When life gets busy

Beach walk in my new neighbourhood

Bonus Sunday gym session

We got Soul Press to the gym, the best post-workout reward hehe

Spent yesterday evening practising toes to bar and got four in a row!!

Hello from North Brighton! Life got pretty busy last week starting a new job, caring for Taylor, going to the gym and moving homes. The blog unfortunately had to take a backseat, even though I hate leaving it empty here. Perry’s family got back Friday night and on Saturday I moved all my things to my new temporary home. It was sad saying bye to Taylor but I know I’ll be seeing her soon. I miss her company already.

At first it felt tough to once again try and make myself at home in yet another place. It is after all my fourth move since I got here. Going from living in the same city for six years and in the same flat for the past three years I think it was to not really knowing where I next end up has been a drastic change and stressful at times but I feel like I’ve learnt a lot from it and I’ve realised that as long as I have a place to stay and good people around me that’s really all that matters. I do want a more permanent solution but for now it works. I’ve really been fortunate with the people I’ve met and they have all been so generous and kind in helping me settle in and also offering all their help. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve all you amazing people in my life but I’m so happy I found you!

The people I’m staying with are incredibly nice and we get on really well. Now a couple of days in I feel a lot more comfortable and feel more at home. A great icebreaker on Saturday night was when they asked if I wanted to play Mario Kart. Is that a trick question? I used to love playing Mario Kart! It’s so much fun!

Sunday I went to track but unfortunately my calves gave up once again. We did double unders on Friday and Saturday which explains the pain I got running. I knew I was pushing it a bit and then throwing sprints and running on top of that was just Stubborn Maddie being her stubborn self. They had been feeling good for so long doing double unders I thought I might get away with it but nope. It wasn’t happening. Eventually I had to throw in the towel and I got to sit and pet PC’s dog Pepsi whilst cheering everyone else on who finished the session. I was trying to keep on going but knew the pain I was feeling was not normal and it wouldn’t do any good if I kept on going.

After getting back to the flat I decided to take a walk down to the beach now when I live close to it again. The sun was shining and for being what they call winter here, it was very warm! I walked down to the front. As I was down there Jade (one of our coaches) sent a message to our gym chat saying she was opening the gym for a couple of hours in the afternoon if anyone wanted to join in. I was originally going to meet up with Em and Mich at some point but the plans got cancelled so I figured why not go into the gym and practise some stuff. I didn’t do heaps at the track and it would be nice to see the guys at the gym.

It’s so smooth getting to the gym now! I get the train and then a bus and it’s a short walk from the bus station. We were a little group of people there and Jade was doing her squats she missed out on when she was away last week. She then had the brilliant idea that we should get Soul Press acai bowls as a treat after training. I already had had a smoothie before coming in but when everyone else was getting one I couldn’t say no. I knew I’d have major food envy. Unfortunately they’d already stopped taking orders on Uber Eats but Pablo and Lachy took one for the team and jumped in the car to get it all. Legends!

Luckily there’s a fridge and freezer in the gym so we could keep them there until our workout was over. I practised power snatches because they felt quite bad when I was training on Saturday. In between I attempted some toes to bar. Jade so kindly gave me some really good pointers but they just weren’t feeling very good. Not sure why. Although they never really feel good to me haha.

Once Jade had finished her squats she got me to do a ten minute assault bike workout with her. We had a bike each and for ten minutes you take turns doing 5 calories. It sounds super simple and not too tough but it added up. I need to work on getting stronger on my intensity so this was perfect for practising sprints. Towards the end all I could think of were those delicious bowls waiting for us in the freezer. Jade is an absolute machine in the gym so it was great to do a workout with her and get pushed.

That bowl tasted amazing afterwards!! Whenever I get something like this here I just can’t believe how easily accessible it is. You just get it. In Glasgow healthyish treats like this barely existed and if they did they didn’t taste very nice… This is just deliciousness in a bowl. I could have one every day.

Then yesterday was an early start. I got up just after five to get ready for a day of work. I packed all my things for the gym. I packed food for the day. There’s a lot of logistics involved but it’s so worth it when it means you can make the gym after work. That’s my social time and training time all in one in the evening. Work went smoothly and then I got a lift to the train station and headed straight down to Red Bluff. I was hoping to make the last class of the day at least but I knew it would’ve been a bit of a squeeze if I hadn’t gotten that lift (I desperately need a bike). I got to the gym just after six so I had plenty of time before the next class started. Pete said me and a guy Tim could go straight away and do the class in our own time if we wanted to get home earlier. I didn’t say no that so first we did the strength and then the cardio piece.

I wasn’t expecting wonders considering what a busy I’d had but I did my best bench presses (which was the strength piece) ever. They felt a lot better than when I first started at Red Bluff and then I did the cardio which was dumbbell facing burpees, dumbbell clean and jerks and 250 m run, 15 min AMRAP and it also felt good. I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve two good nights worth of sleep for the first time in ages.

Afterwards whilst I was waiting on my bus I practised more toes to bar. I don’t know what had happened over night or if Jade’s coaching cues just made it click in my head the day before but all of a sudden I did four toes to bars in a row and they felt really good. I got off the bar and did a little scream haha. Jade had seen me and said they looked really good. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been hanging from that bar for over a year trying to get them and for the first time ever they felt effortless. Well not, effortless but close to. They just flowed. It’s the best feeling when a movement just clicks. Some of the other amazing guys who were in cheered me on and said such nice things. God I love it in that gym. Everyone is always so supportive and happy for one another. It’s the best place to be.

So yes I definitely finished my day on a high and when I got through the door of the flat my flat mates were having some friends over for dinner and had left me food. They happen to be vegan my flat mates funnily enough and had made peanut satay tempeh with rice and veggies. Oh my god, it was insanely good and then I even got a little homemade raw vegan cheesecake. How thoughtful is that? They are such lovely people. That satay dish I could eat all day every day. Yuuuuum!

So that’s a little update to what I’ve been getting up to. I’m now determined to get this blog back on track. Now to get some errands done on my day off and also get a facial. My skin is the worst it’s ever been and I was speaking to Anki the other day who suggested to get a proper facial to clear out my skin. Hopefully it helps! It’s starting to get to me and it feels like it just goes around in circles.

Speak soon, M xxx


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