That felt good

Hello my lovelies! I woke up to snow on the rooftops here in Glasgow. I do not want more winter! I’ve already have my heart set on it getting warmer and sunnier! When Faye told me yesterday we’re expected to get a snowstorm I was not happy haha. We’ll see how much of a snowstorm there’ll be here in the city. So far it seems quite peaceful out there but having lived in Glasgow for almost five and a half years (has it really been that long?!) I know that can always change at the blink of an eye.

What’s been happening with you guys? There’s been a lot of stuff happening recently that I don’t really feel ready to share on here quite yet as I can’t believe it’s happening myself. It’s all very positive but I’m getting way out of my comfort zone and once I feel like I’ve started to digest it I’ll share it with you guys, I promise. I get nervous just thinking about it right now but a good nervous (I think haha). There’s too many thoughts going on in my head at the moment but I think it’s mainly good! Sorry for being so vague…

Other than that I’ve been training (surprise). I’m feeling like I’m really back in the groove now and started to get good times on my workouts again. Yesterday evening we did one of the “Battle for Britain” (a big Crossfit competition) qualifying workouts in different scaled versions depending on our ability. I was really really happy with my time! I felt like I’m on the right track for Rainhill.

Now I just need to get some more weightlifting in. I haven’t really done much because I just wanted to kick myself into shape and get my pulse up again. It’s time to dust off some heavier lifting, cleans, jerks and snatches. God when I did my snatches yesterday during the WOD they felt awful. I had Ray’s voice from Team Cavanagh in my head and knew that he would not have been impressed by those snatches haha. I know I just to brush off on my technique and it’ll be okay but it shows once again how olympic lifting is an art and skill you constantly need to stay on top of. I’m going to open gym tonight so that’s what’s on the agenda. We’ll see how that goes! I’m so excited to give my new weightlifting shoes a proper try.

It’s time to get this day started!


Rainhill seeding results

When a moment like this makes all other hard working moments worth it!

Heeelloo lovelies! How are you this fine Sunday morning? I’m not going to lie, I didn’t sleep well at all last night due to my cold. I was booked in for open gym today but have decided to be sensible and cancel my booking to have a rest. I honestly don’t know what to do with my cold. I’ve done everything I could possibly think of to recover. I rested for days when I was in Sweden, I’m eating all the veggies, drinking ginger shots, drinking loads of liquid and loads more but it just won’t budge. We’ll see how I feel after today’s chill session.

Anyway, that is not at all why I was writing this post! Yesterday evening I received a message from one of my gym buddies Carol who’s also doing Rainhill where it said congratulations on my seeding result. I had no idea we’d gotten our results as they’d posted several times saying they’d be posted on Sunday. Sneaky Rainhill people!

I threw myself onto my emails, saw the email, clicked the link and started scrolling. I had no idea what to expect other than I sort of thought I’d be in the same category Faye was, Rastrick. I scrolled and scrolled and got to female Rastrick and there my name was, not just anywhere, FIFTH out of 58 people in my category. What the hell? I did not expect that. I was absolutely over the moon and sent Jamie a million messages because he was at work and then continued to message Faye of course because she’s my gym buddy in crime. I couldn’t believe it. It’s crazy how a moment like that can make all the other moments of hard work worth it.

Now I know that this seeding score by no means guarantees that it’s going to go well on the actual day. Scores can change entirely on the day but I am still really happy it went well and it has given me a little confidence boost and motivational boost. At the same time I immediately started feeling pressure, from where and why? This is supposed to be for fun! Of course I’m going to feel stressed and feel pressure and some points but I don’t want it to take from the fact that this is something I love to do and should be fun and not stressful. I just need to continue reminding myself of that as I get closer.

I also felt a little bit anxious because I’m not feeling anywhere near that shape I was before Christmas with this stupid cold. I’m not felt this helpless when it comes to my health in a long time. Usually it clears within a couple of days and this has been going on for over two weeks on and off.

