Taste test: Leon vs Pret a Manger


Pret a Manger

Hi my dears! This was ready to go up this morning but I for some reason forgot to press publish! Sorry about the crappy photos, there’s only so much you can do when you’re sitting on a packed train with people everywhere. During our train journey back up from Manchester we of course needed food. At Manchester Piccadilly there was plenty of places with healthy options available. As we were walking up towards the entrance of the station my eyes lit up when I saw the sign for Leon.

Leon serves “healthy fast food” as they describe it and they are a massive chain in London and now how outlets across Europe. They were going to open up in Glasgow (I was so excited when they invited me to their opening) but for some reason it all fell through and there’s been no talk about it opening here since. Such a shame as I was really looking forward to trying their food and for Glasgow to get a taste of the London health scene. I thought it would be the beginning of other London health businesses opening up here too. When I saw the sign I thought the time has come to try their stuff. There weren’t many cold options available that were vegan left so I got their meze salad.

We then went to Pret a Manger to get Jamie food and I realised when we were in their, knowing my appetite, this wouldn’t fill me up so I got more food there. I actually ended up getting the Pret equivalent of the food I got at Leon. As well as some fruit salad and other bits.

I thought, what better thing than to do a taste off between Leon and Pret’s meze style offerings when I had them both in front of me? I started off eating Leon’s contender the “Rainbow Meze Salad”. It was incredible. It tasted so fresh and was incredibly flavoursome. I loved every bite of it and their hummus was amazing (they have extra tubs of hummus you can buy and I was standing there contemplating buying more, I wish I would’ve, it was so good). I regretted not getting two of these because I would’ve been so happy having double the amount. It’s a shame it wasn’t bigger and I didn’t think of buying two when I was there. It was all very simple but everything was spot on.

Pret’s meze style dish I’ve had before. Pret is quite good for a quick lunch or snack when you’re in Glasgow city centre. Their dish is perhaps a bit more creative and different with things like “turmeric and sweet potato falafel” and “beetroot hummus” in it. One thing I’ve always sort of struggled with this dish is that it doesn’t taste fresh and I don’t know why because I know Pret makes it fresh every day. Another thing I struggle with is I just think it tastes a bit boring despite how they’ve jazzed it up with these other versions of falafel and hummus. Sometimes sticking to the original ways is better.

So the clear winner when I compared these two dishes was Leon. I could’ve eaten so much more of it. Please open up in Glasgow guys, we need you! Have you ever been to Leon? What’s your favourite dish?


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