell clean jerks (five on each arm) and a 12 calorie row. When it was announced I was really happy  that I’d done all the toes to bar practising that I’ve done the past couple of months. They’re definitely far away from where I want them to be but I’m way better than I was.

We did a run through on the Friday with burpees instead of the row so everyone could do it at once without having to cue for rowers. Then on Saturday it was time to do the real thing. We were a huge crew of people taking turns at doing the workout ourselves, helping to judge, film (since we’re unaffiliated we need to send in videos of us doing the workouts) and cheer everyone on. We had a great time.

Ange was helping to judge me and Faye was filming. If you’re not a Crossfit affiliate you need to film your workout and upload it online so your score can be validated. I had a slight feeling my score wouldn’t be as good as on Friday because I was feeling a bit sore but I could only do my best. The workout started and off I went.

It all felt fine the first round but I knew the toes to bar were going to get difficult and would slow me down, which they did. I got quite a few no reps on them and wasted time. I should’ve broken them down more to be sure I nailed all of them instead of wasting energy and time on reps I couldn’t finish. A learning for next time. I also went to hard on the rower at first without realising and if Ange hadn’t told me to slow down I would’ve tired myself out very quickly. Pacing was key in this workout because it was quite long. Then at the end I messed up and didn’t get back on the bar because I thought Faye said time instead of five or something so I stopped to early. Oh well!

I wasn’t entirely happy with my results but I learnt a lot from the experience for instance, I struggled a bit to let the workout go and I was so close to asking Stella if I could do the workout again just to see if I could do it better. Sometimes I need to learn to just let things go and not overthink it. One and done is enough sometimes. Something I already knew and got reminded of is that I need to chill out a little bit more and not go all out and crash. I’m glad Ange was there to tell me to slow down on the rower. I also, once again, was shown the importance of practising my weaknesses (toes to bar in this case) because you never know when you might need the skill for a workout. So whilst I was slightly disappointed I need to look at what I could take on for future and be better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m way over it now but you want to always do your best and when it doesn’t go quite the way you hoped then of course it will be a little bit disappointing. It’s just a workout at the end of the day. It’s not the end of the world 😛

Right now I’m ranked 54,893rd out 171,705 out of the women worldwide in my category after the first workout. In Europe Central, 3830 out of 13,242. It’ll be interesting to see how this changes over the coming weeks.

18.1 is done and on Friday it’s time for 18.2! I wonder what they are going to throw at us this time around. We shall see!!

Time to get my wellies on and get going to the gym! It’s looking sunny out there

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