My latest veggie obsession

It may seem like I’ve only been eating out since I got here from my updates but this is not the case I promise! I’ve actually been really good with cooking whilst I’ve been here in Australia too. Perhaps more so now when I’ve got an entire kitchen to myself and eating out isn’t quite as readily available where I’m staying at the moment. I think that’s probably a good thing for my bank account and I love cooking so it’s been nice to get fully into it again.

My roasted veggie obsession continues and I think it’s bigger than ever. It’s so handy to chop them up quickly before taking Taylor out for her longer walk and putting them in the oven when heading out the door. Then by the time I’m back they’re all ready to be eaten. Minimal effort but the results are delicious. Roasting veg brings out all the incredible flavours even more. Then I chuck them on top of quinoa and a massive bed of spinach and by massive I mean all the spinach. Need to get those greens in!

The veggies I’ve been roasting recently go on two different trays. The first tray I’ve put broccoli, courgette (or zucchini as it’s called here and in Sweden), red onion, garlic cloves and mushrooms. Then I just drizzle them with olive oil, black pepper, Himalayan pink salt and of course my all time favourite seasoning Herbamare’s herb salt. It needs to go on everything.

The second tray is what I really wanted to talk about, hello Kent pumpkin!! I picked this up in the grocery store last week because I was a bit tired of butternut squash and wanted to get out of always eating sweet potato. Sweet potato I love you but sometimes you need a break and need to widen your horizons. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. It’s risky business trying new things but I’m always up for giving it a go hehe. Jokes aside, it’s fu mixing it up. I roasted the pumpkin in chunks drizzled with some olive oil, ground cumin, cinnamon, salt and pepper. I kept them in the oven until they turned a nice golden brown on top.

To finish off my bowl of roasted veggie goodness I of course needed to chuck on some hummus because hummus is everything, but you could of course make like a tahini dressing or guacamole or something to go with this. I’m sure that would turn out amazing too! I was so excited to try out the Kent pumpkin and yuuuuuum, it just fell apart when I cut into it. It was incredibly creamy and sweet. I absolutely loved it. My bravery trying something new had been rewarded hehe. It was lovely and I actually bought another one the other day.

Alrighty, breakfast has been eaten. It’s time to get changed and head for the gym. It’s time to do some squats as we’re doing our squat programme today. Looking forward to lifting, yesterday was very cardio heavy so it’ll be good to something a bit more chilled for the first bit of the class.

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