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Pushed to my limit

Hi lovelies! Hope you’ve had an amazing start to your week. I had a very productive day yesterday at work. We had a new girl has started part time at work too, which is fun. The team is slowly expanding! We had a fun meeting Nicola and I and I feel like we’re getting more and more structure everyday to how we’re doing everything. Part of being involved in a start-up is trying to get all processes in place. It’s really fun to feel like you’re part of shaping something that could be really big one day.

After work it was time for a class at G5. It was definitely not my day workout wise. I think I might’ve not eaten enough during the day because I felt zero energy. The worst was the final WOD when we did 15 minutes on the assault bike between two people.

It was the first time I thought I might burst into tears from fatigue. It was so weird, I’ve never felt that before. We had to take turns doing 10 calories each then 15 and then 20. This was not only a physically challenging workout but also mentally. How determined are you to keep on going? You need to be so focused and disciplined on yourself. It’s so easy to give up whilst to keep on going on you need to have a willpower of steel.

At one point I wanted to keep on going but it felt like my legs wouldn’t listen. The moment the 15 minutes were up I collapsed on the floor. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be sick or not. It felt very close but luckily it went away eventually. I think I laid there on the floor for like 5 minutes not moving. My body had no idea what had just happened to it.

With the WODs out of the way it was time to practise for SFFC (another crossfit competition), I’ve entered it with Faye and Lauren from the gym. Faye asked me if I wanted to do it and I figured might as well since I’ve already done one. We have to do three WODs and we did some stuff today for the first one. It looks really tough. The final exercise before finishing is 15 clean and jerks at 47.5 kg. Very intense! I had not the motivation after the workout to do any clean and jerks. This affected my practice so much, I didn’t believe I could get the bar over my head and therefore I didn’t. You really need to believe you can do it and go all in, otherwise that bar won’t go anywhere.

It’s okay though, everyone has bad training days and yesterday evening was definitely mine. So I went home, made sure to eat loads for dinner and chilled. No point getting worked up about my crappy gym session. Today is a new day and I’m leaving that behind me.

Have a lovely day!

M xx

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Forth Valley Throwdown is over

Hi my dears! Since I was a bad blogger yesterday and didn’t mange to get a post up I’m now getting two posts up today.

In the evening yesterday it was time to do the final FVTD qualifier. After two rounds of qualifiers Lindsey I are consistent and are holding tight to our position on the leaderboard, yes we’re still 26th. I think that’s quite impressive 😛 I’m glad we redid our WOD last week so we had a better score to submit otherwise we would’ve gone further down on the board.

This week we only had yesterday to do the WOD so it was then or never basically. I wasn’t feeling to excited about this WOD, 150 synchronised wall balls with a 6kg with your partner and if you dropped the ball or wanted rest you first had to do 20 single unders or double unders (jump ropes). There was no time cap so you just suffer though it until you were done 😛

We were three teams doing the WOD and Lindsey and I were the first to go. At first it felt a bit silly because we were going for a way lower target than we usually do. However, after the first thirty you started to get very tired. We pushed through but staying in sync was tough and the single unders got tougher as your body started getting tired. We push through and we were very happy with our time in the end (and to just had it over and done with). I really wouldn’t want to redo that WOD haha. One time is enough and Lindsey and I both know we are not going to the final anyway so it’s all good. Okay, the stubborn person in me would probably want to do it again if we had more time (let’s be honest) but we don’t this week.

So now we’ve done our part and I’m looking forward to next week when they’re releasing the final scores. Even though we’re not going through to the final I’ll try my best to go and watch it if any of the other teams go through from our gym. It’s always a good time!

I’m so happy I signed up for this competition. I’ve learnt so much about myself and what I’m capable of. You really have to dig deep to do those extra reps or save those extra seconds. Every rep and every second counts on the leaderboard. I’ve also made an incredible friend, Lindsey. Someone who without this gym I would’ve never met. She’s a true superwoman, full time job, two kids and is an absolute machine in the gym. I hope I’ll be like her the day I have to juggle kids, work and training. We’ve had so much fun together. I love how at G5 your age or what you do doesn’t matter. We’re all just people there to push for our goals.

Now when I’ve gotten my first qualifiers out of the way I’m slightly tempted to do another one. We’ll see when the time’s right next. If you’re considering signing up for a competition I would say just do it. You have nothing to loose and so much to gain. At the end of the day, it’s to push yourself. Don’t worry about failing, think of how much you’ll grow for doing something that intimidates or scares you. You’ll miss out on so much more if you don’t try.

This morning I got up at quarter past five to get to the 6am at G5. I’ve never been up to train that early before. I’m a morning person but that just felt too early when I woke up. I know it’s just a matter of getting used to it. I used to hate getting up before seven and now I don’t mind it at all.

Anyway, I managed to get out of bed and Lindsey was a star and picked me up on her way since the underground doesn’t go that early in the morning. It felt amazing being up so early and training. Especially now when it’s so bright outside at that time. To our horror, part of the warm up was wall balls. We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry haha. Luckily it was nowhere near of 150! The workout was great and I got back home just after 7am to have my big breakfast. You feel so good about yourself when you’ve had an early start and gotten your workout out of the way so I’ll probably start going to the earlier classes a bit more since Lindsey has said she can give me a lift.

