What I packed for my Crossfit competition

Hi guys! Something I really noticed when getting organised for my Rainhill Day was how much stuff I needed to pack to take with me. Hence why I for once wrote a packing list, it made me sit down and really think about what I needed and I thought it might be in use for someone else who’s competing. There were some things I wish I had had with me too, which I will keep in mind for future.

Clothes and Accessories

Shoes x2– I was so happy that I got money for Christmas so I could get a pair of lifting shoes. They made me feel much more stable during the heavy lifting WODs. Of course I had to bring my Metcon 3s, I live in them and doing a competition without them would be impossible.

Outfit changes for each WOD- It might sound a bit shallow but hear me out. You might’ve noticed there were some changes in my attire during the day and that was for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s quite nice to just change out of anything sweaty. Second of all, it gets you mentally prepared for the next WOD, it’s like hitting refresh. You feel fresh and ready to go. Finally, it just makes you feel good looking nice. If you feel good, you’ll perform better. Show off your best outfits people. The same way you get ready for a special event and feel good all dressed up in heels and a pretty dress, the same way you feel if you feel you’ve got a nice outfit on when training. Don’t forget extra socks! I ended up changing outfits three times. I kept my G5 top on for the final! Got to represent.

Jaw grips- My hands rip very easily and that’s the last thing you want on competition day!

Wrist wraps- I don’t always wear wrist wraps but I do feel they give you a bit of extra support during your heavier overhead stuff.

Lifting belt- Hehe well I didn’t exactly pack this but my intention was to borrow one and then I got surprised with my own one from Faye. It helped me in my heavy clean so much to keep my core stable.

Liquid chalk- You never know if there will be chalk available. Just bring your own one to be safe.

Tape- Luckily I didn’t need any but if your hands rip you need this to get through.

Skipping rope- Obviously depending on if the workout requires it or not. I’m not actually sure if competitions provide ropes even or not but it’s nice to have a rope that’s made specifically for your height.


Food is so important during competition day and I personally wouldn’t chance it when it comes to the fuel that would be on offer at the venue. Especially if you’re like me and eat mainly vegan and don’t eat meat. As I’ve experienced so far, Crossfit comps tend to have a lot of chicken and meat going on and that’s not something I currently eat (you guys know I don’t like labels so never say never!). Here are some the things I brought and what I ate during the day just to give you an idea. Faye so kindly lent me her freezer bag so I could keep my food cold.

Oats- I knew breakfast was going to be my most important meal that day. Therefore, I didn’t want to change anything from what I usually ate. Therefore, I made sure I could have porridge. I remember from our last visit at Village Hotel Ashton the breakfast buffet didn’t really have any food I wanted eat other than some sad looking fruit salad bowls and in the hot food only some roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. Not the most substantial meal. I knew there were kettles in the rooms so I packed oats in a jar with flaxseeds and chia seeds with a measuring cup so I could “cook” the oats with the boiling water in the glass jar. I left the jar to sit wrapped up warm in my scarf with the lid on and after five/ten minutes they were cooked and ready to be eaten! So incredibly handy. I had it with banana, peanut butter, nuts and even some Oatly I brought with me. Yum!

Nut butter- For the oats! I brought peanut butter!

Salted almonds- This was something I brought to Forth Valley and I just loved the savouriness of them. This time around I found dry roasted ones from a brand called “Wonderful” in Waitrose. Dry roasted are better for you because they’re not roasted in loads of oil. Not that oil is bad for you but I just think it’s excessive when then nuts themselves have lots of healthy fats.

Bananas- Bananas are the perfect back up when all else fails. They’re tasty and somewhat filling and they give you energy. What more could you need when preparing for a workout?

Protein Powder & shaker- I had this for a pick-me-up with Oatly before the final. A great way to get something in me quickly.

Oatly- Or any form of non-dairy milk you prefer. Great for the oats and for the protein shake. I’m not a massive fan of protein shakes with water.

Carole’s breakfast muffins- I didn’t pack these but oh my, they’re soooo good! Delicious banana and blueberry muffins. These saved me after my first WOD. I felt so nauseous and dead. Then I had one of these and could feel my energy going right back up again.

Sweet potato wedges, roasted veg and hummus- I brought sweet potato wedges to Forth Valley and thought they were the perfect competition fuel with hummus. Carbs and some protein and fat from the hummus. This time I also roasted broccoli, courgette and red onion to dip in the hummus too. It was a perfect light thing to nibble on and easily digestible.

Love Corn- I’ve written about them before and they are worth writing about again! These puffed corn snacks are DELICIOUS and a great savoury snack to munch on. My favourite flavours are the salted and BBQ. I don’t usually like BBQ flavour but this one is gooooood.

Energy balls- I made my own energy balls with peanut butter flavour, another way of getting quick energy in me.

Cutlery- Let’s prevent the stress of trying to find cutlery to eat your food with but also save the planet and avoid using plastic cutlery. It’s so easy to bring with you!

Water bottle- Be environmentally friendly and save money by bringing your own water bottle, two birds with one stone!

What I wish I’d packed

Foam roller- Carol who was also competing had brought one I got to borrow but it would’ve been nice to have my own.

I hope this helps and gives you an idea of what you should consider packing for your competition! I just threw in anything I thought would make me feel at ease as well. If you feel calm having it then bring it!

Now it’s 18.3 time and double under time! I am a bit nervous, not going to lie. I don’t trust my double under skills but I can only do my best.

Please cross your fingers for me xxx


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