Radio time

Haha not the most flattering angle BUT I had to get a quick picture in the studio for the blog and this just had to do!

Hi! The radio was really fun yesterday, I felt like I had so much to say on this subject but these shows are packed so full that you don’t get a lot of time to say what you want to have said. We got on to the topic of healthier cakes, sort of what I mentioned in the blog post yesterday and whilst I think it’s way better than the scary cakes you buy in the grocery stores, the truth of the matter is yes it’s healthier with that kind of cake, but people in offices aren’t eating the healthier version, they are eating the cheap scary store bought version. Even a homemade victorian sponge is a million times better than those cakes with loads of E numbers in. At least you know what you’re putting in your cake and that they are real ingredients! It’s interesting how controversial a topic such as cake culture at work can get! People get very passionate about these topics and they may seem lighthearted but do cause a greater problem than what we first may think.

Anyway, I got go on about this forever. At the end of the day, the issue is that we’re not eating with moderation. If we did, we wouldn’t have all these issues going on at the moment with obesity and other life threatening diseases. Like I mentioned in my chat with Ross during his livestream a couple of months ago, choose your moments when it comes to these things. We shouldn’t eat cake and sweets everyday.

If you are struggling with this and don’t know how to say no, I could write a blog post about how to avoid the office cake and my experience when I started saying no.

If you want to listen to the interview click here (you need to register or log in) and fast forward to 2h 26 min into the show where we have a short segment of me speaking to Stephen and then skip forward to 2h 32 min for a bit more chat. I come in again at the end of Melanie speaking. It was a short but sweet discussion and I wish we could’ve gone on for longer so I got a chance to fully speak about the points Melanie made but oh well. I had great fun being on the show and I love going down the studios, everyone is so nice and I’m grateful to get the chance to speak about these health related issues, something I care so deeply about. What an incredible platform I’ve got a chance to voice my opinion on. I still can’t believe I got asked to come in. It was lovely meeting Stephen as well. A lovely guy!

Afterwards I was walked back down to the reception where I met Frankie for a quick catch up. It was great to hear about her new job at the BBC and what else she’s been up to. She’s come so far and I’m so happy for her getting these opportunities she’s getting now. What an inspiration! Working in TV like she’s doing now is certainly not an easy industry to get your through the door in.

Now it’s time for me to get mentally prepared for 18.3. What a smack in the face this week’s workout is. I’ll as usual write a longer post about the weekend after I’ve completed my workout but if you haven’t seen it, let’s just say there are double unders, ring muscle ups and bar muscles up all in the one workout for RX. Double unders I’m working on but I haven’t even practised or attempted any form of muscle up exercises since my Crossfit Level 1 training hehe. We all knew a workout like this coming, it had all been tough so far but not a mega challenge like this. We’ll see how it goes today. Wish me luck! I’m going to need it.

I jsut saw I’m not doing mine until tomorrow so hopefully there’ll be a bit of time in the gym for me today to practise my double unders.

M xxx

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Madeleine Moves is a blog celebrating a love of exercise, food, travelling and life. I love being active, exercising and being out and about. With my blog I hope to spread this joy and inspire you to be your best. Who am I? I’m Madeleine (surprise). I’m a Swede who lives in the vibrant city of Glasgow in Scotland. I moved here for my university studies and in summer 2016 I graduated with a degree in Business and Management at University of Glasgow. My keyword has always been balance. I love eating healthy food but I also love to indulge once in a while. You need to enjoy life at the end of the day and limiting yourself is not the way to go. With this I would like to say welcome to Madeleine Moves. Love, Madeleine

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