Cocomamas // 1C Staniland Grove // Elsternwick

How many photos can you take of an acai bowl?

Since moving to Elsternwick I’ve slowly started to tick off some of the local joints. Being a massive foodie it’s simply a must when you’re new to an area to see what the food scene is about. Of course being in Australia, we have a smoothie joint just a block away, Cocomamas. I had heard loads about it even before moving to Elsty and only realised after over a week of living here how close it was to our flat. Only a block or so away. How amazing is that?

Recently after a sunny day on the beach I was really craving something cold and refreshing. What better than an acai bowl? I thought it was time to check what all the hype was about. There are plenty of smoothie bowls to choose from but I went for the classic acai bowl and added cacao nibs and peanut butter because life without peanut butter is a sad life and cacao nibs needs to be on all my smoothie bowls. When I got my bowl they had already won me over with the generous dollop of peanut butter. The more the merrier. The apple topping I had to leave because they make my stomach sore.

The verdict? So far I think Cocomamas makes the best acai bowl I’ve had in Melbourne. Super tasty and refreshing on a hot day. I’m so happy and kind of worried by how close they are to where we live. I feel like now I’ve broken the seal there’s no going back and I will be going back for more very soon. I’m excited to try their other smoothie bowls, raw desserts and more lunchie food.

When I was in I overheard one of the girls working there saying they are moving onto Glen Huntly Road in the next couple of months. I’m crossing my fingers it’s a bigger unit with more seating and more delicious healthy things on the menu. It’s so easy to eating healthily when you’re out here in Melbourne with places like these readily available and I absolutely love it.

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