Friday at Red Bluff

Got introduced to Jade’s Joy

Then finished off with Fight Club

Adam and Tara rescued this guy

Finished off with burgers and a trip to the arcade in Southland

Happy Saturday my dears! Hope you are well. We walked into the gym last night with a plan of action Mich and I, we were going to the extra programmed cardio session and then a Crossfit workout called Fight Club. This was all scrapped when our coach Adam suggested joining in on “Jade’s Joy”. Jade is an incredible Crossfitter in our gym, she also helps out with coaching. She moves like nothing else and is so strong! This workout was named after her due to her stealing some of other coach’s Pete’s chips. I’ve been told about this workout several times and it’s a bit dreaded at Red Bluff to say the least.

The workout is just a full on cardio session and it’s meant to push you to your very limits. It’s three rounds of 90 seconds row, 90 seconds 10m shuttle runs and 90 seconds air bike with one minute rest in between each movement (it did not feel like a minute). Depending on your level of fitness there are certain number of metres, number of shuttle runs and calories you need to hit within these times and if you don’t you get punished by having to do burpees after the workout has finished to make up for it, different amounts of burpees depending on what you’ve missed. It is intense and you’re pretty much kind of expected not to make it through towards the end unless you are super fit.

There are four different levels you can do and Adam told Mich and I to do intermediate. I’m glad we just got thrown into it without any time to reflect on what we were getting ourselves into. The one tip Adam really gave us before starting was pacing is key and finishing as close to the time cap as possible is good because it means you’re not using up extra energy going faster.

We got started and I went a bit too hard on the row to begin with but quickly fixed this. The shuttle runs ended up being my recovery, whilst I don’t love running I am quite good at it then the assault bike is just never a fun story but you push through. Adam said at this point he probably should’ve made us do the advanced since we made all our targets with quite a lot of time to spare.

Then we went again, this time I really made sure to stay close to my target on the row and not row at all faster than absolutely needed. It felt a lot tougher this time around. The shuttle sprints felt good again and the bike killed and this time I cut it quite finely on making my target but I did it.

The final round was gross but since it was the final round you just pushed through each movement since you knew it was the last one. During the final 15 seconds on the assault bike I had no clue if I was going to make it or not. My legs were giving up but I was determined not to get any burpees, Stubborn Maddie definitely came out and refused to admit defeat and just before the 90 seconds were up I finished. I could taste blood in my mouth and I got burpee cough on top of my normal cough but it felt so good to have survived through our first “Jade’s Joy”. Considering we just marginally made all of it, the advanced is going to be a challenge but I’m excited to give it my best shot at some point and see how I go. There will be quite a few burpees after that attempt I’m sure haha.

It’s safe to say we scrapped the idea of doing the extra cardio and moved straight to “Fight Club”. Em joined Mich and I for that. I was still recovering from the previous workout but gave it my best go and it went alright. Didn’t go super fast or slow just at a steady pace.

The feeling after having done those two workouts was amazing, you feel so good when you get a proper sweat on. I can’t get enough of it. Adam then had come back after being away for a bit and he had a dog with him that he and his girlfriend Tara rescued the other day. Poor thing is 9 years old and has lived outside his entire life in a family’s backyard. It’s quite chilly at the moment so it can’t have been the most pleasant experience and he’s not really socialised with any other dogs. They’ve already found a potential new home for him, fingers crossed it works out! It’s tough rehoming older dogs but we’re all hoping for the best.

We then had a quick shower and got changed before heading to Southland to get tickets for the cinema. Unfortunately the film was sold out when we got there (we should’ve booked ahead but didn’t really think of that). Disappointing but not much to do so we headed to Grill’d for burgers (it’s a big burger chain here in Australia, supposedly “healthy” but I’m not convinced, I’m pretty sure our burger “patty” is deep fried haha). Grill’d’s vegan burgers, the ones I’ve had so far anyway, aren’t great and the sweet potato chips aren’t that good either. So yeah don’t go haha. Anyway, after that we headed to the game hall and played some air hockey, basket ball and other games. It was so much fun. We even got enough tokens to get a monkey mascot for the gym. He’s now hanging off one of the bars.

Not quite the night we were planning for but we’ve learnt our lesson and next Friday we’re giving it another go. We’re booking tickets ahead this time around haha.

I’m happy to say I’m all packed and ready to move into Perry’s family’s house this afternoon. I’ve loved my time at Mich’s but it’ll be also nice to know I’ll be at the next place for a bit longer and not be living straight out of my suitcases 😛 It gets quite messy having all your stuff packed up and trying to find what you’re looking for. Plus looking after Taylor will be so nice hehe. I know I keep on bringing that up but she’s so cute and I’m so excited to do it!

Time to soon walk Moosie with Mich! Speak soon xx


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