New at the gym

Hi lovelies! One of the first things I did when I arrived to Melbourne was to look up and message a couple of Crossfit gyms nearby. Super important stuff guys, super important 😛 I was now gymless and needed somewhere to go and had no idea where to even to start. I know I probably won’t be living in the area Jamie’s big brother and family are living in later on but for convenience I thought best to find something nearby.

I came across Crossfit Red Bluff, just over half an hour’s walk from where I’m right now staying. I thought that was manageable and sent off an email asking to come in. Adam, one of the coaches got back to me and asked how long I’d been training for and how long I’d be staying. I replied thinking that I wouldn’t hear from him for a while. On Thursday afternoon I opened my email asking when I wanted to come in. At this point I hadn’t trained for 4 days so I couldn’t wait to get to the gym and said as soon as possible. I then got asked if I wanted to come in to the 6pm class. By the time I saw this, the class was about an hour away.

I got so nervous, the thought of being new again and not knowing anyone, it gave me the fear. I sat for a while thinking about if I should go or not. I was honestly trying to think of a legit excuse to postpone it. Postpone going in and facing the music of being the newbie. Why is it so difficult to be new? I find it really awkward, whether it was a first day in a new school, a first day at a new job. It’s silly because many times in life you have to be the newbie and it’s just part of living but it is tough at first.

I knew I was being ridiculous and that at the end of the day all I wanted was to workout. I also started thinking about how even more difficult it is to gather courage to try something new when you’re just starting out on your health and fitness journey, when you’ve got no experience of the gym or class you’re going to to draw on. It’s incredibly brave then to message about starting out and showing up. I on the other hand had been training Crossfit style training for about two years now. I know I’m capable of getting through the workouts. I still have so much more to learn but I have the ability to get through a class. That in itself should make it a bit less daunting but yet I struggled to get myself in the headspace to go.

Eventually I told myself that I would reply and ask if I could still come (Adam had written this an hour or so earlier I saw) and if he got back to me saying it’s still all good to go, I’d go. Honestly, a part of me was hoping he would say that the class was full or that it’s too short notice hehe. Crazy thoughts on my part, I love training. It’s my favourite thing to do. You guys know that but even someone who loves training sometimes goes through the struggles. We’re all human! Adam got back to me and of course the class wasn’t full and it wasn’t too short notice, so all I had to do now (quickly so I wouldn’t be late) was to jump into my gym gear and go.

I was a bit worried I’d be late but I’m used to walking quickly and beat the Google Maps time. It’s always good to arrive earlier because there are usually forms and things to sign and go through before the class.

I arrived to the gym door. Gaaah, I was so nervous but went inside before I could overthink it and felt a bit more comfortable when the familiarity of being in a Crossfit gym hit me. These are the kind of places I feel at home in. Adam came up to me and introduced himself. I also immediately got the warmest welcome from all the gym dogs (there’s three of them!!). I filled out a form and then Adam showed me around. The 5pm class was still going and the box was busy.

I felt a bit awkward but everyone there made me feel so welcome by coming up to introduce themselves and were so friendly. Then it was time for our class and as soon as we stood in front of the board I felt a bit better. I looked at the workout and I was in my happy place. I couldn’t wait to train. The workout was so much fun. Adam and the other coach Pete led different parts of the class and both of them are amazing coaches. The first parts was heavy lunges and that’s when I discovered that all the plates were in pounds!

That’s probably the biggest difference and most difficult part of starting at this gym (and it’s not actually an issue, it’s just a matter of getting used to it), I have no idea what weights I’m lifting. It could potentially be a good thing, I for instance did my first I 60kg lunges that evening! Never done that before. I’ve been told that they’re one of three gyms in Melbourne who have pound plates instead of kilo just because all Crossfit workouts are originally in pounds.

After my trial session I knew I wanted to come back and got a month’s membership and since then I haven’t looked back. I’ve now been to four classes since I started and I’m feeling more and more at home. Everyone is so nice and chatty. I got a lift home from one of the guy’s the other day and I’ve been invited to join in for for breakfast after training ( I couldn’t make it unfortunately but it was nice that they asked!).  In a couple of weeks there’s a trivia night or something happening that I’m looking forward to going to and everyone seems to be doing stuff all the time.

When you move abroad finding new friends is one of the more difficult things I think but I do think the gym and especially small local ones like Crossfit boxes are a great way to find them. Another major reason to start going if you aren’t already!

Another difference I’ve noticed is the average age is a bit younger than G5 and there’s a lot of handstand walking and gymnastics going on, which is something I’ve been wanting to develop. The first couple sessions I’ll admit, were tough going to because you didn’t know the ins and outs of the gym and how everything works but I already now feel a lot more at home. I also find myself really looking forward to going back now when I’ve started to learn people’s names and have had some conversations with them.

I think I’m really going to enjoy my time at Crossfit Red Bluff and I can’t wait to see what more I can learn and develop while I’m there and more amazing people I’ll meet. It’s tough getting out of your comfort zone and doing things you slightly dread but what I kept telling myself in my head is that I’ve got so much more to gain from this. I’ll loose out on loads more by not going. If anything, if it wouldn’t have worked out, I’d be an experience richer from it and learn.

One final thing I just have to mention was that I got praise for my movement today during our class from Adam saying that the person who coached me previously has coached me well. Just another testament to the incredible woman that is Stella Bartram. I was so happy when he said that!

Now I’m about to fall asleep! Night time for me. Speak soon, M xxx


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2 thoughts on “New at the gym

  1. I felt the same way when I started Jiu Jitsu a couple of months back, super nervous!
    Definitely worth pushing through the nerves and sticking with it.
    Thanks for the post!


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