The revealing of the final workout

The crew

Here it is!
We were clearly loving life

Done done done!

Prize time
Our boys came third!

Exhausted but so happy after an amazing comp day!

It’s been a long time coming but here we are, the final post about the final workout of the partner comp! At this point we were all pretty knackered after a long day of competing but we had one event left to go. We were intrigued to find out what we were going to do and dreading it slightly. We got gathered in front of the rigs and Tristan announced the final workout. Luckily no crazy movements like muscle ups, all doable but very shouldery, which is not my strongest part of my body! I knew it was going to burn.

One thing I was excited for were the pistol squats, I really like them and I thought Mich and I would be able to fire through them fairy quickly at the end and be able to get a decent amount of points in. We decided since Mich is stronger on the overhead movements she would do a couple of extra reps on the shoulder to overhead.

We got through the shoulder to overheads, where we struggled a bit more was the synchronised kettlebell swings. We kept on getting out of synch and getting no repped due to fatigue. We eventually finished them off and went on to the pistol squats. We decided to do tens and just pushed through. At one point my legs felt very wobbly and I got no repped because I needed to put my other foot down. Little things that happen, you shake it off and give it another go. I think we got to just under 100 reps and when the timer beeped for the last time, we left the floor feeling like we’d given it our all. The body was feeling pretty wrecked but wow, that feeling of happiness you have after finishing a comp is unlike any other feeling. Loads of emotions and genuine good vibes running through you. You feel so accomplished having pushed through all of that.

When you add up all the total time you’ve actually trained in a comp day, it may not seem as much. It’s a lot of waiting around and the workouts normally only last for about 10 minutes or so but the entent you push yourself to during that time is more than you’d ever do on a normal training day. The doms you get the next day and how tired you feel proves once again that it’s not about how long you train for, it’s how hard you train for during the time.

Once the final was done and dusted it was time for the prize ceremony where we found at that our boys Matty and Tim had taken third place. We were so unbelievably happy for them! What a great job they’d done. After the ceremony the girls and I decided to go for dinner somewhere because we were starving! We ended up at Sister of Soul in St Kilda, a fantastic way to end our day of competing.

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