A new chapter

This is where I found myself last night after coming through the door after a long day filled with new impressions and experiences. Taylor came and greeted me at the door like she always does and then the floor looked awfully comfortable all of a sudden haha. So there I was lying on the floor in the hallway and Taylor just looked at me and made herself comfortable on my head pretty much. Taylor reminds me a bit of my dog Micro and how we used to snuggle in front of the TV in the evenings. I suppose there was lab in him too, which could be why I see similarities. However, dog’s personalities vary so much still and you don’t click with all dogs.

First day of work was really fun, at times it was a bit overwhelming when a lot of things were happening at the same time but I feel like I got the hang of it fairly quickly. I still have lots to learn but it was a good start at least! My head felt like mush when leaving after my first shift. It’s nice to be busy again and I can tell my brain is not quite used to thinking in that way at the moment. I went home and spent some time with Taylor before getting ready for the gym. It was the last day of our 12 week squat programme so an exciting day for us all!

We did 10 rounds of 3 squats at 85% of our one rep max. For me that was 70kg and it was a struggle! Some rounds felt good and other rounds I was worried I was going to drop the bar but I didn’t get a single failed rep but my technique felt a bit all over the place in some of the reps. I know that can happen with heavy weights but I did my best to make sure my technique was as good as possible. My head felt so much better once I started moving, that fog of tiredness strated to clear and a couple of rounds in I felt like myself again. I can see how it’s so tempting after a busy day at work to want to just go home because you feel exhausted but movement makes such a difference. That’s when discipline is really important in making sure you go and instead of collapsing on the sofa. Not only that, it’s a great way to be sociable and spend time with your friends. So much more fun than being at home!

The cardio piece for the evening was ten minutes of max calories on the assault bike between three people. We were only two on our bike, a guy called Craig and I, so we got a 30 second break when the third person would’ve gone. 20/30 second sprints on that bike is so incredibly tough. I felt lightheaded after we were done! It’s always a toughie trying to push hard on that thing.

I eventually made it back to the house and that’s when I crashed on the floor haha. Just cuddling Taylor for a bit until I felt like it was time to shower and then have dinner. I was so happy to have leftovers in the fridge. The last thing I felt like was trying to think of something to cook. Whilst eating I spoke to Anki for a bit to tell her about my first day. Since I moved to Australia my family and I have gotten so much better at actually calling each other. I suppose it’s tough to always stay in touch in writing so to actually make the effort to give each other a ring and speak in real time is really nice.

I crashed around ten and that was my first day of a new chapter. My working chapter here in Australia. I’m excited to see where it takes me!

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