Look out, a Maddie on the road

My parents’ new car, we call it the pokeball. I think you can see why!

My mormor and I made a fruit salad for fika and I introduced her to raw desserts. She liked it!

Here we are!

Baby me with my mum and dad ❤

The back of my mormor’s house. We used to play here all the time as kids

Some final cuddles before leaving

Then it was time for a walking date with my cousin Mickis in the southern parts of Stockholm

Stockholm, you beauty

Happy cousins

Hello lovelies! It’s already less than a week until I leave. This time I’m not sure when I’ll next be back so I’m making the most of being here and booking up every moment possible with everyone I love. Yesterday I started off with a gym session then after lunch I jumped in the car to drive to my mormor. I so rarely drive and it’s always a stressful affair. The way there went surprisingly smooth! I always get lost at some point when I drive but this time around it went really well.

I was so happy to see my mormor. When I arrived we sat outside on her bench in the sunshine, absorbing all the vitamin D. It actually got quite hot sitting there. We spoke loads and had a fika whilst I was there. I had brought some fruit for a fruit salad and also raw vegan desserts from a company called the Unbakery. I got a cinnamon bun flavoured thing and a snickers slice, they were delicious and even my mormor enjoyed them. After fika we went back outside for a bit and then it was time for me to leave. Time had gone by so quickly and I wanted to drive back into town before rush hour. I didn’t make it back before rush hour and I got lost along the way hehe. So it took a bit longer than I’d hoped to get back but I got there in the end.

As soon as I had parked the car I got on the underground to go to see my cousin Mickis and go for a walk. She lives on Söder, which is the southern parts of Stockholm. I rarely go there so it was nice to head over and go for a walk somewhere a bit different. We walked for ages and just talked about everything in life and what’s going on. Funnily enough, her new boyfriend is Spanish and his family lives in Benidorm, not far from where Jamie used to live in Spain, they’re even looking to go to Javea for a bit this summer. I’m slightly jealous because I love that place but I’m not complaining considering I’m soon going to Australia…

It’s stunning walking down by the water as the sun is setting. I love being near the water and I think it’s probably because I’m from Stockholm. You are surrounded by water pretty much everywhere you turn and I love it.

Now time for another day here in Stockholm and a busy one too! I’m just back from the gym where I had a very sweaty session. First I did 1000m on the ski erg, then intervals of 500m on the rower with a minutes rest in between for three rounds. Then I did a 21-15-9 of dumbbell burpees with 20kg and 16kg dumbbell push presses. It was tough and I had to take some breaks but I got through it. After that I did strict presses with a barbell and strict pull ups. It felt good doing something a bit more high intensity today.

Now I’m going to see my farmor today with my aunt Jenny and this evening I’m going out for dinner with my two school friends Gabbie and Fia. We’re going for thai food and I’m so excited! It’s fun being home but I also feel exhausted from being so sociable haha. It’s always a busy schedule when you’re home but I wouldn’t have it any other way. When you’re only here ever so often, you have to make the most of every moment.

Have a beautiful day! M xxx

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