Snowy days

The snow pouring out of the sky on Wednesday night, not gently falling, literally pouring out of the sky! 
Lauren and I fought the snow and made it down to the gym yesterday morning.

Our workout 

Abandoned trains on the Inner Circle

Snowman lane in Kelvingrove Park, snowmen everywhere.

This is what Glaswegians get up to in the park when it snows!

Jamie came to join me on my walk!

At this point I was FREEZING!

Hello my lovelies! Today Glasgow has finally started to resume some form of normality after the entire city being on pause for two entire days. I still know of friends who can’t make it to work and are having another snow day! Crazy. When I walk in the city centre there are still shops that are closed due to staff not being able to make it in. My friend Ellie has been stuck in Airdrie (outside of Glasgow) for three days due to all trains being cancelled. Today there are more cars on the road and it feels more like a normal day but you can tell the snow has hit Glasgow hard. It’s meant to stay all weekend. We’ll see how it goes!

Yesterday only Lauren and I made it into the gym so we did a workout whilst we were there and managed to eventually build up some heat and throw some weight about at the end. We had a good time and I was happy to get to train despite the weather chaos. I walked all the way down from our flat and I was roasting by the time I got down from ploughing my way through the very deep snow in some places. Then as soon as you build up the heat, you get cold again the minute you stand still so we needed two warm ups to get warm.

I then got the underground back, only one of the two lines were running so instead of it taking ten minutes to get home it took 20/25 minutes. I was just happy they were able to run it any direction considering the staff shortage the majority of businesses are experiencing at the moment. I got home and had some tasty lentil soup for lunch and did some work on my laptop whilst Jamie went to a meeting.

We were going to meet up in Kelvingrove Park afterwards to go for a walk. It’s not every day we get to experience this kind of weather in Glasgow so we of course had to make the most of it. I got a bit impatient and left a bit early and thought I’d just wander about until Jamie finished. I got to the park and I’ve never seen it so busy! People literally everywhere sledding on everything from IKEA bags, plastic storage boxes to cardboard boxes.

I then continued walking and saw a huge group of people standing about and was wondering what was going on. All of a sudden I saw someone whizzing by in the middle of all these people and realised people were SNOWBOARDING and SKIING in the park. WHAT?! They were taking turns going down the slope and doing tricks on a ramp they’d built. I was in awe. One of the craziest things I’ve seen. For everyone to get in the mood they were blasting out beats and others were standing about drinking cider and beer as if we were in the alps. It was quite the site! Glasgow, you never fail to surprise me.

Eventually Jamie came to join me but his meeting and run for a bit longer than anticipated and I was FROZEN at this point because the wind had started going mad. We looked at everyone sledding for a bit longer but then I was desperate to go home and get some tea in me. We swung by our closest grocery shop on the way back and it was as if it was the end of the world. They literally had run out of everything pretty much. It was mad! I’ve never seen so many empty shelves. We couldn’t even get toilet roll haha. Luckily we had some left but we cut it close. Luckily I had a much more successful shop today and managed to stock up on food and toilet roll!

This morning we were about 12 people in class at the gym who made it. We ran through 18.2, which was announced last night! I knew when I saw it it was going to be juicy and boy it was. I tried to take it a bit easy and not exhaust myself entirely like last week because tomorrow I’m doing it for real but I was happy with my time and that I could do it as prescribed rather than scaling it. I’ll speak more about 18.2 in a separate post though.

At the end we practised cleans for the final bit of 18.2 (it’s split in two parts, first go as fast you possibly can and then find your one rep max clean, so lift as heavy as you possibly can) and I managed a new clean PB! 60kg!!! I’ve been stuck at this stupid 57.5kg one rep max for so so long and today, today it FINALLY happened. I was so happy I was jumping about. I couldn’t believe it. It just happened. I was wearing my magic belt from Faye and I’m starting to think it really is magical haha. Either way it has really helped me prevent my back from curving in when I’m standing the weight up in the front squat and that’s made such an incredible difference. I’m only one or two kilos from cleaning my own bodyweight now. Crazy! Considering also my one rep max front squat is 61kg (from what I can remember) that’s not bad at all (I think hehe).

Now time to put all the groceries away, speak soon! M xxx

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