It’s getting hot in here

All the sweat and crazy hair!

Ross joined me and couldn’t stay still for a photo haha

Hello lovelies! I went from not doing yoga for a couple of weeks to two classes two days in a row. Wohoo! My body is already thanking me for giving it some stretching time. Hot Pod Yoga is opening up in Glasgow and Mari (a fellow Nordic person! From Finland) who owns it together with her other half invited me and a bunch of people to come along and try it out. She said I could bring a friend and Ross offered to come with me and see what it was all about. Curious as I am I couldn’t resist such a nice offer!

At Om Yoga Show at the SECC last year I saw a pod like this for the first time but didn’t really get what it was. This time I was excited to get the full experience. You find the studio in the Axiom Building on Washington Street. Quite a newly refurbished building filled with creative spaces and small boutique style gyms (The Fitt Principle calls this building home now too!).

Hot Pod Yoga is basically hot yoga but in a huge inflatable tent. You walk into the studio and you see a massive inflated tent, some changing rooms to the right of it and nice little communal space, quite minimalist and industrial looking. It’s nice. You don’t really need much else.

Mari was super lovely and gave the warmest welcome! We were recommended to be there about 15 minutes before class started to get used to the heat in the pod. We stepped into the pod after dropping off our stuff and got comfortable. I loved the mood lighting in it, it felt really cosy and chilled.

I’ve got to say, in a country like Scotland I do struggle in normal yoga classes sometimes to feel warm and mobile in my body this time of year so that’s when hot yoga I think can help. The class was quite challenging, one of the more challenging ones I’ve been to for a while (I love more restorative and yin yoga hehe) but it was fun to try out. Mari didn’t use a lot of yogic terms, which I thought was quite nice and something that could help a lot of beginners and less yogay (yup that’s a word now) people understand more what was going on. I’m not a big yogi myself (I do really enjoy doing it but I perhaps love the gym a bit more hehe), I do it when I can and I’ve heard a lot of people say that the terminology used in classes at times leaves them feeling confused and slightly alienated when everyone else knows what’s going on.

At the end of class we got to lie down in savasana (just lying on our back) to finish off the class and I loved the feeling of not immediately having throw on all your layers and put on socks because you’re already feeling cold again. I could just lie there in the warmth in my shorts and tank top. It felt so nice. We were dripping at the end of it and it felt good to get a proper sweat on. The downside with sweating so much is sliding on the mat I find, we were asked to bring our own towels but I would probably just rent one there as they cover the mat and it looked like you would get a better grip with it rather than my old towel I brought.

Thanks Mari for inviting me along!


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