Goodbye Hampton life

Walked Cleo to school

Took Oscar to the beach, the water is not always beautifully blue

These cuties, love them!

Swapping living with kids to living with dogs

Hello my dears from Black Rock! I’ve officially moved out of Hampton. Whilst I was having breakfast yesterday morning the kids woke up and were trying to think of ways I could stay. It hurt a little bit when they offered solution after solution (such as sharing room with their nan or sleeping on a sofa haha). Perhaps not the most feasible options even though the kids were convinced they were. They are so cute for trying though.

It was quite a busy day moving out. The morning started with me walking Cleo to school, she asked if I could because it was my last day staying with them. Of course couldn’t say no to that! She was really sweet when I dropped her off, giving me loads of hugs. It melted my heart. I then got some time with Oscar whilst Nicola took Zara to the doctor’s, she’s been a bit under the weather recently. Luckily there is nothing seriously wrong with her they were told, just ill(a little cold from her vaccines last week). Oscar and I just made it to the beach when Nicola messaged us to meet them at Sebastian’s. The weather wasn’t ideal for the beach anyway as you can see in photo above. After being outside for a bit, a hot drink sounded very tempting! I had a matcha latte (what else?!) and the others even had some food whilst we sat there. It was a nice little thing to do as it was where we went on my first day in Australia and Hampton! Full circle.

Then the rest of the day was dedicated to packing and cleaning. I have no idea how I already have so much stuff from only being here for just over 1.5 months. I suppose a lot of it is actually my “food cupbard” of things such as protein powders, oats, nuts, seeds, plant-based milks etc… Plus some clothes I’ve added to the wardrobe as I barely had any with me. Then I suppose I had some more stuff sent down by my sister from the UK. It was still eye-opening to see!

Mich picked me up in the afternoon before the gym and it was a bit sad hugging the kids and Nicola goodbye, even though I won’t be far away from Saturday onwards. Even waking up this morning and having breakfast in silence without any kids asking you questions or wanting attention felt very odd! No Cleo hair to be done, no shouts and screams. Very odd.

I’m looking forward to these couple of days in Black Rock to see what this area is about. Mich is working during the day so I’ll be catching up with her later. I’m heading to Red Bluff this morning and then taking her dog Moosie for a walk when I’m back. Then I’ll be joining Mich in going back to the gym this afternoon after her shift is done. Feeling heaps better today, barely any coughing (touch wood).

It looks like the sun is coming out and it’s a new chapter here in Australia. I’m embracing the nomad life at the moment, not really knowing where I’ll end up next in terms of living. Is it a bit stressful for someone like me who likes everything planned? Yes! But I’m trying to embrace it. I think there are things to be learned. I can’t control everything and from what I’ve learnt so far when I let go a bit is that things work out.

I can feel when I start worrying and that’s when I try to reason with myself and say it will be okay. I’ve got a place for the next three weeks and during that time I’ll hopefully manage to find a job and get a place sorted for when I need to move out. Happy thoughts!

Right, almost time to get going to the gym! Have an amazing day everyone and speak soon, M xxx

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