White Wolf Nutrition Vegan Creamy Vanilla

As well as my actual exploring and adventures down here in Australia continues my exploring of the health foods available here does as well. It’s time to talk protein powder again people because I have tried a new brand! This time it’s the brand White Wolf Nutrition.

In central Melbourne there’s a supplement and health shop on Bourke Street called Evelyn Faye. I stumbled across this place randomly when I was strolling about the streets one afternoon and decided to go in. There was so much to look at. They have an entire vegan protein section with brands like Prana Protein, RAW (I think they were called) and White Wolf. I stood there for a while contemplating which one to get (I was running low on my Tropeaka one and thought might as well when it there right in front of me). I’d heard of both Prana and White Wolf before, but you know how it is. You just don’t want to spend loads on money on something that tastes disgusting. Protein powder is not the cheapest investment.

A really lovely girl who worked there told me she absolutely loved her White Wolf protein powder so I listened to her recommendation and went for it. This time I mixed it up by buying vanilla for the first time in ages! I know what you’re thinking right now, what a crazy life I lead! Yup I could only agree with you… I got the smaller bag as I didn’t really want to commit to a kilo when I had no idea what it would be like.

Do I need to say I was very excited for my smoothie the next day? I couldn’t wait to try my new protein powder. I made my usual with peanut butter, frozen banana, chia seeds and almond milk (if you have any ice it makes the texture ticker and it’s insanely goood, almost like a ice cream). I can’t be too adventurous! Plus, why changed a winning smoothie? It is sooo good! I whipped it up as soon as I got back to the house from the gym, poured it into a bowl and added some crunchy toppings. I really liked it! It has a really nice vanilla flavour and not too sweet. At least not when you add the almond milk ice and everything. I’m yet to try it as a shake but I much prefer protein powder in a smoothie. Yes I would go as far as saying it was delicious. I really enjoyed it and even bought a kilo of it when I ran out of the first bag I had.

I think when I fully run out of my chocolate Tropeaka one I’m going to try a different brand. Mim recommended Happy Way’s vegan protein so it’s on my list to try next. I think they have a chocolate flavour. It’s nice to mix it up but I would very happily get White Wolf again, it is taaasty. No weird after taste (at least in the smoothie) and very nice and creamy. It’s got loads of other goodies added to it such as flax seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and poppy seeds. I don’t feel bloated after it and it’s just an overall nice experience when bloating is a avoided so thumbs up for that.

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