Tropeaka Chocolate Lean Protein

Following Aussie Youtuber Sarah’s Day’s channel I’ve of course come across quite a few Aussie brands that I’ve over the years wanted to try but not been able to over in the UK. Other than the Blue Dinosaur bars I wrote about last week (I still can’t get over how good they are! I can’t stop eating them!) I’ve also now tried out the the chocolate Lean Protein Powder from Tropeaka. Sarah keeps on talking about this brand and the sucker I am for trying new health stuff like this, I of course had to try it. So I ordered the chocolate Lean Protein powder, spirulina and another product Sarah raves about, the Alkaline Greens powder. I have to admit though, after my obsession with the vegan protein powder from Form Nutrition (you are missed dear Chocolate Peanut protein powder, I will never forget you), it would difficult for Tropeaka to beat it.

How did it measure up? I’ve been having Tropeaka for the past two weeks now I think and it’s good. I like the ingredients, they’re natural and you actually understand what’s inside it when you look at the list. It’s definitely better than some other protein powders I’ve tried. For being chocolate it doesn’t taste very chocolatey I have to admit so I’ve been adding a bit extra raw cacao powder in my smoothie bowls. One thing I do like is that it’s not very sweet. It’s actually one of the few powders where it’s just subtle hint of sweetness and I like it.You can always add more sweetness to something but it’s difficult to get rid off too much sweetness! It’s actually the first protein powder I’ve been drinking just on it’s own in almond milk as a shake and not smoothie and enjoyed it. It tastes a lot like chocolate milk!

Overall I don’t love chocolate Lean Protein powder quite as much as Form Nutrition I’ve got to say but if you’re just looking for your basic protein powder that does the job and is not overpowering on the sweetness then this could be for you! I would quite like to try their vanilla one as well at some point to see what it’s like.

Spirulina, oh spirulina. It just never tastes good does it? I don’t put it in smoothies because the flavour just overpowers everything! So what I do is I take it straight up with water in the morning before drinking my warm lemon water. It tastes horrible, it really does but I think Tropeaka’s spirulina powder, for being spirulina, tastes alright. Or maybe I’m just getting used to the flavour after having it for so long… Either way, it’s spirulina and it’s not ever really going to taste good but the benefits of drinking it I think makes up for the taste…

The final thing in the delivery was the Alkaline Greens powder. I’ve been wanting a green powder for quite a while just to give my body an extra boost of the good stuff. Since Sarah has been speaking highly of this powder I thought I’d give it a go, I was already on a roll with my order so in it went into the shopping cart! I have so far only had it mixed up with water and I can’t say it’s the best thing I’ve tasted (then when is ever a green powder the best thing you’ve tasted?). It’s quite sweet, I don’t love drinking it but it depends on how you view it. I view these powders as extra medicine, and when does medicine ever really taste that good? Not very often! Or at least not the medicine I’ve come across, so you just swallow it and it’s done. I’ve been having it for the past couple of days because I’ve been feeling a bit on the borderline of having a cold and I do think it’s helped!

So yeah I was quite happy with my order after all 🙂 I would order the stuff again but I think I’ve got a couple of more brands to go through for my next order but it’s on my list of protein powders and supplements I’d be happy to order again.

Now I really need to get a move on because I’ve got an appointment at the optician’s soon and my laptop has been acting up so this blog post has been taking FOREVER to get up but now finally I can click “Publish”!

Have a great day my dears, M xxx

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