Cold cold go away

A green juice to try and cure myself

Ventured down to the gym

Some pics from my Insta story yesterday because I forgot to take any other photos, bad blogger, I know. Sorry! If you’re not following me I’m called @madeleinemoves.

It’s moving day! I’m pretty much all packed but I think I need to repack and organise it all a bit more because it’s a bit all over the place. I don’t really see the point in packing a couple of days in advance because I just start unpacking it all again when I’m looking for things to wear and it all gets quite messy…

As mentioned, we spent a couple of hours at Southland yesterday. I picked a few bits and pieces, like make up that needed to be replaced and I invested in a face mask because my skin won’t just calm down. It’s been constantly breaking out for about two months I think. It’s a bit better now than it was but I thought giving it some extra pampering might do the trick. Fingers crossed because I’m getting a bit tired of it. Skin is such a difficult thing, when it’s good you just go with the flow and kind of just let it do it’s thing but once it’s bad it’s just vicious circle I feel you can’t get out of. You somehow need to figure what is going on and that can be easier said than done. Plus it gets you down not having great skin. I used to have really good skin, I barely had to think about it and took it a bit for granted. I don’t know what has gone wrong but I’m determined to stop this mayhem going on at the moment.

I might’ve ended up going to the gym yesterday afternoon too. I thought I’d give it a go and if it felt awful I’d just stop. Power snatches were on the board and they did not feel good at all haha. Adam was trying to coach me and I could not get the flow in the movement and it felt clunky but stuff like that happens. Then we were put into pairs for a partner workout and I was paired up with Mich, which was really fun. I didn’t feel like I could breath that well with everything blocked up but got through it, which was all that matters. I felt better for going and happy to be able to still do something other than sitting still in the house. Right it’s time to finish off the packing and cleaning! Not many hours left until I’m being picked up.

Have a good day my dears! M xxx

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