The revealing of the final workout

The crew

Here it is!
We were clearly loving life

Done done done!

Prize time
Our boys came third!

Exhausted but so happy after an amazing comp day!

It’s been a long time coming but here we are, the final post about the final workout of the partner comp! At this point we were all pretty knackered after a long day of competing but we had one event left to go. We were intrigued to find out what we were going to do and dreading it slightly. We got gathered in front of the rigs and Tristan announced the final workout. Luckily no crazy movements like muscle ups, all doable but very shouldery, which is not my strongest part of my body! I knew it was going to burn.

One thing I was excited for were the pistol squats, I really like them and I thought Mich and I would be able to fire through them fairy quickly at the end and be able to get a decent amount of points in. We decided since Mich is stronger on the overhead movements she would do a couple of extra reps on the shoulder to overhead.

We got through the shoulder to overheads, where we struggled a bit more was the synchronised kettlebell swings. We kept on getting out of synch and getting no repped due to fatigue. We eventually finished them off and went on to the pistol squats. We decided to do tens and just pushed through. At one point my legs felt very wobbly and I got no repped because I needed to put my other foot down. Little things that happen, you shake it off and give it another go. I think we got to just under 100 reps and when the timer beeped for the last time, we left the floor feeling like we’d given it our all. The body was feeling pretty wrecked but wow, that feeling of happiness you have after finishing a comp is unlike any other feeling. Loads of emotions and genuine good vibes running through you. You feel so accomplished having pushed through all of that.

When you add up all the total time you’ve actually trained in a comp day, it may not seem as much. It’s a lot of waiting around and the workouts normally only last for about 10 minutes or so but the entent you push yourself to during that time is more than you’d ever do on a normal training day. The doms you get the next day and how tired you feel proves once again that it’s not about how long you train for, it’s how hard you train for during the time.

Once the final was done and dusted it was time for the prize ceremony where we found at that our boys Matty and Tim had taken third place. We were so unbelievably happy for them! What a great job they’d done. After the ceremony the girls and I decided to go for dinner somewhere because we were starving! We ended up at Sister of Soul in St Kilda, a fantastic way to end our day of competing.


Warm up!

Time to lift

Getting my PB!!

Part 2 of the event
 It was time for Mich’s and my heat! I was actually quite looking forward to this workout. 4 minutes to build up to a rep max snatch and then when the time ran out the next part of the workout started which was: 700m row, 45 wall balls, 450 m row, 25 wall balls, 250m row and 70 wall balls.

At the café between our workouts Mich and I were speaking to Pete about how to to best divide it up. We knew Mich was going to do the majority of the row because she’s a better rower than me and I’m a stronger wall baller. The goal was to do as few swaps between us as possible.

I was going to start and do about 300m on the rower. Then Pete suggested I would do all of the 45 wall balls. Mich and I were originally going to break them up. I don’t think I’ve ever done that many wall balls unbroken before. I said I’d give it my best go and we did have a plan b if I felt like I couldn’t do all the wall balls. Then Mich would do the full 450 row in that case, I’d do the 25 wall balls, then she’d row again and then I’d do as many wall balls as I could. Then Mich would jump in and do 10 or 15 of them and I’d finish them off.

The one rep max snatch I wasn’t too nervous about. I knew there wasn’t going to be any massive lifts but I was excited to see where the comp nerves and adrenaline would push me. In the warm up area I  managed to PB my snatch already when I put on about 45kg. I was in shock 40kg for me has been a struggle for I don’t even know how long and I was 5kg over that. Together with Pete we decided I would start at that weight and then aim for a heavier snatch during the event.

Mich and I got onto the competition floor. We set up our starting weight on the barbell. I stood there, waiting for the timer to beep. Then it was time to lift. I got set up and went for it. I caught it and I was so happy. Mich went afterwards and smashed hers too. Pete took me aside to coach me on my technique and told Mich to go again at a heavier weight. I was so appreciative of the feedback. I then attempted my heaviest snatch yet, 48kg. A weight I couldn’t even dream of trying before and there it was right in front of me. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go at all. I took a deep breath, gave my arms a shake, set myself up and lifted. The feeling when I caught the snatch and stood it up was indescribable. I was incredibly happy. Mich then went on and snatched 50kg, which was insanely good! We then got ready for part two of the event.

I got on the rower, it was time to see whether my wall balls would hold up or not. I had no idea and was just hoping for the best. The timer beeped and off I went. The row went by very quickly. I got off and Mich threw herself on. In the mean time I had time to catch my breath. The metres ticked down and then I ran up to the wall and started. This is when you just need to zone out. It’s great went the judge counts the reps out loud for you but when you’re only at about 17 out of 45 wall balls, it can get to your head. How on earth are you meant to hold on for that long? You reach a stage in the middle somewhere where you don’t think you can do anymore but somehow you push through, keep going and eventually you don’t feel that worse pain as much. I managed to get through all 45 of them unbroken and I was over the moon. Mich then smashed the rower and I then went back on the wall balls. 25 felt considerably more manageable than the previous lot.