Why am I feeling anxious? I just want to give myself the best possible chance of doing the best I can at Rainhill. I’d be disappointed in myself if I didn’t. However, I might need to change my mindset and think that my best might be slightly different from what I thought it would be when I entered if this cough and sore throat continues. I need to think of my body’s wellbeing first and that should come before a competition. It’s tough when I am a competitive person by nature and I love the gym so much. Saying no to open gym today made me sad because I love going and seeing everyone and training. I love progressing and working on getting better and when I’m sitting on the sofa I don’t feel like I’m progressing or getting better in any way haha.

I’ve still got 6 weeks until it’s happening which is a fair amount of time. That’s what I try to tell myself anyway. So body PLEASE get better. I am so ready to get into competition mode and am so over being ill. I wish I was well so I could use this positive energy I’m feeling right not but hopefully it’ll stay with me until I next set foot in the gym. HOPEFULLY it’ll be tomorrow but we’ll see. I need to let whatever happens happen and I need to look after my body. Once I’m recovered I know I’ll give it my everything because I’m so ready to give it my all. I can’t wait.

Now it’s time to make a ginger shot and snuggle up on the couch with some tea. Not too bad either I suppose and hopefully that’ll be the right thing to do to kick this cold’s bum. Any other remedies to help me would be very much appreciated 🙂

Have a lovely day, M xxx

Seeding completed

Hi lovelies! Sorry for the silence on the blog yesterday. I couldn’t get a chance to finish the post I was writing! No matter what I do, it’s always manic the day before I travel.

One thing I had to do yesterday was finish my seedings for Rainhill. There was only one thing left to be done, as many toes to bar as possible in a minute. I decided against doing the thruster burpee over bar ladder again since I’m feeling a bit ill. After normal class I asked Faye to time me and I managed five before I died. It would’ve been nice with more but I was so happy because I haven’t been able to do any for I don’t even know how long so five way more then I ever could do before!

It’s crazy to think that my seedings are done, I just need to submit my scores and once I’m back from Sweden my proper Rainhill training begins! The seedings have been interesting and I’m excited to see how I did in comparison to everyone else. Not that it matters really but it’s still interesting. It’s a relief either way to have it done before going to Sweden for Christmas and New Year.

Other than that I ran around town yesterday afternoon sorting some final errands and then Jamie and I went for our annual Christmas meal out. This year we were at The Gannet for their festive menu and it was lovely. I’m glad we had an early meal so I had time to pack everything last night.

It also meant I could be super productive this morning as well! I managed to go to G5 for a final sweaty session with everyone for this year. I absolutely love them all and will miss them when I’m away.

Now I’m on the bus on the way to the airport. I’ve said by to Jamie, although it won’t be long until I see him in Sweden together with his mum and brother for Christmas!!

Right I need to look in the road now so I don’t get car sick!

Speak to you when I’m in Sweden,

M xxx


Hi lovelies! There’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently as I’ve been going through with my Rainhill training. Something that’s very important and we often forget about, perspective. Putting what you are doing in the gym into perspective. It’s so easy to get carried away by what other people are doing or how much you think you should be progressing and we, or at least I, forget to think about where I am in the context of my own fitness journey.

Yesterday we did a heavy WOD at G5 with lots of heavier squat cleans split up with burpee over bar. Gemma who I was paired up with and I worked up to 55kg in the WOD and I managed to do all five of them in the final round! We then attempted a 57.5kg squat clean. Gemma made it look effortless and I failed. I let the weight get to my head and I worked my self up. I haven’t actually cleaned that heavy since Forth Valley Throwdown (a competition I did earlier this year). At that time my partner Kirsty and I said if we managed to clean 55kg we would be happy. We could barely do that going into the competition. When we were there we both did 55kg, which we were over the moon about and I also managed to clean the bar at 57.5kg but couldn’t get it up. I’ve attempted it since but not managed to do anymore.

