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SFFC update

Happiness after the final WOD was completed (then we decided to redo it the next day 😛 )

Hi lovelies! I’ve completely forgotten to give you an SFFC update. SFFC is a Crossfit competition down in Ayr. This competition is for a team of three and I was super happy when Faye and Lauren asked me to be the third person on their team. When we first signed up our team Peanut Butter Jelly Legs we had about a month to do the three WODS and of course we left it for the last week to do all of them haha.

Time just ran away and then we were on the final week and the score had to be submitted on the Saturday. So we pretty much lived in G5 trying to complete these workouts. We had a great time together but some of the workouts were tough. The added pressure of doing some of the movements synchronised with the other team mates added an interesting touch to say the least!

On the Thursday we did what we thought was the final contribution to this competition. We had completed WOD 3 but when we finished we were left the feeling that we could’ve executed it better. We had done a couple of mess ups which could’ve been avoided and wasted time. We had planned going for dinner to celebrate us completing the qualifiers and everything but by the time we reached CCA where we were eating, we had already decided to redo the final WOD the next day.

So on the Friday we came in before the Friday evening class to do the workout again. Faye’s mum was so nice to come in and help count. We managed to do the entire workout about 35 seconds quicker which felt loads better.

Last weekend we were waiting to hear whether we went through to the final or not but unfortunately for us, it was not our time. Despite that we didn’t go through, I’m still so happy we tried and there are always new competitions coming up so I just have to keep on trying! I like how I have something to work towards and whether I go through to a final or not it doesn’t really matter. One day this hard work might result in me qualifying. For now I’m enjoying the journey.

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Forth Valley Throwdown WOD 3

The assault bike felt surprisingly easy to the rest of the WOD…

The final push on the Ski erg

I don’t know how much Kirsty and I laughed at this photo of Stella screaming behind her haha

With the best coach, we couldn’t have done it without Stella’s shouting

Kilo and I watching Stella do her WOD. She was incredible!

What a team!

A week ago yesterday I did one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I competed in a Crossfit competition. Still when I speak about to people it feels a bit surreal. Did that actually happen? Oh yes it did. Absolutely crazy.

So it’s time to speak about the final WOD. Competing is tough, not only doing the actual physical competing but also the waiting. After each WOD you need to mentally reload and be ready to go again in a coupe of hours. It’s not easy. When it was only WOD 3 left to I started to feel a bit tired. WOD 2 was quite long so the wait in between was very long. It’s tough to stay in the zone. I tried to refuel with some energy bars and salted almonds for energy. I didn’t want to eat too much (that could end so badly haha) but at the same time you don’t want to run out of energy during the workout.

I wasn’t too excited when it was finally our turn for our heat. I was tired from all the nerves and training. The WOD was: 25 cal assault bike, 40 ab mat sit ups, 25 cal row, 40 alternating dumbell snatches, 20 burpee box jumps and 25 cal ski erg. A WOD Kirsty and I thought we could do quite well in. It’s the kind of workouts we would do at G5 (minus the ski erg as we don’t have one). Before this WOD Kirsty and I had only ever tried a ski erg once before in our lives so we weren’t quite sure what to expect with that.

Kirsty started on the assault bike so she got set up. As soon as the guy said go I did not have to worry about having much energy left, the adrenaline came rushing back as if someone had pushed a button. I was back in the zone. The assault bike was surprisingly one of the easier parts of the workout (something I never thought I would say…). The ab mat sit ups felt alright and up until the dumbell snatches we were keeping up with the other teams. I’m not the fastest at dumbell snatches and because of the pace we were all going at we got tired quite quickly.

I couldn’t hear anyone really but looking at videos from Jamie and the G5 crew, people were screaming like crazy. At one point I heard Stella scream “Hips Maddie” on my snatches. That lady’s voice stands out in a crowd haha. Apparently she was following us along the lane on the side shouting at us. I only heard her at times. At the burpee box jumps we both were knackered and poor Kirsty felt slightly nauseous so I took did an extra burpee for her.

Then it was time for the ski erg. I was a bit worried about this part since I did still have a sore back and didn’t want to make it worse. In between the WODs I was convinced I wouldn’t be abel to the ski erg because moving my back like that made me so sore. However, I couldn’t feel my back at all haha. Stubborn Maddie was in action and I refused to give up. So there Kirsty and I were taking turns, giving it our all. Stella was standing close behind screaming at us to not stop. When I had done the final 5 calories it felt amazing. I could taste blood in my mouth. It had been so intense. Wow I thought, I have just completed my first competition. It felt crazy. A year ago if someone said I would be competing in crossfit I would have told them they were mad.

