Matcha Mylkbar // 72A Acland Street // St Kilda

Our first visit. Believe it or not, all vegan.
Mushroom and date late

Second visit

A happy Maddie is a fed Maddie

Matcha Mylkbar is social media renowned for their next level vegan food. In this place you cannot only get vegan eggs but also vegan bacon with your breakfast. I’d heard about this place from the land of social media, being the Instagram nerd that I am, way before I arrived in Australia and yes it was of course on my long list of food places to tick off. Plus, being the matcha obsessed individual that I am, how could I not go to a place that specialises in matcha?!

Being the massive appreciator of a good vegan meal I just wanted to see what these eggs were like! I’d never never seen anything like it before. So a brunch was booked in after the gym with Mim and Mich from the gym. Mich had never been before either, Mim had and was telling us how good it is so the expectations were quite high.

Since it was a Saturday there was a waiting list of people wanting to get a table. We happily put our name down and waited and we got our table quite quickly. The amount of options on the menu made it nearly impossible to decide what to have. We knew the Matcha Made in Heaven Pancakes were a must. We then eventually we narrowed it down to the Big Breakfast with Eggs and Deluxe Black Tie Avocado.

The wait was quite long for food as they were busy but eventually it arrived and wow did it look pretty! I was just hoping it would taste as good as it looked. The pancakes were delicious! So fluffy and with chocolate everywhere, that ice cream served with it was super tasty too. The avo toast was heavenly as well, incredibly zingy and fresh.

Okay, the big breakfast. The one I wasn’t sure what expect, vegan eggs and bacon. Never tried it before so wasn’t sure about it but very intrigued. The eggs’ consistency were pretty much spot on, I could not have told whether the was a real egg or not, the thing that does give it away is the flavour, of course it’s slightly different but still nice. The bacon on the other hand, I don’t like bacon at all and when I tried it it was too much like bacon (really not a bad thing if that’s what you’re after) but none of us were a fan of it. We were so glad we tried it though!

Mim and I went back for more before she headed away to Canada for over three weeks (she left today! Will miss that girl). We were thinking of other places to go but really we just wanted to go back to Matcha Mylkbar hehe. We had to order the pancakes again and were close to ordering the avo toast again but thought we had to try something different so after a lot of deciding (we were tempted by the smoothie bowls but it was a bit cold for that!) we decided on the Shakshuka Baked Eggs.

The pancakes were just as good this time around and the shashuka eggs were delicious too. With that tomato sauce, it felt even more like eating eggs. Such an odd experience. I also got a bit more adventurous and ordered a mushroom and date latte. It did not taste as strange as it sounds, it was actually really delicious! I would get it again. Then of course a matcha latte was order both visits, because you just have to when you’re in a matcha place. A bit too sweet for my liking the second time around, I prefer them unsweetened but still nice.

Overall I’ve really loved my visits there, they’ve been incredibly eye opening to what can actually be done in the world of plant based food. Would I go all the time and order the vegan eggs? Probably not, I don’t really crave eggs as much anymore as I used too but for the novelty of it, it was definitely fun to try. It’s a really cool space and they know their crowd with it all looking very social media friendly to take photos. The things I thought let the place down was the service, not very attentive (friendly when they did speak to you though) and the fact there was food smoke in the entire venue both times, which meant you stank of food each time you left. Not a biggie but it was so bad the most recent time we went they had to open the door, which made it a bit chilly.

I would definitely still go back though. Is it a bit wanky there? Haha yes, it is a bit fancy and Instagrammy but I really don’t mind it. They’ve got a good thing going and are attracting all types of people, vegans and non-vegans to come in and try plant-based food and see what it can taste like. I think that’s always good, we need more people eating more plants on this planet.

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