18.5 Didn’t start off great


Hi lovelies! This post has been taking a bit longer to get up this week. It’s been quite busy and as you probably have noticed, my posts have been going up later than usual. Well now it’s really time for me to share my experience of the final workout in my first Crossfit Open. I know for sure it won’t be my last because it’s been such a journey, more than I thought it would be when I signed up.

When 18.5 was announced to be the workout it was I was neither super excited or nervous, from looking at the three options we had to choose I knew that the chest to bars were going to slow me down a lot in all of them. It’s not something I’ve majorly been working on but have tried a little bit here and there (I knew that wasn’t good enough to cut it in this instance for very long hehe).

The workout for female RX was: a 7 minute time cap of 3 thrusters (29kg) 3 chest to bars, 6 thrusters 6 toes to bars, 9 thrusters 9 chest to bars, 12 thrusters 12 chest to bars and continually adding three reps for each round until the time was up.

I went in on Friday afternoon to do the workout. I felt quite calm about it all. A couple of heats were before my turn. I tried to warm up, I got one or two chest to bars but failed a lot. I figured I was just wasting energy and thought what will be will be and decided to save my energy for the workout. I had Faye filming and MJ judge.

Faye counted down and I started on my thrusters. They felt fine, I dropped the barbell and headed over to the rig to get on the bar. I got my first two reps and then it all went horribly wrong! Looking back I took far too short breaks in between my attempts. I knew I had to conserve energy and instead of going fast I needed to be tactical about each rep and have rests in between (just like my handstand push ups the previous week). Instead I got no reps and got flustered and wouldn’t stop trying, instead of giving myself rest. It got worse and worse. I got more and more flustered. It was terrible. Faye counted down the minutes and I was still stuck on five reps, five. I knew it was again not going to be a great WOD for me but I had been hoping for more than five. It was very disappointing.

When Faye said 20 seconds left I just told her to stop filming because I wasn’t going to submit my score anyway. I was just wasting energy and getting more frustrated. Not at all what I’d been hoping for. I knew I had to redo it. So whilst everyone else was celebrating the end of the Open over burgers in the evening at Lebowskis, I was still joining in but knew I still had this workout to do. By the way, Lebowskis Southside has an insanely delicious falafel burger (Faye and I shared one and had a gnocchi salad on the side, the whole falafel burger would’ve been too much but wow, it was good).

On Sunday I was in the gym again. I’d already spoken to Stella about redoing my attempt and decided to do it on Monday as Jules and Chris hadn’t done their submissions yet so we’d help each other out. On Sunday I was faffing about, not really doing anything productive and Stella dragged me in to do an EMOM with her. I got some coaching first on doing chest to bars and then for 10 minutes at the start of every minute she would do one ring muscle up and I would do a chest to bar then rest for the remaining time. I managed to do all of them. It was a great way to just get into the rhythm of it all. I felt a bit better about it after that.

Monday evening I got into the gym and was a bit nervous again, you just never know what’s going to happen during those 7 minutes! One thing I knew I didn’t want to happen was have another disaster of not getting through the first round. Jules went first and wow that lady is incredible, so fast and so strong. Then Chris went and he did amazingly as well.

Then it was my turn and it was a bit intimidating with lots of the guys from the gym watching. I would’ve just wanted to do it with no one watching hehe. I didn’t think it was much to watch because I knew it was going to be a lot slower than what Jules and Chris had done. Ange was judging me and Jules was filming and counted down. I started my thrusters, once again.

I got to the bar and looked at it, took a deep breath and went for it. I got my first chest to bar! This was a huge relief as during my practise ones warming up before I didn’t get any, which didn’t make me feel any less nervous or worried. I then took a break (Ange helped me make sure I didn’t get back onto the bar too soon, thank you Ange!). Then I got another one! Another break and then, the moment of truth. Another deep breath, I grabbed the bar, started kipping (swinging) and yes I got it!! I was into the next round. Already there I was so proud of myself for overcoming my failed attempt from the Friday and focusing on the moment. The round of six went rather smoothly as well. I think I got one no rep because I didn’t rest enough in between.I’m used to going fast and can get carried away sometimes, I’m stubborn and just want to go fast but sometimes you just can’t if you want to get all your reps.

I got to round nine of my thrusters and then headed over to the bar to start chipping on my chest to bar. I got a couple of no reps but managed to get one final rep on the final second and finished with four chest to bars in my round of nines which I was really happy with, 31 reps in total. Waaay better than five. I was relieved. I felt like I’d given myself a fair chance at getting the best possibly could have and I was really happy.

A great way to finish this year’s open! It’s been an emotional journey, never thought I would say that but it has been. It’s been lots of fun and I’m so happy I signed up! I’ll be writing a post soon about the things I learnt during the Open because you do learn a lot.

Now time for the gym soon, I finally managed to get 20 double unders unbroken last night!! I also managed to get consistently over 10 of them at a time, which has never happened before, that I could do them on demand. Usually they’d come out sporadically (whenever they felt like they wanted to make an appearance) and I never understood why sometimes they’d be okay and other times they’d be rubbish. I’ve been practising double unders for months and months and months and months. I’ve been wanting to throw my rope in frustration when I couldn’t get any and kept tripping on my rope. I’m sort of scared to even write here that I managed to do loads of unbroken double unders last night because I don’t want to jinx it and now go in to the gym and not get any again hehe.

We shall see how it goes!

Have a lovely day, M xxx

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