Jamie then had to leave to get ready for work back in Glasgow. I was so happy he had been there for support. I feel so much calmer when he is around. We then cheered on KJ and Julie as well as Stella in their heats. They were amazing. Stella was absolutely insane in her heat, her partner got loads of no reps on her muscle ups so Stella had to basically do all 40 of them. It was amazing to watch her smash them out.

It was then time for the prize ceremony. Kirsty and I came last in our category but it didn’t bother us what so ever. We both felt winners. I’ve never been prouder in my life. It’s crazy how good training and exercise makes you feel. When I was there I felt so amazing and I felt so happy with myself. I’m very hard on myself a lot of the time and am not very good at acknowledging when I’ve accomplished something. I usually just think I should be better and could be better but this day I didn’t feel that at all. I felt more accomplished than a lot of times I got a good grade at university. I love pushing myself and seeing what my body can achieve. It doesn’t cease to amaze me.

Forth Valley Throwdown was such a great experience. I’m now more motivated than ever to become stronger and better so I have an even better chance at the next competition. If you’re struggling for workout motivation, I’d really recommend you entering competition whether it’s a 5k race or a Crossfit competition. Even though you aren’t in it to win, it still pushes you to train harder.

The day was finished off at West on the Corner in Glasgow with the remainders of the G5 squad who were hungry. It was hands down one of the best days ever.

M xxx


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Forth Valley Throwdown WOD 1

Just arrived in the athletes area at Crossfit Forth Valley

Athlete briefing

Going through the movement standards

Just after WOD 1, the look of relief. I barley remember taking this photo haha. Oh the nerves.

On Saturday morning I woke up before the alarm went. I felt wide awake and the nerves kicked in the moment I opened my eyes and realised what day it was. I had my big bowl of porridge and packed my final bits (will write a post on what I packed to bring with me for the competition, it was a bit out of hand, felt like I was moving in).

Kirsty picked me up just after seven and off to Stirling we went. We could not stop talking about the WODs. We were so nervous and the closer we got the more I was thinking, what on earth am I doing? When we parked up just by the box we looked at each other and said, right let’s just go home haha. Obviously a joke but with the slightest little bit of truth. We got our stuff together and headed in. The athlete briefing was said to start at 8am.

We went in to the Crossfit Firth Valley box, signed in and then headed in to get our competition vests. We must’ve looked like lost little lambs because eventually a guy came up to us and asked if we knew where we were going and showed us the way to the athletes area where we could leave our things and warm up in during the day between the WODs. We sat there for awhile  until the organisers came in to chat us about some general information for the day and then go through the movement standards for the competition. After that was done we went back to the athletes area to get ready for our WOD. We were in the first heat for the scaled division, so first ones out. Something we were very happy about! We just wanted to get out and have it over and done with.

Meanwhile when this was all happening Jamie was on a train up to Stirling for support. I was over the moon he was going to be there. He’s always my calm. Having him there meant the world to me. However, I got a text whilst waiting to start saying he and several others managed to get on the wrong train and ended up having to get off in the middle of nowhere to swap trains. So unfortunately he missed the first WOD, which was a bit of a shame but it was out of his hands.

Waiting to start I wasn’t sure whether I was going to burst into tears or not. The nerves were insane. We eventually were asked to go out on the floor to get ready. We were happy to see that we were sort of in a corner where not everyone could see us haha. Kirsty even managed to hide slightly behind a pillar. It was so funny. We met our judge for the day called Pauline and she was amazing. So lovely, calm and she was extremely supportive the entire day, cheering us on. We tried out the weight on the bar a couple of times before it was time to get started.

From the moment the guy said go I can pretty much not remember what happened. It’s all a blur. I completely blanked. It all went by so quickly and I panicked slightly and messed up on a couple of reps and I had to redo them. Not the end of the world but in my panic I stood and apologised loads to Pauline after I was finished and it was Kirsty’s turn. No idea why and now when I think about it, I only really let Kirsty and myself down by messing up haha. I was slightly devastated that I screwed up on squat cleans which is really something I know quite well. So annoying. Apparently Kirsty and Pauline were both screaming at me to stop and do squat cleans and not power cleans. I could not hear them what so ever even though they were right next to me. Panic mode indeed.

At the end we went up the the incredible G5 cheer crew and I told them my about my disappointment and apologised to Kirsty but they all said it was fine. It was my first competition after all. I think I was just being too hard on myself but it was frustrating because I knew I could do way better.

