Holy Bowly // 531 Hampton Street // Melbourne

Oh yes, I knew Melbourne was probably going to be the ultimate destination for me. My inner foodie has been longing to go to all the incredible cafés and restaurants about the city and Holy Bowly happens to be a short walk from where  I’m currently staying. How handy is that?

Nicola (Jamie’s sister-in-law) said she thought I’d really like this place and boy was she right! Our first visit was for breakfast after dropping off Cleo (their oldest) at school. I was so excited for our breakfast date. When we sat down I couldn’t wait to have a proper look at the menu. There was a lot to choose from and I had no idea what to go for!

I was deciding between a bowl of lots of greens with tempeh (sounded so good) or an acai bowl. After a lot of contemplation I went for the savoury option because I always have sweet for breakfast when I have my porridge. I also ordered a matcha latte, the only let down so far in every pace I’ve been to is Oatly does not seem to exist. You just can’t beat an Oatly matcha latte and whilst having it with almond milk or coconut milk is okay it does not come close to the creaminess and the slightly sweet flavour oat milk has. Oatly you are missed! There are other oat milk in the shops so might have to give those a try before I give up entirely but cafés don’t seem to use it at all. Odd!

My bowl of greens was delicious! Super fresh and citrusy. The tempeh had a great flavour and I was loving every mouthful. I’ll be coming back for more of that most definitely. I just can’t get over how readily available such delicious and nutritious food is here. It’s everywhere!

I was actually back for another visit a day or so later, this time for an afternoon snack. I had to try out one of their acai bowls as an afternoon snack. I went for the protein acai bowl. It came out and it looked super pretty. It was tasty but not quite as good as the out of this world one I had at Mahalo in Stockholm. Perhaps a bit too little of the actual smoothie and a bit too much on the toppings for my liking and the flavours weren’t quite as crazy good as Mahalo’s but still it was tasty and I ate all of it.

Holy Bowly is a perfect place to nip down to when in need of a tasty and healthy bite to eat. They’ve got an extensive smoothie menu to choose from too which I need to work my way through. So much to try so little time and not enough money…

I’m just about to head out the door now to sort out an Aussie phone number. I’ve got a bank account all sorted so I’m good to go. I tried to do it yesterday but forgot some papers to do it. Second time lucky? Let’s hope so!

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