Busy busy days

Hello lovelies! A bit late with the post today, my Sweden visit is quickly coming to an end and the closer you get towards leaving, the busier you get. The other day I drove to see my farmor (my dad’s mum, my grandmother) with my aunt Jenny in Upplands Väsby, just outside Stockholm for the afternoon. It felt a lot better driving this time around!

At farmor’s we sat and had a cup of tea in her living room whilst she was asking me all about my Australia plans. We also drove to the nearby church where my farfar and uncle’s joint grave is. Jenny had bought some daffodil plants we planted there to make it nice and colourful for spring. I hadn’t visited his grave for a long time so it was good to be there. The church is stunning.

For the rest of the afternoon I sat in the sun with my farmor next to me in her garden whilst Jenny was spring cleaning and gardening. She recently finished her course in gardening and is soon starting her new job at Skansen (the world’s biggest outdoor museum) where she’ll be helping to take care of all the greenery and plants. I’m so excited for her because it’s been a dream of her’s for as long as I can remember to work there. Super inspirational to see her chase her dreams. I love when people just go for it and decide to change their path when they realise they’re on the wrong one, it takes guts!

As soon as I got back to Stockholm I just parked the car, got changed and then headed out to see my school friends Gabbie and Fia (Sofia). We’ve been friends since we were about 14 and it’s always nice to meet up and see what everyone has been up to when I’m in town. We went for Thai food, one of my favourite cuisines in the world and it was delicious. Thai House Wok really does tasty Thai food and the portions are massive for what you pay. I couldn’t finish my curry and I always finish my food! That says a lot.

Now family time! Speak soon xxx


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