Mich then did her final row, she did so well and then I started chipping through the last but biggest chunk of wall balls. My arms at this point felt like they were going to fall off. I stopped somewhere halfway and Mich stepped in and did some reps before I then got the ball back and pushed through the final ones. I think I got to about three reps left or something and I dropped the ball. I just couldn’t do anymore. I left it for a second or to then picked it up and finished them off. Wow, the pain was real but I was thrilled we had finished and we stuck to our game plan. I then walked over to collapse outside the competition floor. I was dead.

What an event! It was probably my favourite of the day and if I remember correctly. I think it was the one we did the best in as well. Now we had done all the workouts we knew about in advance. The fianl was next and we had no idea what to expect. I was just hoping they weren’t going to sneak in muscle ups or something. I was excited to see what they had up their sleeve.

Crossfit 2018 Partner Comp // Part 2

Now this is what I call a great angle hahahaha

And a little double chin hahaha


Our first heat was drawing closer and I was getting more and more nervous! We watched some of our other teams compete and they did so well. Then it was time, time to get this thruster workout out of the way. Our heat was called up so we headed over to our lane. I was getting excited. We got set up. I was starting and then Mich was doing the second part. The clock was set on the 10 second countdown and then off we went. Those final beeps for the final three seconds are intense!

The workout had a time cap of 12 minutes. It was divided into two parts and you decided who does the first or second part. My part was 21 dumbbell thrusters at 15kg and 15 toes to bar for two rounds. Then Mich’s part was 21 dumbbell thruster with the same weight and 15 chest to bars for two rounds.

Funnily enough, I was more nervous about the dumbbell thrusters than the toes to bars. It was kind of a big deal even entering a competition with toes to bars in them because a few months ago I couldn’t even string them together. Yet, the thrusters for some reason psyched me out more.

It’s fascinating what a difference competition nerves and adrenaline does because the thrusters didn’t feel as bad as I remembered them. Then again, it’s very different doing them under pressure. My tactic was to break them up into 3 lots of 7s. It’s very easy for me to get carried away sometimes at the beginning of a workout and go too hard because the movement feels easy but this time I was sticking to my plan and forced myself to put the dumbbells down. Stubborn Maddie did come out but I convinced her now was not the time to push through and die at the end. Better to be consistent with little breaks.

The second round was where the thrusters got tough. It all happened very fast but I think I ended up putting down the dumbbells another time before I did my final three or four reps. The toes to bar were a struggle! Then someone from our Red Bluff squad shouted, do singles! So instead of being stubborn once again by trying to get several reps in one go I did singles. Thanks for the reminder whoever that was! When you’re stuck there in your struggle bubble it’s great to have someone watching you yell out with other solutions to the task at hand. I eventually finished my thrusters and then it was Mich’s turn.

I was lying on the floor for the first part of her thrusters but I did see her absolutely smash it. Her tactic on the chest to bars, because it is such a taxing movement was to do singles but she managed a couple of sets unbroken which was amazing to see. Towards her final round of chest to bars I could see she was struggling, the same way I had struggled with my toes to bar. All we wanted was to finish within the time cap. With about 40 seconds left on the clock Mich still had a couple of reps to go and she finished them with a few seconds to spare. What a lady! We were thrilled to have finished that workout. I was relieved and felt like we only had the good ones left. Well, we didn’t know what the final would be but then again, what we didn’t know we couldn’t really worry about. There was not much you could prepare for and we were all in the same boat.

Around this time our coach Pete showed up to support us. It was so great to have him there to discuss tactics and to have his support. He suggested we all found a café nearby to leave the competition and chill out for a bit. It gets very overwhelming competing and spectating all day, it takes it out of you. Our coach Ads something really interesting to us during his pep talk the day before and it was about the most exhausting roles you can have during a comp day:
1. Run the event
2. Judge
3. Spectate
4. Compete

His advice was don’t take on more roles than you need to because they’re all exhausting. So don’t compete and spectate. I had never really thought of it that way before but I knew what he meant. I was dead watching Faye compete at Rainhill and I said to her it almost had felt as though I’d competed too haha.

Mim and Em were in a different and earlier heat from the rest of us and decided to stay at the gym whilst we all headed off to a café nearby. I felt really bad us all leaving them but we went anyway because we needed some space.

We got to the café and chilled for a bit. Some of us had coffees and some food. I was just sitting there and chilling. We were there for 20 minutes or so but then I really felt that I wanted to support Em and Mim. They’re some of our closest friends and I wanted to be there to cheer them on during their heat. So Mich’s boyfriend Kyle very kindly drove Mich, Perry and myself back so we could be there little cheer squad. We knew they had Pete there but it does make a difference having a little support crew when you’re out there on the floor.

Back at the competition PC had arrived, that was a pleasant surprise! Very sneaky of him considering he said he wasn’t going to come when I’d asked him the day before. We all sat down next to Mim’s and Em’s lane. The girls did so well! We were so proud of them.

Crossfit 2018 Partner Comp // Part 1

On our way to Altona!