Whilst I was a little bit disappointed when I didn’t manage to get that 57kg up yesterday, I looked back at only a couple of months ago when I thought 50kg was a stretch for me. Now being able to do several 55kg squat cleans in a normal WOD and not at a competition when the adrenaline is pumping, that’s a great accomplishment when you think about it. I weigh about 60kg so that’s not far off my bodyweight which is quite crazy when you think about it. So I’m trying to stay in a positive mind frame and not beat myself up about it. It’s fine and I know strength in general is something I need to work on and I want to work on so now whilst I’m figuring out my next step I’m going to put in some extra time towards that during the day. I used to do a lot more strength than I’m currently doing, at the moment it’s more speed and high reps. Which is great but not perhaps building the strength I’d like to do. So for Rainhill I’m going to try and lift more weights and work on that aspect more.

Oh god this turned into a very long post! The night before I also did one of my seeding workouts for Rainhill with Faye. We did Viking Kelly which is three rounds of 20 cal row, 20 box jumps/step ups on a 20 inch box and 20 wall balls as fast as possible. I went in with the mindset of I’m going to try it out this week and then next week do it properly for my submission. However, I ended up surprising myself with a decent time of 9:12 so I don’t think I’ll be redoing it. I’m quite happy with that and Faye said it was better than her seeding time, considering how good she is I thought that was a great achievement. And I remember struggling so much when we did it for her seeding as well. It means I’ve had to have done some sort of progress. I was more happy about how I felt in relation to how I felt the last time than the fact I did better than Faye’s score. Being in a competition state of mind knowing that you want to do well also helps haha. You dig deep and just go for it in a different way than if you’e just training. Faye even said so herself when she did it next to me, she didn’t feel the same drive now knowing she’s already done it and doesn’t have the competition to work towards. It’s natural that you feel that way.

I just wanted to say is, I know it’s easier said than done, but think about putting things into perspective and don’t focus so much on what everyone else is doing. They are on a completely different path than you are. You’ve got your own path in front of you and you are perhaps wanting to do something entirely different from who you’re comparing yourself to. Use other people as inspiration and know that if you work hard you could accomplish it too if you really wanted to but what not to do is beat yourself down. I’m guilty of this at times and it’s very counterproductive. Why do we do this? It’s so silly as it only makes us feel worse about ourselves when we actually don’t need to. That’s why it’s great to keep track of PBs and such because you can look back at that and compare yourself to where YOU were a couple of months ago instead of this other person who really has nothing to do with you or what you’re doing.

Remember that as long as you’re doing something in regards to your fitness it’s progress even though it doesn’t feel like progress. If you’re new to the gym, going to the gym is progress, it’s a step in the right direction. If you’ve just started running, that’s progress and it’s more than you’ve ever done before. Think of every step you take as a win because it is. Even if it feels small at the time it’s the start of something big. I remember when I first started the gym I would never imagine that I would be sitting here in front of my laptop on this blog, with people reading it writing this post. But taking those first steps on my journey was the start of something big that I couldn’t even imagine at the time and it’s changed my life. When you think about it, it’s all about how you see things. I’m so bad for this at times and can end up in a really negative spiral but I really do try to see things positively as much as I can. I’m realising more and more that it’s a choice everyday how you choose to react to things. Let’s try and be better and not be so hard on ourselves and let’s be happy with our progress how little or small. It’s progress and making progress is an amazing feeling so enjoy it and keep on smashing it my lovelies!

I’d love to hear what you guys think about all of this. Let me know! I hope I’m not the only one struggling with this hehe.

By the way, if you by any chance are free today after 11am I’ll be going on the Kaye Adams Programme on BBC Radio Scotland. I was asked yesterday by a friend of mine, Frankie if I wanted to go on and talk about why women take so long to get ready in the morning and about dresscodes at work. I’ve worked in so many different industries now and struggle a lot with what to wear and with dresscodes at work so I thought, why not? I’m looking forward to it but am a bit nervous! Wish me luck!

M xxx