This is happiness

Waiting for Kate to pick us up!

Runs with the heaviest ball you could ever imagine in the sunshine

Kate and I wall balling away. I’ve finally now converted entirely to the 9kg ball!!

Rowing in the sun is some serious goals! 
I love that Willi and I are making the exact same face!

Saturday crew!

My girls, love them to bits

Hi lovelies! You know when you are in a moment and you stop and realise this has got to be what genuine happiness feels. In that moment, no matter what else is going on in your life, you feel right there and then, where you are right now doing what you are doing, you feel grateful and so happy to be there. That’s how I felt during our workout on Saturday. It might sound crazy or weird to some but training is my happy place and on Saturday it just made me fall in love with it even more.

In many ways it could’ve easily not have been a great day of training, I’d only slept for about two hours due to just not being able to get to sleep and then once I got to sleep I had nightmares and woke up and was then awake for the rest of the night. I felt like a zombie when I got out of bed at six but since I’d been up for so long I was absolutely starving. I figure the least I could do was make sure my body had a decent breakfast in it to get some energy for the workout.

Faye and I got our stuff together and headed downstairs to wait for Kate to pick us up. Yes Kate joined us on Saturday and it was amazing having her with us. We got to G5 and I had zero expectation on what I was going to accomplish during the upcoming hour. Sometimes that’s when you have the best time though in life, when you go into something with zero expectation and just give it your best shot. I in some ways almost felt hungover from the lack of sleep haha. It’s a very odd feeling and your head feels kind of fuzzy.

We were in teams of three (I was with Sion and Sam) and we had four stations to go between. Each station was 15 minutes of work. We got started and it didn’t take long until I got into the groove and forgot how tired I was. The sun was shining beautifully, the stations were all really fun, don’t get me wrong they were tough but it’s different when you are in teams and cheer each other on. It makes it all a lot easier.

The toughest station by far were the weighted runs in the parking lot. Our team had to take turns carrying a 50kg ball on our shoulder whilst running (or walking as fast as you can in many cases haha) with a 10kg vest on. 60kg in total! That’s only 2 kg less than I weigh. It wasn’t easy. Luckily we had Sion who could lift the ball of the ground because Sam and I couldn’t! It’s an incredibly awkward thing to lift once you’d drop it and also carry. The key is not to drop it because you use so much extra energy from lifting ip up every time. We managed quite a few laps but boy did we struggle. Towards the end, the three of us were all lifting the ball up together if someone ended up dropping it just because we were getting exhausted, had sweaty slippery fingers and that ball just wouldn’t stay still. My hip flexors are so tight from this station, standing up after sitting down for a while is not a nice feeling at the moment!

We went through all the stations and I just felt so happy be there with everyone. We were all smiling, screaming, shouting and struggling at some points but everyone was enjoying themselves. It’s easily one of the best sessions we’ve had in ages. I can’t even pinpoint exactly why but I’m thinking just even being outside in the fresh air with the sun shining makes such an incredible difference. Having Kate joining us made it extra special as well! Loved every second of it.

I forgot to tell you how The Redeemed and the Dominant was on Friday when Faye and I watched it!! That might also be another reason as to why I got such little sleep, I didn’t get to bed until about 2am hehe. Anyway, the documentary was great. There was obviously a huge focus on steroids and performance enhancing drugs, which is understandable considering Garard who placed third tested positive for them and got disqualified after the Games. Since then people have been throwing about comments and accusing all of the top athletes of using steroids, which is a bit unfair towards the athletes who actually work hard every day. It must be horrible when you are busting your butt in the gym and then have people think you are taking the easy way out rather than just putting in the extra work.

I felt at times the topic of steroids took over the documentary a little bit and in some ways it perhaps wasn’t as sharp as the previous two. I can’t even tell you why. Maybe I was just a bit tired when watching it and couldn’t fully immerse myself haha. A person who really stood out to me in the documentary was Sara Sigmundsdottir. I didn’t really think much of her before it but I thought she was hilarious in this one.

Two events I didn’t quite understand why they were in the Crossfit Games was the bike event where they were cycling around a track and having to get of their bikes and run over small obstacles with the bike. I’m not sure what that event proves. Maybe I’m mistaken and if I am if someone could explain to me what that proves, I’d love to hear! The other one was the obstacle course with the rope swings. This makes a bit more sense since you have to use your full body strength to get across to the finish line but it still reminded me a of playground when one of the commentators was saying that someone didn’t get enough of a swing on the rope swing. I just wasn’t convinced.

My favourite events are definitely the real Crossfity events in the stadiums with the lifting, rope climbs, heavy carries and such. It’s incredible to see the speed of the athletes when completing the workouts and also the weights they’re using.

I’m going to watch it again because Jamie really wants to see it and I just want to see it again hehe. I’ll see what I think after that one.

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