The Pantry // 1 North West Circus Place // Edinburgh

This vegan sandwich was delicious!Matcha latte in the sunshine on day two!

Loving it

My love

Hello lovelies! About time I shared some of our Edinburgh trip with you! I haven’t had a chance to sit down and properly go through the photos until now. We mainly just ate on our trip and wandered about. So yeah there’ll be quite few food posts up I guess. I hope you guys enjoy reading about it. Not the most nutritious meals hehe but boy were they good! We only had one disappointing meal which was Hula Juice Bar. Incredibly disappointing both times we’ve been, bland food and the unhappy staff. I hate to be like that but it bothers me when there’s no heart in the food and the staff aren’t very friendly. It’s supposed to be a pleasant experience eating out!

As soon as we arrived in Edinburgh on the Wednesday we headed to our hotel and got checked in. There were some slight delays on the train due to flooding so it took a bit longer than we first thought to get to Edinburgh. Our room was ready when we got there so we left our stuff and due to the absolutely horrendous weather (snow mixed with rain and ice cold winds), we got an Uber straight to The Pantry in Stockbridge for some food. I’d never been to that area of Edinburgh before and I absolutely loved it. It felt like it’s own little town in Edinburgh. I feel like a lot of places in Edinburgh are like that, they’ve got their own unique vibe.

We arrived at The Pantry right after the lunch rush it seemed. It felt like they were just getting tidied up after the lunch masses and seemed a bit flustered when we arrived. We just grabbed a seat and eventually got someone’s attention to order food. I decided to try out their vegan sandwich with a lentil dhal on top. It was meant to come with a focaccia but I asked for sourdough instead because I looove sourdough.

Our food eventually came and oh wow, my sandwich was amazing! I don’t know if it was just because I was starving or if it genuinely was that good but it tasted so good. Lots of tasty flavours and I thought it was a very different idea to have a dhal on an open sandwich like that. The bread was craaazy good. That sourdough was something else, wow wow wow. However, for me and how hungry I was the, portion was just a bit small so I ended up ordering more sourdough and avocado hehe. I don’t usually eat that much bread in one go but sometimes you just gotta do it plus I just needed to fill my belly. They to my delight made matcha lattes with oat milk so I had one of those afterwards whilst Jamie had a coffee. He said it was okay but not the best.

We even went back the next day when the sun was shining and we were in the area looking a bit closer at Stockbridge. We didn’t really linger about the day before as the weather was so bad. Instead we headed to the National Museum of Scotland (a really lovely museum if you’re looking for something to do in Edinburgh). We didn’t stay for very long because they were closing an hour after we arrived but still got to see a fair amount. Anyway, back to The Pantry. When we came on the Thursday we had blue skies and the outdoor seating looked very appealing, so we sat down for a hot drink. Jamie had tea and I had another matcha latte. I preferred this one a bit more because the one I had the day before was a bit lumpy from mixing the matcha powder enough.

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area (or even if you’re elsewhere in Edinburgh), super tasty food!

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