Happy birthday boyfriend

Happy birthday to my other half Jamie! Today my love turns 24. He messaged me just after midnight last night when he was at work saying that he’s now old. Then what am I?! I’m after all two years older than him! Thanks for that Jamie haha. Being with you for all these years has been an adventure! We’ve done so much together and I love having you by my side through life.

Unfortunately Jamie has been working all day today but I managed to squeeze in a mini birthday celebration with breakfast in bed before he headed for work. I got him a peanut butter brownie from Riverhill and made some avocado and salmon sandwiches with a cup of tea. I think he enjoyed his little surprise. No presents today because we thought it would be nicer to have a nice chilled time whilst he opens his presents rather than rushing just before work. So his birthday has not officially been celebrated yet but at least it was something. Tomorrow we’ll do it properly.

Guys, I only slept for two hours last night and I’m so tired. I can’t even keep my eyes open whilst writing this post. I was sitting on one of kitchen chairs and could feel my head dropping and realised my eyes were closed. I just couldn’t sleep last night and dreamt nightmares. Safe to say it’ll be an early night for me!! Such a rockstar hehe.

I’m sorry it’s not a longer post today but I’ll be back in action again tomorrow with a bit more energy I hope!

M xxx

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