Shortly after this I feel on the edge of the box with both shins… Oooouch!
SB checking the scores at the end!

Brunch with Kajsa and Emma

My beauties!

Yesterday was so much fun from beginning until end! It was great having Metabolic Mayhem back. I was paired up with Faye and Lou. What a team! It all went well until the box jumps. Faye and I both decided to do the jumps on the 30 inch side of the box instead of 24.

It was all fine and we were jumping away until Faye tripped on the box during her reps and fell on her shin. We had one man down so whilst poor Faye was lying down in pain, Lou and I continued jumping away. I thought I’d do a couple of extra reps and I think I lost focus because all of a sudden I tripped on the edge of the box and landed with both shins on the sharp wooden edge. OUCH!!! The thing about landing on the side of the box is at first it doesn’t really hurt that bad and you have time to think that you might’ve not had such a bad fall as you first thought but no, after about 15 seconds or so it hurts so bad. It is so painful that you don’t know what to do with yourself. So both Faye and I were lying down in pain whilst Lou had to continue carrying us through the station by jumping haha. Faye eventually managed a couple of step ups and so did I. Thank you Lou for making sure we still got an okay score!

I joked and said my fall was obviously a sympathy fall because if Faye falls, I not only need to fall as well but I need beat her in falling, hence the two shins instead of just one like Faye haha… The rest of the WOD was fine but for the rest of the day my shins were throbbing. Just when my old scars from the box jumps had started to heal and everything! Oh well, it’s part of the process hurting yourself sometimes, especially if you’re as clumsy as I am…

We finished the class and I headed home for a quick change and shower before heading to Singl-end for brunch with Kajsa and Emma. Poor Kajsa was very hungover after a night out with some friends so well done her for still managing to make it to brunch! It was a lovely couple of hours sitting and chatting away. Singl-end is just amazing, it’s my favourite place to go for brunch in Glasgow. The staff in there are so lovely and I just love being in there. So excited for them opening their second unit very soon in Merchant City.

I then headed home because a guy was coming to buy Jamie’s and my guitar. We bought it of our friend years ago because I actually (believe it or not) used to play guitar! I took lessons and everything and wanted to keep it up over here in Scotland, which I didn’t at all and for the past years it’s just stood in our living room untouched so it’s time for it to find a new home. The guy was then taking forever to get to us so we ended up rescheduling to today. I have no idea why I’m actually even sharing this because it’s not the most interesting story but I suppose it’s part of what’s going on in my life.

In the evening it was time for the Eats and Beats event with Frankie and we had a lovely time. The only thing was, we didn’t get a lot of food, I have a massive appetite. So when I came home I had more food before going to bed hehe. I’ve got to say the vegan brownie they were serving was one of the best brownies I’ve had. Yum!

Now time for open gym down at G5! Yesterday it was Baltic outside and I think today won’t be any different (it’s snowing outside!). The worst was the icy cold wind. It makes the gym so cold! Please stop snowing Glasgow, I think we’ve had enough snow for one winter, more than this city can handle…

Have a lovely day, M xxx

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