Warm up!

Time to lift

Getting my PB!!

Part 2 of the event
 It was time for Mich’s and my heat! I was actually quite looking forward to this workout. 4 minutes to build up to a rep max snatch and then when the time ran out the next part of the workout started which was: 700m row, 45 wall balls, 450 m row, 25 wall balls, 250m row and 70 wall balls.

At the café between our workouts Mich and I were speaking to Pete about how to to best divide it up. We knew Mich was going to do the majority of the row because she’s a better rower than me and I’m a stronger wall baller. The goal was to do as few swaps between us as possible.

I was going to start and do about 300m on the rower. Then Pete suggested I would do all of the 45 wall balls. Mich and I were originally going to break them up. I don’t think I’ve ever done that many wall balls unbroken before. I said I’d give it my best go and we did have a plan b if I felt like I couldn’t do all the wall balls. Then Mich would do the full 450 row in that case, I’d do the 25 wall balls, then she’d row again and then I’d do as many wall balls as I could. Then Mich would jump in and do 10 or 15 of them and I’d finish them off.

The one rep max snatch I wasn’t too nervous about. I knew there wasn’t going to be any massive lifts but I was excited to see where the comp nerves and adrenaline would push me. In the warm up area I  managed to PB my snatch already when I put on about 45kg. I was in shock 40kg for me has been a struggle for I don’t even know how long and I was 5kg over that. Together with Pete we decided I would start at that weight and then aim for a heavier snatch during the event.

Mich and I got onto the competition floor. We set up our starting weight on the barbell. I stood there, waiting for the timer to beep. Then it was time to lift. I got set up and went for it. I caught it and I was so happy. Mich went afterwards and smashed hers too. Pete took me aside to coach me on my technique and told Mich to go again at a heavier weight. I was so appreciative of the feedback. I then attempted my heaviest snatch yet, 48kg. A weight I couldn’t even dream of trying before and there it was right in front of me. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go at all. I took a deep breath, gave my arms a shake, set myself up and lifted. The feeling when I caught the snatch and stood it up was indescribable. I was incredibly happy. Mich then went on and snatched 50kg, which was insanely good! We then got ready for part two of the event.

I got on the rower, it was time to see whether my wall balls would hold up or not. I had no idea and was just hoping for the best. The timer beeped and off I went. The row went by very quickly. I got off and Mich threw herself on. In the mean time I had time to catch my breath. The metres ticked down and then I ran up to the wall and started. This is when you just need to zone out. It’s great went the judge counts the reps out loud for you but when you’re only at about 17 out of 45 wall balls, it can get to your head. How on earth are you meant to hold on for that long? You reach a stage in the middle somewhere where you don’t think you can do anymore but somehow you push through, keep going and eventually you don’t feel that worse pain as much. I managed to get through all 45 of them unbroken and I was over the moon. Mich then smashed the rower and I then went back on the wall balls. 25 felt considerably more manageable than the previous lot.

Mich then did her final row, she did so well and then I started chipping through the last but biggest chunk of wall balls. My arms at this point felt like they were going to fall off. I stopped somewhere halfway and Mich stepped in and did some reps before I then got the ball back and pushed through the final ones. I think I got to about three reps left or something and I dropped the ball. I just couldn’t do anymore. I left it for a second or to then picked it up and finished them off. Wow, the pain was real but I was thrilled we had finished and we stuck to our game plan. I then walked over to collapse outside the competition floor. I was dead.

What an event! It was probably my favourite of the day and if I remember correctly. I think it was the one we did the best in as well. Now we had done all the workouts we knew about in advance. The fianl was next and we had no idea what to expect. I was just hoping they weren’t going to sneak in muscle ups or something. I was excited to see what they had up their sleeve.

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