It was a major relief getting the first WOD out of the way. After that I felt the nerves calming down a bit and that I could relax. Whilst watching the rest of the heats Jamie arrived. I was so happy to see him. I told him about my frustration with the first WOD and he made me feel so much better. He was a star the entire day watching all the heats (it’s a long day!) and he even started learning all the terms. It seemed like he enjoyed it quite a bit. I love that we can share what we love with each other, even though we have such different interests.

Kirsty and I then had about two hours until our next WOD so we chilled about. Refuelled and hung out with everyone until it was time to go to the back to prepare for WOD 2. The round we’d been dreading the most.

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Dare to say yes

Honoured to be surrounded by incredible strong ladies like these every time I set foot in G5. What an inspiration to see them compete.

Hi my dears! This time yesterday I was the most nervous I think I’ve ever been in my life. I was in Stirling at Crossfit Forth Valley doing Forth Valley Throwdown with Kirsty from my gym. I’ve been keeping quiet about it on here because to be honest, I was absolutely terrified.

I can’t believe it’s now over and I woke up today still absolutely buzzing from the nerves and excitement from yesterday. It was one of the best days of my life. I’ve never felt more sore in my life as I do today, stiff as an old lady but I don’t even care! The pain was worth it all. I feel absolutely honoured and so grateful to have been given this chance to compete and to represent team G5. I’m still getting all emotional when I think about it all, I’m so proud of myself. That I dared to take that leap, dared to say yes.

Last week I got a phone call from Kirsty asking if I wanted to fill in for her partner as she no longer was able to do it. I felt bad for them because I knew how hard they had worked together. I was in shock when she asked. Old Maddie would probably leaned more towards a no but if it’s one thing I’ve learnt this past year is you will regret more the things you say no to than the things you say yes to. So after a little bit of thought I said yes. The second I said yes I felt a lump in my stomach, oh my god! What have I just said yes to? I’ve only ever seen one Crossfit competition in my life last year working for lululemon and now I’m going to do one myself. I must be crazy. I am crazy.

Another little detail was Kirsty was just on her way to the airport to go on holiday for a week meaning we would barely have anytime to practice any of the WODs together before the actual day. Just to make things a bit more interesting. The planner that I am did not like this at all, just going with the flow and living in the unknown of what to expect but it was great for me to do it. You need to get out of your comfort zone once in a while.

Faye was nice enough to go through a WOD last Sunday with me and after that I felt a bit better but oh god the nerves I’ve had to live with the past week have been ridiculous. I’ve had trouble getting to sleep. I tried to not think about it at all, just pretending it wasn’t happening because I felt slightly panicky as soon as I did. Denial isn’t good but in this instant I think it helped haha.

Finally on Wednesday we got to meet up at the gym to run through the workouts and have a chat about tactics. That’s why I couldn’t go to lululemon’s yoga even in George Square but we just really needed to get our heads together on what we were actually doing. After running it all through, we felt a lot better about WOD 1 and WOD 3, they were more about speed than how much you can lift.

WOD 2 on the other hand was getting your 3RM front squat from the ground in 8 minutes. Kirsty is very strong on her front squats but it’s the cleaning it from the ground which was stopping her from getting those heavy squats in. I’m stronger on the clean than the squatting so if we would have combined the two of us that would’ve been great! Unfortunately this is not physically possible so instead we just had to work with what we could. In our practice runs we were struggling with 50kg so we were convinced this would be all we would be able to lift and in that case we would just have stand there for the rest of the 8 minutes and stare. We were okay with this, we both knew we would have to work a lot harder in the other two WODs.

I thought I would break up my experience into smaller posts because otherwise this would be a very long post. I can’t believe I’m sitting and writing this now having my first competition under my belt. This time yesterday we had just come out of our first WOD. I’ll tell you more about how that went in another post.

I hope through me sharing my experience it might inspire you to do something you’ve been wanting to try but might not have dared to do before. Take that leap of faith. What is the worst thing that could happen? I truly feel on top of the world right now because of it and wish more than anything for more people to feel this way. Please promise you’ll do it, that thing you’re just a bit too scared to try. Doesn’t matter if it’s signing up for that new gym, that new class or entering a race or a competition. Do it! You won’t regret it.

Now it’s time to enjoy my Sunday off before work tomorrow. My Kajsa is FINALLY back from Sweden and today it’s her birthday so we’re all going out for a birthday lunch later on today. Can’t wait to see her and give her the biggest hug ever. I’ve missed her so much. She’s only here for a week until she’s away to Argentina for the summer to be an au pair so really have to make the most of her being her before she leaves.

I’ll speak to you later my lovelies,

M xxx