The never ending WOD

Hello my babes! How are you today? Hope everything is well with you. Poor Jamie has caught this flu going around here in Glasgow so he’s lying in bed. I’ve tried to fill him up with all kinds of green smoothies, ginger shots and water to get him feeling better but unfortunately there isn’t much I can do other than force him to rest and take it easy. At the same time I’m avoiding to spend too much time with him as I really really hope I don’t get ill. I’m drinking all the greens, turmeric and ginger too to try and boost my immune system. Tonight I think I’ll make either a turmeric curry (turmeric is meant to be very anti-inflammatory) or a veggie soup to help us both. I’m hoping to get him on his feet very soon.

Yesterday I had a rest day considering the blood donation the day before and I was also booked in for a massage with the amazing Jan. He is awesome! My lower back has been feeling a bit tight so he tried to sort me out and I felt so much looser when I left. Thank you Jan for helping me once again.

Today I went to Strong Mum’s and I’d heard through a couple of people who did it the night before that the workout on the board today was tough. Very tough. I suppose you should be wary when Stella names it “The Evil”!! When her usual WODs that aren’t called that feel very evil at times.

I was still feeling a little bit odd, might be from donating blood on Sunday but thought I would just do my best. I was paired up with the amazing Jules, who is so unbelievably strong and badass in the gym. She absolutely smashed the workout whilst I was really struggling on my rounds. Really really struggling. I didn’t think I’d get through at some points.

It’s in those moments it’s not even really about how fast you’re doing it or what weight you’re doing. It’s just actually getting through, to prove to your mind that yes you can do it even though you’re screaming no inside. I swore, I made noises and I put the bar down a few times but thank goodness for Jules who pushed me through with her encouragement.

At the end we just looked at each other and said that we couldn’t have done it without the other person’s support. Just hearing someone next to you counting down the reps and telling you that you can do it and that you’re almost there makes all the difference in those difficult moments. Those moments you just want to lie down on the ground and make it stop. 

Then when we finished the first part of the class, which was four rounds each with this barbell that just felt like it was getting heavier and heavier for each rep. The finisher was tough too, loads of jump ropes and then 30 toes to bar each, more skipping and then finished off with wall balls. At that point my arms felt like mush. They still do!

I feel knackered now having done that WOD. It must’ve been a full hour pretty much of constant hard work. Not easy but we got through! We didn’t give up and that’s a great feeling knowing that you overcame your thoughts. You leave feeling stronger for it. I told Stella at this rate, Rainhill will feel like nothing. Well I hope it won’t at least!

You might now wonder why on earth I have picture of a sandwich and a cup of tea at the top of this post? Unfortunately this was not my food today. It was little while back when Jamie and I went for food at Papercup and I tried their new vegan sandwich. It was with some form of spiced tofu, pickled carrot, cuccumber and peanut butter and OH MY GOD. It was so good. I don’t ever really order sandwiches when I’m out. I rarely eat bread, just because I don’t really crave it very often BUT this sandwich was amazing. You guys need to try it.

Now I need to get some stuff done so I’ll speak to you soon!

Love, M xxx

Give blood

Hello lovelies! I’m back, sorry for the absence but I just needed some time to myself. Hope you’re all well and had an amazing weekend. More snow came to Glasgow. Yesterday when we were leaving the gym we had the most beautiful snow slowly falling down, if only this happened before Christmas I would’ve appreciated it more! It was still nice but I need sunshine and warmth, desperately.

At the gym yesterday Faye, Ellis and I tried out 18.0. From what I’ve understood it, it’s like a taster for what’s to come in the Crossfit Open workouts. I haven’t signed up for the Open and not sure I will but I thought it would be a good warm up for us to try it out. It was gasy! I finished in 5.55 minutes which I was really happy about. Tia Toomey who’s the current Fittest Woman on Earth finished it in just over three minutes when she did it.

It’s so interesting to be able to do the same workouts with the same weight as the elite Crossfitters and realise how unbelievably fit they are! You of course have an idea but when you’re going all out in the same WOD as them and they finish it in half the time that you do and you have no idea on how you could’ve done it any quicker, that’s when you really get a feel for the level they are on.

After some fun at the gym with snatches and overhead squats Carole, Faye and I headed for some food before it was time for us to donate blood. I’ve never in my life donated blood before. It’s something I’ve thought about doing but for some reason never really managed to go and actually do. Now when I think about it having done it, I don’t really feel there’s been a good enough reason for me not doing it.

