A day with Kilo

Hello lovelies!

The computer and I are still not getting on at all at the moment. I think I soon have to admit defeat and head to the Apple Store (I’ve been using Apple for about eight years and am too comfortable with how it works to change brand hehe).

Only issue is I’m going to Sweden this Saturday (yes I know I kept that one quiet! I’ll explain soon why as well) and Jamie and I are away today to Edinburgh for his actual birthday celebration until tomorrow. He got this as a present to just have some chill time with nice food. We’re on the train right now and desperately typing away in my phone trying to get some form of post up! So yeah getting to the Apple Store at the moment is difficult with how busy I am. I will get there soon I hope.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of dogsitting Kilo! We went down to open the gym (Stella has been away so I’ve helped out a little bit. It’s been fun). I feel like Kilo and I walked across all of Glasgow three times over! First to the gym and back (takes about 35/40 minutes each way) and then to the post office to send stuff off I’ve been selling on eBay. I find going to the post office really stressful, no idea why but I’m worried I might send the wrong stuff to the wrong person!

Then we met Faye and Lucas (she helps look after him) at Singl-end for a tea. Then we were home for a little while before walking all the way down to the gym again. I was knackered from running about all day and Kilo slept like a log in his bed at the gym haha.

Stella was back this morning with a bang! Her class was challenging and I sort of expecting it (coming back all energised from the Marbella sunshine). I did the RX version and whilst it took me a bit longer on the heavy wall balls and more reps I’m glad I pushed myself.

That’s a little bit of an update anyway! Now I’m looking forward to some time with my man.

Have a lovely day, M x

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