Office cake culture

Hello my dears! No it’s not my birthday today even though I’m using this photo for my post! I’ve been invited to the BBC studios this morning to go on BBC Radio Scotland. You might remember I was on the radio a couple of months ago discussing women’s work clothes. I must’ve behaved relatively well considering they called me yesterday and asked if I was free to come in and talk about office cake culture 🙂

There’s been a recent survey released in regards to the culture around eating cake in the office, whether it is someone’s birthday or just the general availability of cakes and such in the work place. This is something I experienced a lot in my previous office jobs and I always said no to it (unless it was a raw vegan, sugar free, dairy free one, which it never or rarely was).

I was very often thought of as being the weird one not wanting to eat cake. It’s not that I don’t like cake, you guys know I love an indulgent treat once in a while but I really think the issue is that we aren’t mindful about when we eat and just have it because it’s there. I think it’s a lot about social norms and you might feel rude saying no or you’re worried you might offend the person who brought the cake. I struggled with this at first and sometimes you almost felt a bit peer pressured to grab a slice even if you did’t wanted to. Not because they were forcefully doing so but you could tell people got a bit uncomfortable when I said no thank you.

I think another issue is a lot of the time it’s also poor eating habits amongst office workers, forgetting to eat and not eating nourishing and nutrient dense food which means you much easier fall for the trap when someone puts out a cake in front of you. If you instead had eaten a wholesome lunch and also had some nutritious snacks, you’ll feel full and therefore not feel the need to have cake.

I think the main questions we need to start asking ourselves when there’s cake out in the office for the third time that week is, do I actually want this? Or do I actually need this? Am I hungry or am I just bored? We need to think before we act instead of just grabbing a slice in autopilot. We need to realise how this constant sugar fest is impacting us. Instead save these treats for a special occasion with friends and family outside of work. Work is our every day life and we need to realise that we need to take better care of ourselves every day. We can’t just stuff our faces with whatever and think our bodies are going to be okay.

Increasingly we are getting more healthier cake options, such as the incredible birthday cake I got from my colleagues for my birthday last year. A raw vegan, sugar free, dairy free and gluten free cake. It’s great that we have these options that are better for your body but even those should be treated as a special treat and not be eaten every day. They are filled with delicious nuts, seeds, dates and other wholesome ingredients but it’s still a lot of fat and sugar. It’s healthy fat and better sugar but if we ate it every day, it’s a lot of extra fats and sugars we put in our body. It’s the overindulging that’s the issue when we need more balance. Especially in the office where a lot of people sit still all day and don’t move enough. You diet needs to reflect how much you move, if you move more, you need to eat more, if you move less, you should eat slightly less because your body doesn’t need as much fuel.

I could write even more about this and it’s something I am really interested in, just how widely accepted it is to eat sweets, biscuits and cake in the office space. I should probably keep some of this for my chat which is on at around 11.35 on BBC Radio Scotland today. If you can’t listen, don’t worry. I’ll post a link for the show if you’re interested to have a listen as soon as I can.

Now time to get ready before heading down to the studios! My friend Frankie works down there so I’m meeting up with her afterwards for a tea as well which will be lovely. Then I’m heading to the Art School this afternoon because Faye and a bunch from her class are having bake sale to take their degree show down to London and I’ve heard she’s got raw vegan brownies that I of course need some of (speaking of cake haha). I’m having dinner with Kajsa tomorrow evening though so I think it’ll be a great dessert. Plus the money goes towards all their hard work being showcased in London!

Today will be a fun day! Speak soon, M xxx

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