My kind of day

Morning stroll by the sea in Brighton
Brunch at Hampton Bakery

Hang out at the gym in the evening, doing some hang power cleans. 
The face you make when you saved a kind of crappy clean haha. Not the best ones I’ve done.

Hi my dears! If last Friday was sunny, Friday yesterday probably took it to a new whole level. The sky was so blue! Perfect day for a walk by the beach. Perry picked me up with his dog Taylor and down to the beach front we went. The entire walk I just couldn’t get over how beautiful it was, once again. It was absolutely stunning. No breeze but a light autumn chill in the air. Taylor was so cute running around enjoying her walk. She’s an eight year old golden labrador and she is adorable. She behaved so well right up until the very end of the walked when she started rolling around in some dirt haha.

After our walk we dropped off Taylor and went for brunch at The Hampton Bakery. I’ve been walking past there so many times by now and every single time I’ve thought it looks nice in there. My oh my, it was. I ordered some kind of breakfast plate with greens, mushrooms, avocado and bread. Yuuuum, I was so happy! Food makes me so happy. Loved the vibe in there too and it was very busy for being in the middle of the day on a weekday.

Later on in the afternoon it was time for the gym. I was feeling a bit tired and not very up for it but knew once we got there it’d feel a lot better. Sometimes jsut getting to the gym is the biggest struggle, once you’re there you’re usually fine. I love Friday nights because everyone comes in to hang out and train together. It’s quite a relaxed vibe but everyone is still getting stuff done. Another guy at the gym Matt, Perry and I got set up to do the cardio piece for the week’s extra programming. I didn’t feel quite mentally prepared for it. It was 5 rounds of 4 minutes where you had to complete 10 cal row (12 for guys), 12 dumbbell snatches and 12 burpee box jump overs. You had to make sure to complete the rounds within 3 minutes to allow for some rest.

Wow it was intense! I started off with the 20kg dumbbell which was the weight for women then on the second round I decided to go down to 17.5kg and the third round I went down to 15. Sometimes I can’t quite decide what weight to do for a workout, this was one of those! You don’t know how you are going to do when the reps add up. With the 20s and 17.5s I would not have been able to keep the same pace consistently throughout all the rounds. The guys just raced through each one. They are so fast!!

Perhaps not my best workout because my body felt quite tired but at least I got through it. We all have moments like that. At the end I could taste blood in my mouth, it was that bad. It’s good to workout with people who are better than you because it makes you push yourself. Don’t get me wrong, it can be so frustrating being the last to finish at times but at the same time it’s not a race against anyone else other than you.

After that we were just trying to recover, I felt dead! That’s when Matt came up with the idea of doing Tia Claire Toomey’s ab workout so a bunch of us did that together. Wow, my core was on fire at one point but we had a good laugh doing it together. Whilst we were doing this some of the others at the gym had moved aside the gym gear to play basketball instead. I just love how everyone is doing their own thing and whatever they feel like doing.

This quite long gym session was then finished off with hang power cleans before we headed off. I quite like hang power cleans but I very rarely do them. Some of my heavier ones were a bit questionable at times but I got them up. I got a new PB though, 56.7kg I think it was for three hehe. So that’s something. I think my one rep max used to 55kg.

After all of that I was absolutely starving when I came back to the house so I ate like there was no tomorrow. Luckily there was leftover bean chilli and baked sweet potato that I could just heat up (this is why making massive batches of food is so handy!). I also had protein shake too but even after all of that food I still wasn’t sure whether I was full or not. Sometimes being that hungry is tiring because you eat and eat and then you run out of stuff to eat and then you’re just looking for random things to try and fill yourself. It gets a bit ridiculous at times. I know, first world problems, it’s terrible… I shouldn’t really complain but I never thought this would be a dilemma of mine but it happens quite often!

The rest of the evening I was relaxing and I went to bed quite early because I was falling asleep in front of the TV. Just as I was about to switch my light off my sister Ellie called me. She was with my farmor and cousin Calle. It was such a nice surprise and I was so happy to get a chance to speak to my farmor for a bit. It’s difficult to stay in touch her when she’s not very into using modern technology! I suppose it makes the moments we do talk more special!

M xxx

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