The squad are incoming

Athlete briefing

Done with our deadlift workout
It’s been a long time coming but here it goes. Let’s chat about last week’s competition. This week has ben quite hectic but now’s the time!

So, the Crossfit 3018 Partner Comp. Leading up to it I was actually not that nervous. I remember my first beginners comp last year in Stirling I was terrified. I had never really experienced a competitive environment in that way before and I felt like a fish out of water. I absolutely loved it once I was in it, even though I was panicking and did the wrong movements for a couple of reps haha. I completely blanked. We came last in every workout but we had a blast my partner Kirsty and I.

Then earlier this year I did my first individual comp at Rainhill. Again I was terrified. It was a scary thought facing all the madness alone. At least when you’re in a pair you’re in it together. This time it was only me. I was dying the weeks before and the nerves just got worse and worse. Once I was there and the first workout started I felt so much better and I loved every moment of it but I remember just before how nervous I was. Therefore, I was a bit confused when I felt pretty chilled leading up to this comp.

It was only really the day before when our coach Adam sat us down to give us a few pointers when I realised we were actually doing it. I guess up until that point I’d avoided thinking about it too much. It was my first intermediate competition after all and I didn’t expect any wonders on the leaderboard. We were going to do our absolute best but we had no idea how it would go. We just wanted to do it for and fun see how it would go. There were movements in the workouts both Mich and I have struggles with. I guess with not having an expectation of where we should place we immediately relieved some pressure you could put on yourself and gave room to focus on just getting through the workouts the best way possible.

The day of the comp had an early start. We got up around five to have breakfast and get ready. We had spent the night before packing our bags and prepping food for the day so that was all good to go. Around 6.20am Mich and Em swung by Mim’s and my place to pick us up and off we went to Altona. It was a pretty gloomy day and in the car ride I was starting to feel the butterflies in my stomach. It had been a while since I got those comp butterflies and a little small voice in my head was thinking, why are we doing this to ourselves?! I knew it was going to be so much fun, but one of the workouts was really playing on my head. We had tried it after a class in the gym once (silly really to try and do it properly after having done a one hour class first, of course it wasn’t going to be my best attempt) and it hadn’t gone very well. I died. The movement which killed me was the 15 kg dumbbell thrusters and I knew it was going to hurt.

We had a great little road trip over to Altona, just across the bridge in the Western part of Melbourne. That was an experience going over the bridge, haha. The furthest West I’ve been so far! After getting lost the final bit of the journey we made eventually it to the box just in time for registration. We went straight to Athlete registration area to get signed in and pick up our comp tops. Then we joined forces with the guys from the gym who had already arrived. The entire CFRB (Crossfit Red Bluff) comp team were there and ready to go. The box was really nice!

The anticipation of starting a comp day I think is the worst. You just want to get started! I did so many nervous pees I lost count even before the athlete briefing. Then the time came and it was time to get started. The owner of Crossfit 3018 Tristan (awesome guy!) welcomed us all to the comp and we went through how the day would run and the movement standards. The final thing announced was the surprise for the intermediate heats, everyone was going to be in the final. So we had a surprise round waiting to finish the day off. Intriguing! I was just praying it wouldn’t be muscle ups or handstand walking haha. I cannot do one to save my life. It probably wouldn’t be considering it was an intermediate competition but you never know.

Once the briefing was done we were told we had to sign up for a time slot to do one of the workouts, the deadlift one. 40 synchronised deadlifts at 70kg for girls and the remaining time calories on the bike, you had four minutes to do it. Mich and I were quite late to sign up and ended up being the first ones to do it. Not what we were hoping for but at least we would get a workout out of the way straight away. I was not nervous for this one as I love deadlifts!! It’s my best movement and I love heavy deadlifts. Mich has been working so hard on her deadlifts and I knew this was a workout that had been playing on her mind. She did so well and we got through the deadlifts in the time cap, she fought hard! I was so insanely proud of her. And then for the remaining time I got on the assault bike and tried to cram as many calories in as possible in the 25 seconds we had left. I think I got about 11, which isn’t too bad.

One thing that messed us up on the deadlift workout was the movement standard and what was considered a rep. During the briefing we were told as long as you met at the top of the lift it didn’t matter how fast or slow the rest of the movement was, however when the judge was counting our reps she no repped us for a couple of them even though according to the standards we should’ve gotten the reps. In hindsight we should’ve gone through the movements with the judge beforehand to make sure we were on the same page. This is what I did at Rainhill and I forgot about it this time around. I definitely won’t next time! You always learn something. Either way, we were happy we had completed the workout and then went to get prepared for our first heat.

Funnily enough, we were put in a heat with all guys. That was a first, not very common I think. So Mich and I were in the same heat as Perry and Sean and Tim and Matty from our gym. Mich and I said to each other we could just pretend it was like any other workout back at our gym. It was a bit of a shame because it would’ve been fun to see the guys compete but it was also fun to be in it together.

I think I’ll round this post off now because it’s getting quite long! To be continued.

M xxx