CF 3018 Partner Comp 2018

Where do I even start to explain yesterday? It was incredible and there’s so much to be said. I’ll be writing more in-depth about the comp but I thought I needed to get something up anyway.

The day went by at the blink of an eye, as comps tend to do I’ve noticed by now. My sore body is what is reminding constantly of that yesterday actually happened. Especially my quads!

When you’re in a comp you feel like you’re noticing everything. I think it’s the time in my life when I feel like I’m the most present in the moment. Once that timer goes off it’s only you and the workout ahead and of course in this case your partner. All those nerves playing up and the thoughts in your head go quiet. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I felt a lot calmer going into this comp than my previous two. I think it made a difference. Probably because I had Mich next to me and also having some experience of how it all works from before.

Now looking back, whilst I did feel so present. The day is already a blur and a jumble of experiences and emotions. That’s why I love having this space to write it down and reflect on what actually happened. It’s also great to look back on in the future.

I’m so grateful to have been able to share it this day with my incredible Crossfit fam. What a crew we were, competing and cheering each other on until the end. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have this crew here Australia who I get to see every day and do what I love with. Life would’ve been so different if I hadn’t have started Crossfit back in Glasgow that’s for sure. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t know how I would’ve found friends over here if it wasn’t for it. It’s tough as an adult to find like-minded people if you don’t go to uni and just work.

Anyway, enough blabbering for now. There’s more to come! I can’t wait to share it all with you,

M xxx

Comp Day

Good morning my dears! Today’s the day, it’s competition day. Right now we’re sitting in Mich’s car on the way to Altona. The rain is pouring down outside and the nerves are slowly creeping up on me. I’m excited though! I can’t wait to get the first workout out of the way. Then I’ll feel a lot better.

I’m really struggling to think of what to write right now haha. So I’ll stop but I just wanted to stick my head in here and say hi. Let’s hope it all goes well and that we have the best time. I know I will surrounded by my Crossfit Red Bluff crew.

Speak soon my dears, M xxx

Proving Grounds 2018

Stella MCing away

Brought salads because the food at these events is usually not great 

Sprints and front squats 
G5 support crew 

Team Destined for Divorce (Ray J and  KJ)

Team G5 Jerks (Adam and Julie)

Super happy me!

The final WOD

And they were done!

Falafel burger at Drygate with the team

I got to hold baby Emily! One week old, she’s beautiful. Did I tell you I love babies? (Photo borrowed from Chris)

Some of the gang! (Photo borrowed from Chris)

I absolutely love competition days, whether it’s me competing or cheering on someone else, it’s just the most fun days. The G5 crew is always out in full force and we scream and shout from the beginning until the end. This time it was time to head out to Motherwell (just outside Glasgow) to cheer on our two teams who qualified for Proving Grounds XY at Ravenscraig Sport Centre, G5 Jerks and Destined for Divorce. Proving Grounds is one of the biggest mixed pairs competitions in the UK.

Carole (Faye’s mum) very kindly picked Ellie and I up at my flat in the morning. It was meant to be the hottest and sunniest day of the year so far, and we were going to be inside all day. Oh the irony of life. What don’t you do to support your gym buddies? 😛 We got there just before the G5 team’s first heat started to wish them luck.

They were incredible all day the G5 teams. The WODs were heavy and tough, with a few surprise elements such as changing the barbells up for a wider one to test out the grip strength and adding weighted vests to the final workout. The final workout looked very juicy, air squats, pull ups and burpees all with an extra 6kg on for the women and 9kg for the men.

Not only did we have the G5 teams competing, we had Stella on the microphone commentating on the event all day. She did a brilliant job and sounds like a natural that lady! I don’t know how she doesn’t run out of things to say. It’s a long day.

In between workouts there were some vendors about you could have a browse at such as Greaves Sports and lululemon. The lulu girls were hosting a synchro burpee challenge, do as many synchro burpees as you could in 30 seconds. You had to be a guy and a girl. Chris and I gave it a bash and got 13. Then MJ and Ian swooped in and got an entire 15. That was impressive. 30 seconds really isn’t a lot of time!

Ellie seemed to absolutely love her first Crossfit competition experience and towards the end she was joining in on the shouting and cheering too.

If I would give anyone a tip for going to a Crossfit competition it’s bring your own food! You’re not always guaranteed there’ll be something decent to eat. I know most likely because I don’t eat meat there won’t be something available so I’ve brought food to all the ones I’ve been to so far. The food at Ravenscraig was really bad so I’m glad we didn’t have to worry about starving Ellie and I.

One thing that was amazing to watch was Steph Dekker competing in the RX category! She just qualified for her second Crossfit Regionals so she’s going to be competing in Berlin in May. It was crazy to see the level of her fitness in comparison to everyone else competing, she’s just playing a different ball game. Not a drop of sweat at any point in any of the workouts and didn’t seem to show any nerves whatsoever. She just walked in and smashed it and didn’t seem to take any effort at all. What an incredible athlete she is.

After the teams finished, we packed up and headed to Drygate for some burgers and celebration of the incredible teams. They really gave it their all and did G5 proud. It was incredible to watch them push and push through each WOD. You could see it was very trialling at times but they kept on going.

Chris from the gym brought his lovely family along to Drygate so we all got a chance to meet and hold their latest addition to the family, baby Emily. She was only a week old and so cute! I even got a chance to hold her and you just can’t take your eyes off her. She was so little and peaceful, didn’t make a noise as she was passed around to everyone around the table.