Now it’s soon time to head over to O2 ABC to see Gavin Degraw live with Jamie!! It was part of his birthday present from me. We both love his songs so when I saw that he was coming I knew I had to get us tickets. I’ve seen him once before live back home in Stockholm and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. This is his acoustic tour and I think it’s going to be magical.

Speak soon my lovelies!

M xxx

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Block run with a 5kg vest on, sweaty!

Hi!  So today was the day, it was time to wrap up the second Forth Valley Throwdown WOD.

We were really happy with our last time we got but thought we would give it another go and change up our strategy. We split the reps up so we did fewer at a time so you got small sections of rest in between. We had no idea how this was going to go when we started but it worked in our favour! We reduced our time by 1.5 minutes and we were over the moon. Those final 50kg cleans were a killer but I got through them and Lindsey smashed it on the burpees. What a team! Now we just need to submit our score and then wait until tomorrow for the last WOD of the qualifier to be released.

After finishing our WOD Kirsty said she wanted to do a block run and asked if I wanted to join, I said yes. What I apparently missed was that she wanted to try out the 5kg vests Stella brought in yesterday, whoops. I didn’t let it intimidate me though, I’m always up for trying new stuff so on it went. You felt a bit like Lara Croft in it or some kind of agent 😛 It felt a bit weird and the run definitely felt more strenuous. It was fun to try out!

For the rest of the day I’m getting some work done and tonight I’m of course watching the second Eurovision semi final. Us Swedes love Eurovision, yes a lot of the songs are bad but it’s just part of its charm, it wouldn’t be the same otherwise. On Saturday Kajsa is coming over to watch the final. We’ve been planning food and snacks, this is serious business. Of course we’re cheering for Sweden because we have to but I thought Moldova’s song was quite catchy with the saxophone (for being a Eurovision song).

I know, you’re probably laughing at us but it’s such a good event and good excuse for a chilled evening with delicious food. Anyway, we’ll speak soon my dears.

M xx

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Update on FVTD

The only image I remembered to take when I was at the gym!

Hi lovelies! How are you? Hope your week is going well. I’m excited to have Jamie back tonight. He’s been down in London since Monday for a cocktail competition and I can’t wait to see him. I was a bit envious he got to go down to London again so soon, I absolutely love that city but I’ve been quite happy here in the sun and warmth (apparently London is freezing and very grey at the moment), silver linings 😉 I would love to go down soon to see some friends and go to all the healthy eating places.

I haven’t really updated you on how it’s going with the Forth Valley Throwdown qualifiers! So the leaderboard is now live after the first WOD being submitted (you can view it here, we’re Aurora Burpeealis, we had a mix up and ended up signing up with that name instead haha) and we’re 26th out of 53! I’m genuinely so happy about this. Some of the scores people got was just insane and I have no idea how they managed to get them but I’m impressed. They are some awesomely strong women. Who knows?Maybe one day I could maybe be up there haha.

We knew when we entered we probably wouldn’t be in the top but I’m so happy we’re giving it a try and we have given this our all so far. It’s cool to see how you’re doing in comparison to everyone else and it’s definitely taught me loads. There’s not only strength and endurance required but also strategic thinking and how to best utilise my partner Lindsey’s and my strengths to get the best possible score. We learn new things to think about all the time from trial and error but also from everyone else doing the WODs and speaking to them.

Yesterday we gave WOD 2 our first proper go! It went well. Lots of burpees and cleans tht gradually increase in weight each round (have a look at the WOD here). We weren’t sure we would be able to complete this WOD because the heaviest weight is five 50kg cleans and we had 24 minutes to complete all of the rounds. Neither of us had ever cleaned 50kg before until Sunday when I managed smash out a couple during our practice. So luckily we managed to get through the entire workout.

Lindsey was amazing doing the majority of the burpees so I could save energy for the final heavier cleans. Together we made it!! We’ve decided to give it another go on Thursday morning to see whether we could potentially get a better time but otherwise we’re really happy with submitting our current time as our final score. Stella thought we definitely should give it another go because every second counts on the leaderboard. I feel like we’ve got more to give but like we’ve learnt from the previous WOD, you never know what can happen. We’re happy either way and we can always submit the score we already have so we have nothing to loose.

Today we have a joiner in the flat to FINALLY fix our shelf in the kitchen, which fell down and crashed in front of me when I was washing the dishes. There was glass everywhere and it was absolutely terrifying. I don’t even want to think about what could’ve happened if I’d gotten some of it in my eyes. Luckily I jumped to the side really quickly. It’s taken our letting agency almost a year to come in and fix it. Oh the wonderful life of renting flats. I can’t wait for Jamie and I to get our own place one day.

Once this guy has left I’m going out to run some errands and tonight it’s time for another class at Gym G5. Hope you’re having a beautiful Wednesday my dears xxx