Faye organised us all and booked us in, thank you Faye for doing that! I had no idea of how it was all going to work but just tagged along with Faye, Carole and Carole’s other half Fraser who had all donated blood before. I would probably recommend going with someone, it made it all a lot less scary! We got there eventually through the snowstorm and the room was massive. Usually the blood donation centre is not open on a Sunday but right now there’s a massive shortage of blood in Scotland, so bad that they had it open extra during Sunday to allow people to book in and donate.

All the nurses there were lovely and so welcoming. Some of the nicest people I’ve met and what they’re doing is amazing. I was last out of our group to donate and I got a form to fill out where I had to answer loads of health related questions to ensure I would be okay to donate. They also tried my iron levels in my blood before they took any.

Remember if you’re donating blood to eat before and drink loads of water! A lovely nurse then came and took me to my big comfy seat where I got strapped up. I was starting to get a little nervous. I’m not really sure why. I guess it was because I’d never taken so much blood before and the idea of the needle going in my arm wasn’t the most pleasant idea but I took deep breaths and in the needle went. The nurse said if I feel at all light headed or dizzy to let her know. Faye so nicely kept me company and chatted away to keep me entertained whilst I sat there to not think about the blood. I looked over at one point at the machine and you could see how the blood was slowly filling up. I thought it would gross me out but it didn’t.

It took about seven minutes for me to get the amount of blood they wanted. It seems quite a lot when you look at the packet of it in the end but imagine how many people this could help! It’ incredible. Afterwards I did feel a little deflated and a little bit lightheaded, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Faye on the other hand said she felt totally fine afterwards. The lovely nurse then insisted on carrying my stuff over to the little tea and coffee area where the Carole and Fraser were sitting to make sure I was okay and the second I sat down another lovely nurse asked if I wanted any drinks or biscuits or anything. I couldn’t get over how lovely they all were. We sat there for a little while and then we left.

The rest of the afternoon I felt a little bit tired but I perked up towards the evening again and today I feel fine again. I drank lots of water and had lots of food to help my body recover. At the end of the day none of that matters. What really matters is that as Faye said “We literally saved lives”, donating blood saves lives. You could make the difference between life or death. When you think about it like that, it makes the decision so easy. It was a truly eye opening experience and since I uploaded about it on Instagram yesterday I’ve had people messaging me who’s had blood transfusions saying how grateful they are to people who donate. When you hear it from people you know it really touches you. So guys if you can please try and make it along, if not in Scotland or the UK, look up where your donation centres are in your country.

The Glasgow Blood Donor Centre is on Nelson Mandela Place right in the middle of City Centre off Buchanan Street so you could stop by anytime you’re in town. You can book in your time slot here. In a couple of weeks I’ll be receiving my donor card where I’ll also find out my blood type. I don’t actually know what it is so that’s a nice little bonus!

Have a lovely day my dears, M xxx

I’ll be back

Hello lovelies! I feel a bit like Kilo under his blanket today. Not in the best mood and not in the right headspace to write anything of value. I’m so sorry!

I went to the gym this morning and feel a bit better but still not great. I’m seeing my sister this afternoon, we’re going to the cinema to watch Greatest Showman, yes I’m watching it again. I feel like we both need to watch something nice and uplifting. Really looking forward to it.

Thanks for always coming in here and reading. I’ll be back soon, hopefully with new energy and positive vibes.

Love, M xxxx


Hannah led an incredible yoga class

We then had to sit and think about our goals for 2018, then write them down.

So proud of this one!

Hello lovelies! I was not having good day at all yesterday. Lots of things going on. However, I decided that there was no point sitting at home feeling life is crap and feeling sorry for myself. Not very productive and usually I just need to get myself out of the situation to feel a bit better. Therefore, I still managed to come along to lululemon Glasgow’s 18 in 18 event together with my friend Hannah. It took a lot of strength and effort but I got there.

Hannah and I met through lululemon’s events and she’s become a good friend of mine. I remember when she told me she one day was going to host a lululemon event herself and there she was yesterday, leading one of their biggest events of the year. I was so proud and sat front row of the class. Her yoga class was amazing and moving my body and switching off from my life for a couple of hours made me feel so much better. I think my body appreciated getting some stretching in as well after all the training I’ve been doing.

After the yoga class Hannah had a great talk about mindfulness and being more mindful in our lives and how we set goals more mindfully. She smashed it. I was so proud of her. We then got a chance to write down our own goals for 2018. We also had to share one of our scariest goals with strangers we’ve never spoken to before and it was scary but amazing telling someone your goal and the response was so positive and encouraging. It was great seeing Hannah as I hadn’t seen her since before Christmas and I’m so glad I got myself together enough to go. It was just what I needed to get out of my headspace at the time.

I left feeling so much better. Thank you Hannah and lululemon for hosting a great event! I’m hoping to start ticking off some of my goals on my list very soon.

M xxx