We were all knackered (or at least I was) after an eventful day. Competition days are tiring, even if you’re not competing because you’re so nervous for the ones competing and you scream and shout them through every workout. So I was quite happy to head home afterwards to my bed. Randomly on my way out I bumped into Kajsa who was at Drygate too! It was the best surprise ever seeing her! I haven’t seen her since before I went to Sweden.

I then headed out and was going to walk to the underground and take it home but it was still really nice outside even though the sun had pretty much set at that point that I walked all the way home. What a day, I knew it was going to be my last time supporting the G5 crew live before moving so I really tried to take it all in and really truly appreciate being there and enjoying every second (I always do but being a bit more mindful about it). I’m going to miss days like this, so incredibly much.

What I learnt doing the Crossfit Open

The Crossfit Open is long gone and now those mega athletes who qualified for the next stage are in full regionals prep. I thought I’d just revisit my experience a little bit and share some things I learnt or thought about along the way from taking part in the Open.

1. The pressure can get to you

I signed up a bit on a whim for the Open and wasn’t sure what to expect. I was going to do my best and not try to be stressed about it because it was meant for fun. It was just a competition against myself and see what I could do. However, as the weeks went on I felt some kind of pressure to do well. It was when we were starting to do the WODs I knew I wouldn’t do well in due to lack of skills or strength and whilst I had loads of people around me when I was doing my WODs who were supporting me, I felt slightly awkward and uncomfortable they were watching me struggle. I know it doesn’t matter but I suppose I have a bit of pride and being vulnerable and really struggling at times sometimes got to me. I felt like I wasn’t good enough even though I was doing way better than I thought I would. I managed double unders, chest to bars and handstand push ups, things that I had never really been able to do before or haven’t been doing for very long. However, once I was in the WOD all the people watching and cheering you on actually helped but at the beginning of  the workouts I just felt a bit like I wanted to hide. It gets you out of your comfort zone these workouts and when you’re in it, all you need to focus on is getting through it the best you can.

2. You are better than you think you are

I by no means am saying I’m the best or am super good at Crossfit but I think I struggle to realise that I’m quite good at this stuff by now. I still have so much more to learn and get better at but even a couple of months ago I couldn’t have done what I’m doing today. I don’t give myself enough credit for what I do and it’s a shame because you work so hard to accomplish something and all you want is to get double unders or get a handstand push up and when it happens I feel like I’m not praising myself enough. I more think, well that’s good and then just carry on. I work hard for all the progress I make but I don’t celebrate it enough, I’m almost already over it by the time I get it. I need to get better at stopping and appreciating when I nail something. Ending up far higher on the leaderboard than I thought I would and doing all of the workouts RX (as prescribed) rather than scaling also showed that I guess I’m doing alright in my training. I did not think that would happen. It’s realising that you’re doing well and you’re making progress and being happy and proud of that progress. I’m not one for blowing my own trumpet but maybe I just need to be a bit more proud of my progress along the way. Do you guys struggle with this?

3. It finds your weaknesses but also pushes you to get better

Oh god it did. Doing these WODs it was impossible in some instances to move on to the next stage because there was a movement in the way, which made you stop and you couldn’t get past it. For instance, double unders slowed me down, chest to bars slowed me down, handstand push ups slowed me down and muscle ups were just a lost cause and let’s not talk about handstand walks haha. You could do well in the first part of the workout and then you would hit a wall and that was your submission over. It’s as if someone lit a massive spotlight right at where you know you’re struggling, which was eye opening. Some instances you would be stuck there for the remaining time, being forced to practise this movement you’re terrible at, other times you struggled through. What it did make me feel was, I’m freaking going to practise all these things until next year so I can get better and get through these movements. It was a learning experience to see what you need to focus on a bit extra and also to see what a bit of pressure can make you do, sometimes you were surprised how you managed to wiggle through to the next part of the workout.

4. You get a benchmark for next year

For someone who’s a bit competitive like me and likes competing against yourself, I love that I now have a placing I can improve for next year. There’s a full year of progress and improvement until the next Open and I’m hoping next year I’ll feel more confident and feel like I could place a bit better. It’s always nice to feel like you’re moving forward and have something to strive towards. I’m not super strict wanting to smash myself to do better next year but it gives me a goal.

5. Going to a small independent gym is the best thing ever

It’s at times like these when qualifiers for competitions are happening that you realise how special these kinds of gyms are. Everyone is helping out as much as they can, giving up their spare time on the weekend even if they’re not submitting anything just to help out with judging or filming, setting up or supporting. The vibe during some of the workouts was just amazing when everyone was cheering the people doing the workout on to keep going and watching people get their first pull up. It was beautiful. We had members bring homemade cakes and at one point MJ brought down her coffee machine and was making everyone a coffee to keep them warm.

6. It’s you against you

You would think when entering any form of competition you are inevitably competing against others but the main competition you have is with yourself to be the best you can be. It’s how I always try to think whenever I’m training or competing and was once again reminded of this during the Open. It’s not so much about the leaderboard in relation to other people but it’s more about when you put it into the perspective of your performance and what you can do and if you leave the workout happy knowing you’ve done your best.

7. It’s fun

At then end of the day we all sign up because we want something to do and it’s a bit of fun. Don’t try and take it too seriously. It’s incredibly cool that people from all over the world are doing the same workouts in their own gym and taking part. If you’re on the fence next year on whether to do it or not, I’d say just do it, what’s the worst thing that could happen? You don’t finish the workout maybe, there were loads of workouts I was nowhere near finishing when the time cap was up. But that’s the worst thing that could happen, other than injuring yourself (please don’t do that!). If anything you win from even trying because a lot of people wouldn’t even dare to do that. Just see how far you can go, you’ll surprise yourself!