18.2 Crossfit Open

Trial run on the Friday

Covered in chalk

Not long after this I got my clean PB, 60kg!!
 Saturday morning, time to do this!
With Stella judging and my hunchback came out. Goodness me, it was interesting to watch in the video afterwards!

My cry face came out to say hello again. Faye saw her opportune moment and took a photo of it. What are friends for?

At least she stood and watch me die after I finished the first part 😛

18.2 done! I had easily the best dressed judge haha

Hello my dears! Yoga yesterday morning was lovely. In the first downward dog I could feel how tight my legs were after doing 18.2 two days in a row (a lot of leg work going on there). It always fascinates me how with every movement and pose in yoga, each time you are back in downward dog you feel a little bit more loose as your body is slowly but surely is almost melting away the tension. How after you finish one side you go into the flow and relieve the other side to even it out. The class was super busy and I love Claire’s chat. She’s one amazing lady!

I’ve just uploaded my video and submitted my score for 18.2. So I thought this was the opportune moment to talk about it. On Friday morning I watched the announcement as I was eating breakfast before the gym.

18.2 for women in my age category (The open): 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps for time of dumbbell squats (two 15kg dumbbells resting on your shoulders) and bar-facing burpees. So in round one you do one dumbbell squat and one burpee. Then round two you do two and so and so forth until you get to round ten and do ten of both. That wasn’t it though! You had a 12 minute time cap and once you finished that workout, 18.2a began.

18.2a was a one rep max clean in the time you had left of the 12 minutes. At this point your legs are dead after the workout before. It’s a fine balance between, not going out so much you can’t do your best possible clean after the workout and having as fast a time as possible in the first bit. Tricky!

I knew when I saw this that it was going to be juicy. When workouts look somewhat simple, they are going to be intense! That’s one thing I’ve learnt when it comes to Crossfit and functional training.

I wasn’t sure how I’d do with the 15kg dumbbells going into class but decided to give it a go during the trial on Friday morning. I didn’t want to go all out, I had learnt from my previous mistake when we trialled 18.1 to not go all out if I was going to do it the next day. I love going all out in workouts and giving it my all but sometimes I just need to get a bit tactic and smart about these things. There’s no point doing it super fast and intense if I’m doing it the next day when it actually counts. I felt a bit nervous before we got started, the anticipation and sort of knowing that it’s going to hurt can play tricks on you.

We ran it through and I got an alright time. It was tough and the trick was definitely to not stop, just keep going. Especially on the squats you just pushed through them even though your head thought your legs needed to stop and whatever you do don’t put the dumbbells down. Once they were up, they’re up until you finished the set. Otherwise it’s just wasting time. Also to pace yourself in the beginning so you don’t crash and burn on the d´final rounds. Faye absolutely smashed it. She’s made for these kind of WODs. As she says, she’s in her happy place during these.

I decided then that I of course was doing the workout as prescribed (RX). I know at some point during these upcoming weeks of the Open muscle ups and double unders will appear and that’s when I will very most likely have to convert to scaled movements. I’ve never done a muscle up and my double unders are very much still a working progress (a very freaking frustrating working progress I might add!). So when I actually physically am capable of doing the workouts as prescribed I should!

I got to the gym on Saturday morning and helped out to set up. I knew I was in the third group to do it so I had some time before it was my turn. The gym was freezing that morning. Stella even had her ski gear on throughout the entire time we were there, it’s quite funny looking at my video seeing my judge, Stella, walk in in full on ski kit as if it was completely normal. I was very happy I had brought my tea flask with me because I would’ve frozen to the bone by the time it was my turn other wise. MJ had brought down her coffee machine for all the coffee drinkers and took on the role as the gym barista when she wasn’t doing her 18.2 submission (she was incredible to watch).

Carole (Faye’s mum) was in the first group to go and I had the pleasure of being her judge. Carole is so inspiring to watch. She’s in her fifties and is so incredibly fit, strong and mobile. Her squats were beautiful and she didn’t ever stop on her burpees. I’m always a bit nervous judging because there’s pressure on you to make sure the person who is doing the workout does it properly but with Carole I only really needed to count and talk her through what reps are coming up next and stuff. What a woman she is! Loved watching her smash it. She did so well.

Then it was time to warm up. Ange and I were in the same group and she even had gone the extra mile and brought little hand warmers you click and they heat up your hands as you hold them. I was very grateful when she gave me one to heat up my hands before holding on to the icy cold dumbbells. I did some rowing, some squats and some burpees. Then once the group before us was done I went to set up with my bar and dumbbells. You were allowed to load the bar with the your first clean weight so it’s good to go. I decided after a lot of thought to do 55kg as my starting weight. It was a bit on the heavier side for me but still a weight I do feel confident getting up.

Ellis was so kindly filming, Stella said she’d judge and Faye was standing close by to cheer on. I had asked her to yell at me when I looked like I was stopping. No time for that! The countdown was on and then it Ellis said “GO!”. Off I went. These WODs are funny because the first couple of rounds almost feel silly. When you do the one squat and one burpee you feel absolutely fine and then around 6 or 7 you hit the wall and you’re in the pain cave. That’s when I start thinking about what Craig on the Team Rickey Youtube channel says, whenever the pain comes he says for you to think “Hello pain, I’ve been expecting you” and also “We don’t quit”. You know it’s going to hurt but you’ll survive.

My cry face made a guest appearance once again, after first ever coming out at Rainhill. No tears were shed but my face shows all the pain I feel inside. The thing you learn with this type of training is yes, it hurts, it can hurt real bad BUT it doesn’t stop you doing what you are doing. It’s learning to work with the fatigue and pushing through because what you realise is, your body can still work. It still keeps on going. You just need to tell it to keep on going. It’s tough and takes a lot of practise and it’s something you build up with time. I eventually finished, about a minute faster than the day before, which I was very happy with, 8.42 was my time which gave me a lot more time to do my cleans. I immediately ripped off my Metcons, got my lifters and my belt on.

The cleans were tough on wobbly legs, at first it felt a bit scary doing the clean when you couldn’t feel my legs but after a couple of air squats they were back in the game and I managed my 55kg clean. Faye and Willie kindly enough helped me get 58kg on the bar, I got that too (yet again over 57.5kg which I’ve been stuck on for so long) and then we got the 60kg on but I ran out of time. I was still really happy with my scores and happy it was over! In hindsight I could’ve maybe gambled and attempted the 60kg straight away clean instead of doing 58kg in between but it would’ve been a bigger risk and if I’d failed there might’ve not been enough time to change the weight to 58. Maybe next time I’ll try and be a bit more daring.

I walked away with a lot of new things learnt once again. I need to work on pushing through that pain even more and getting stronger but also I probably should’ve thought about power cleaning instead of squat cleaning to use less of my legs. However, in order to do that I need to practise my heavier power cleans instead of relying on my squat cleans to get me through. I walked away feeling a lot happier about 18.2 than 18.1, which is a little victory itself.

Bring on 18.3! I’m really happy I signed up in the end and get to be part of this experience. I hope you guys are enjoying following this. Any feedback is always appreciated xxx

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