Il Fornaio // 2c Acland Street // St Kilda

Sunny walk from Balaclava to St Kilda

My delicious matcha latte

Love the industrial vibe
Back to Balaclava train station

Guys, I never thought I would be so overwhelmed by having so much delicious food to choose from but I am because there are brunch places everywhere. I’ve started writing them down and the list is just getting longer and longer! Even when I go to the places I struggle to choose what I want to eat just because I want to try everything and I’m not sure when I’ll next be back so I have to choose the tastiest thing on the menu. Not always the easiest task when everything sounds so good.

The vegan offering here is crazy. Pretty much everywhere I go there are loads of plant based options. I love it. Makes life so easy when you are trying your best to eat plant-based.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in Balaclava the other day, which is right next to St Kilda so I figured with the nice weather and everything I would walk over there and have lunch. I’m not quite sure how I found the place I ended up going to Il Fornaio but I’m so glad I did! It’s not quite by the main street of St Kilda but about an 8 minute walk from there. Slightly hidden away.

I was starving at this point and could not make up my mind at all of what to eat. I just wanted everything. After a lot of going back and forth I went for their breakfast plate which had scrambled tofu and lots of other tasty things on. I of course ordered a match latte whilst I was deciding on what to eat and it was incredibly good!

This breakfast was out of this world, I didn’t realise how creamy that scrambled tofu was going to be and it pretty much tasted like eating scrambled eggs. I couldn’t believe it. It was amazing. Everything on the plate was delicious. I could’ve done without the potatoes but I’m not a massive potato fan. I’d rather would’ve had more greens or something (can’t get enough greens!). I couldn’t get over how this dish was actually vegan. Crazy! Like how does that even work? It just showed me once again how creative you can get with non-animal products and get delicious results. Not that I ever doubted it but I feel like this was the next level. I love feeling inspired by vegan food when I’m out that opens your eyes like that.

I ate my food so fast and wished it would’ve lasted for longer but it was too good and I was too hungry to slow down. Yuuum! There are plenty of other non-vegan options there as well if you’re wanting some eggs or something so it’s a great place for all kind of groups to go, there’s something for everyone. I’ve had quite a few friends messaging me about where this place is so I think I’ll be back very soon. I’d love to try something different on the menu but I know I’ll struggle not to order this again…



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