The Vegan Shack

Hi lovelies! Happy sunny Sunday! After yesterday’s absolute downpour of rain this is amazing. Haven’t seen anything it like it in ages. I made the big mistake of not looking out properly before leaving the flat in the morning and got caught in torrential rain the minute I stepped out the door downstairs. To be fair it was dark outside but I have no idea how I didn’t hear it! I got picked up at 7am before work to go to South Melbourne Market. I’ve never seen the place so quiet before. It was a lovely way to start the day. Then finished it off with going to the cinema to watch The Incredibles 2 in Southland with a bite to eat afterwards. It was a really good film. Very funny in parts and for being the sequal I think they did a great job with it. A pretty decent Saturday!

I’m so excited to be writing this post because I’m dying to tell you about Mich’s and my visit to The Vegan Shack a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been getting around to doing it but time is not on my side these days and by the time I get a spare moment to sit down I need to go to bed. Sleep is something I’m struggling with a lot at the moment so I need to prioritise it. Sorry I feel like I bring it up all the time but the struggle is real1

Anyway, on to more exciting things. We need to talk about Vegan Shack. Once again, I found this place through the land of Instagram. I follow so many Vegan Melbourne accounts on there and one day Vegan Shack popped up on my feed and tt looked amazing! It was added to my never ending list of places in Melbourne to visit and I had been wanting to go ever since.

Eventually the day came and Mich and I decided to venture out of the Bayside bubble to Richmond to try it out. I was excited but also wondering whether it would ever taste as good as it looked on their Instagram feed. Sounds silly maybe but food can look insane in photos but when you actually try it, it just doesn’t live up to the expectations you’d built up. We got there and the place is quite small and intimate. I absolutely loved their beach shack look and the staff were the friendliest people.

Mich and I had no idea what to order because everything looked so good. It’s amazing to go to vegan places because you have so much choice but it also makes life a lot harder for someone who is as indecisive as me. To get the most out of our experience we decided to share food and went for the Bali sandwich (it had satay tofu in it and anything that’s got peanut butter in it is a win for me pretty much) and one of the specials which was a Buddha Bowl.

The food eventually came out and wow. I’m never seen more beautiful food in my life. Not just the colour and vibrancy of it but how it was plated up to perfection. These guys sure know you eat with your eyes too. We tucked in and we were in heaven. You could just tell that the food had been cooked with such care by someone who loves vegan food and knows how good it can be. I loved how they take on a more wholesome approach to vegan cooking rather than going down to fake meat and eggs. It’s more my style of vegan food. Making it into its own rather than mimicking meat dishes.

I think we both agreed on the Bali sandwich just beating the Buddha Bowl but both dishes were out of this world. They left you feeling nourished and fuelled with all the good stuff. We didn’t stop there. I got a mushroom latte (my latest obsession, it may sound weird but it is so good) and then we shared a raw dessert. Unfortunately it was nowhere near as delicious as their savoury meals but oh well it was not the end of the world.

I can hands down say the Vegan Shack serves some of the best food I’ve ever tried and is my favourite food place in the wold. If I lived closer to it I would be broke because I would spend all my money in there. Add it to your Melbourne list because oh my god you’re in for a treat.

Before we left we got into a discussion with the staff there about good tempeh brands. Tempeh is a bit of a hit or miss. Some taste absolutely horrendous and others don’t taste of anything (which is good so you can add your own flavours to it). The owner Jansen was telling us about the tempeh they used in Vegan Shack, produced by a lady who sells it at local markets around Melbourne. Mich and I both got intrigued and wanted to get our hands on it. Jansen so kindly said we could buy it off them. So we did. It’s frozen and I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but I can’t wait to give it a go soon. I’ll let you know how it is! When tempeh tastes good I really love it. I think I might even prefer it to tofu. Supposedly it’s meant to be better for you as it is fermented and less processed than tofu.


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