South Melbourne Market

So much amazing produce everywhere
For lunch we went for Vietnamese food, I chose a veggie laksa!

Nicola suggested that we would go and visit the South Melbourne Market on Wednesday morning. A large indoor market open Wednesday to Sunday in Port Melbourne (I think it is). It’s located in a lovely area filled with shops, cafés and restaurants. The market itself has got food stalls, vegetable and fruit stalls, flower stalls, clothing stalls and everything else you could possibly think of really.

We didn’t end up having that much time there in the end because Oscar (the middle child was going to kindergarten (or “kinder” as everyone calls it here) and we took a bit longer than planned to get there. We still managed to look at a fair amount. I feel like I could’ve spent hours there! The plan was for me to stay behind and look around a bit more before making my way back home when they headed back. However, this didn’t quite go to plan when I realised as we were standing in the queue to order our Vietnamese food that my purse was nowhere to be seen in my bag!

I’ve got quite a big bag that I carry around and I looked through it several times thinking it must be there somewhere but eventually I had to admit to myself it wasn’t there. So weird I thought as I had made a point in the morning to make sure I had it with me. Then it hit me, had I been pick pocketed? The market was full of people after all, although I walk around with my handbag held tightly so it would’ve been rather impressive if someone had managed to get into it and stolen the purse. We got out of the queue and went to check the car just in case I had dropped it on the floor or on the seat, nope, nothing.

Nicola asked me what I wanted to do and I said that we should still go and have lunch. Either it was stolen and then calling banks and blocking cards could wait until after lunch or it was hopefully at home. No point in letting that ruin our time at the market just then. I felt surprisingly calm about it. We had our lunch, had another browse about some stalls before we had to start heading back. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to stay for longer but I’ll for certain go back and take more time to look at everything but I liked what I saw in the little time we had.

We got home and I had a vague memory of sitting by the dining table with my bag and walked straight there. What a relief it was when I saw my purse lying there! So glad I didn’t have to frantically call all my banks to cancel my bank cards. I haven’t yet changed my address for a lot of them, which means it would’ve taken forever for them to arrive most likely. Drama over. I must’ve gotten distracted or something when sorting my purse out with all my cards and forgotten it on the table.

So that was our little trip to the market! I took a slightly different turn but ended well. Phew!

This morning I was at Crossfit Red Bluff again. Today we did overhead squats for the first part of the class. One of my favourite movements so I was really happy when I saw that on the board. I haven’t done them for a while either so I really enjoyed that. Then for the second part, the more high intensity part you aimed to do 5 rounds in 15 minutes. First you rowed 270 metres, then 12 overhead squats and 12 pull ups. I got to round 4 which I was happy with considering pull ups are not my best movement.

I also paid to take part in their trivia night next Saturday at the box. It sounds really fun. They told me I could bring a friend but I don’t really have any friends yet (hehe) so they said there’ll be someone from the box I can team up with most likely. I’m not quite sure what kind of trivia it will be but I know there will be food and I’m looking forward to meeting more people from the box. Every single person I’ve met so far has been so nice to me.

Some of the guys in the class invited me to join in on their rowing practise in the box tomorrow around five as well so I’ll be going to that. I get so happy every time I get invited to do something haha. Means I might be maybe doing something right! God you forget sort of how to make friends when you have friends at home. I’m so glad I’ve at least got somewhere to go to meet people until I find a job. Some of my closest friends I’ve met through going to the gym and classes so here’s hoping I’ll find them soon. Friendship is really not something you can force, it needs to just happen on it’s own. The guys at the box have got great banter so we’ll see! Haha I sound slightly desperate don’t I? Maddie’s mission of finding friends continues 😛

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