Excited to start minigolfing

Parts of the course

The final hole, it was difficult!

I ended up winning but it was close!

I of course had to put aside some time to properly spend time with my baby sis when I was back home. Okay, she’s not a baby anymore, she’s 17 but still, she’s the youngest so she’s always going to be little in my eyes hehe. She is nine years younger than me after all!

We wanted to do something a bit different, yes we cold’ve gone to the cinema but it’s not the most sociable thing and I felt a bit over bowling. So I started googling for stuff to do in Stockholm and ended up finding Swing. It’s a restaurant and bar with a mini golf course. I thought it was perfect. We first had a nice fika at relatively newly opened Mr Cake, they are so popular the queue is usually out the door. They serve up some insane cake creations. Lala (as I call her) had a smore brownie and I was happy just with a chai green tea because I had just had a snack and was full. We sat outside in the sunshine and spoke about life. Then it was almost time for our slot at Swing.

We got there and it was packed! It’s a stunning 1930s theme throughout and it felt like quite more high end min golf experience rather than the crazy golf I’m used to! When it was our turn a lovely girl who worked there explained the rules of their mini golf and then we were on our way. The course was quite busy so there was a bit of a wait but we didn’t mind. The different holes weren’t divided up so the course was never ending, more like a real golf course, which was different and could potentially make it more challening. So if you were unlucky enough to hit the ball too hard, you would end up on someone else’s hole! It made it very sociable and in Stockholm that’s quite unusual to start talking to other people just like that haha. I enjoyed that part. Some of the holes I thought were a bit boring and too straight forward but overall it was fun!

A cool thing is that you can order drinks on the course to take with you, as well as food in case you need some extra energy to keep your focus up! Super important when you’re competing against your friends!

We had a great time and it’s just a nicer way of spending time together, being up and doing something. That’s what I’m about, as much as I love going for dinner and food in general it’s nice to mix it up.

Just thought I’d share this as another little Stockholm tip!

Now I need to head out because I’m soon going to the gym aaaaand my sister Ellie is joining me!! It’s her first ever G5 session and I’m so excited for her to come. We’re going to the Strong Mum’s class, which is the same as all the other ones but there might be some babies there so therefore it’s one of the better ones to go to hehe. I can’t wait to train with her and for her to experience G5. She’s visited once before to watch but today it’s finally time for her to try it out for herself.

Have lovely day, M xxx

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