Sydney food live

My happy place, with some delicious food in front of me!

Need to get the good angles

Poké bowls on Manly beach

Bumped into Simon Hill of Plant Proof at Cha Cha’s my last night in Bondi. I love his work and was slightly starstruck!

Aaaand it’s live! My mini vegan eating guide for the Sydney area. Bondi was filled to the rim with amazing vegan places and so was central Sydney and Manly… There was no way I was going to get through all the places I wanted to go but it left me wanting more so I probably will have to back to Sydney one day. I’m sure I will.

I’ve never been to a place where it’s been so easy holidaying and eating plant based as Bondi. You could find everything you’d possibly want. Vegan ice cream from Cha Cha’s was just a short walk from the beach. Usually such a thing wouldn’t even exist where I’ve been before. It was nice to feel like you weren’t missing out and can still indulge a bit. After all, that’s what holidays are for. That’s the one thing I never want to feel, like I’m restricted or missing out because of what I choose to eat or not eat.

Syndey you blew mind with your food. If you’re curious of my favourite places I visited during my stay, check out the Vegan Eats in Sydney page HERE.

Next level scrambled tofu

Who would’ve thought we live around the corner from some of the best tofu scramble I’ve ever had the privilege of eating?! I’ve been walking past Wishbone for ages and been intrigued by their menu. From the moment I read miso scrambled tofu I knew I had to pay them a visit. Their entire menu is brunchy food with Japanese vibes throughout, a pretty cool and unique idea.

After our morning fridge drama two weeks ago Mim and I were starving and needing a place nearby to eat pronto. I remembered Wishbone and suggested us to go and boy were we glad we went. That tofu scramble hit the spot. We added avocado to it because you always need avocado in your life. Whilst waiting for our food to arrive I had a lovely matcha latte and Mim had a coffee. It makes me happy every time when I see matcha lattes on menus but not all places get them right. Some don’t mix the powder properly, others add sweetener (god I HATE when they do that without saying, it tastes awful) and other times it’s too bitter. Wishbone’s was good!

When the food came out Mim and I couldn’t wait to dig in. It looked and smelled incredible. It tasted even better, didn’t think that would be possible. It’s up there as one of the best scrambled tofus I’ve had. I just loved the Japanese flavours. So different and so right. It’s making me hungry even writing about it now. If you’re ever in my hood Elsternwick (which you should be because it’s amazing), go check Wishbone out!

Speaking of food, I’m about to get ready to go to Melbourne Street Eatz in Elwood this evening with some of the gym crew. I feel like all I do is eat but living in a place like this and haing friends who also love food, it’s difficult not too. Hoping for some yuuum vegan options! It’s a bit of a hit or miss when it’s not a vegan food festival but I’ve had a look at what’s going to be there and I think there’ll be some good options!

Have a lovely evening,

M xxx

Cocomamas // 1C Staniland Grove // Elsternwick

How many photos can you take of an acai bowl?

Since moving to Elsternwick I’ve slowly started to tick off some of the local joints. Being a massive foodie it’s simply a must when you’re new to an area to see what the food scene is about. Of course being in Australia, we have a smoothie joint just a block away, Cocomamas. I had heard loads about it even before moving to Elsty and only realised after over a week of living here how close it was to our flat. Only a block or so away. How amazing is that?

Recently after a sunny day on the beach I was really craving something cold and refreshing. What better than an acai bowl? I thought it was time to check what all the hype was about. There are plenty of smoothie bowls to choose from but I went for the classic acai bowl and added cacao nibs and peanut butter because life without peanut butter is a sad life and cacao nibs needs to be on all my smoothie bowls. When I got my bowl they had already won me over with the generous dollop of peanut butter. The more the merrier. The apple topping I had to leave because they make my stomach sore.

The verdict? So far I think Cocomamas makes the best acai bowl I’ve had in Melbourne. Super tasty and refreshing on a hot day. I’m so happy and kind of worried by how close they are to where we live. I feel like now I’ve broken the seal there’s no going back and I will be going back for more very soon. I’m excited to try their other smoothie bowls, raw desserts and more lunchie food.

When I was in I overheard one of the girls working there saying they are moving onto Glen Huntly Road in the next couple of months. I’m crossing my fingers it’s a bigger unit with more seating and more delicious healthy things on the menu. It’s so easy to eating healthily when you’re out here in Melbourne with places like these readily available and I absolutely love it.

Serotonin Eatery // Burnley

Serotonin, a place I’ve been dying to go to for ages. It’s a bit of an institution on the vegan and health scene here in Melbourne. Specialising in food to raise your mood and boost your health through their creations. It is a bit off the beaten track over in Burnley, at least in relation to where we live, and that’s why it’s taken so long to to get there.

Last weekend Mim and I FINALLY decided that today was the day. We were out shopping on Chapel Street with her sister Alex. We knew we needed a good feed after spending hours going in and out of shops trying on clothes so off to Burnley and Serotonin we went. Their café is in a lovely location just by a park and they even offer you to take a picnic basket and eat their food in the park. How nice is that?

We walked in through the door and as soon as we got through the doors we were greeted by their lovely staff. We were sat outside on their swings! The best idea ever to have swings. A guy called Gabriel was the one who helped us during our visit and he was amazing! He got our menus and we told him about how long we’d been wanting to go and asked for his recommendations because we wanted to try EVERYTHING. We knew their famous pancakes were a must but other than that we had trouble deciding what to have on top of that. At this point we were starving. It was just before three in the afternoon and we hadn’t had lunch. Meaning we pretty much would’ve wanted to eat the entire menu because of how hungry we were, that didn’t really make the decision any easier.

We were leaning towards their new pizza, you guys know I’m not a massive pizza fan but it sounded unlike any pizza I’d heard of. It’s been made in collaboration with Simon Hill who does one of my favourite podcasts Plant Proof. Unfortunately it had chickpeas in the base and Mim is quite intolerant to them so I will just have to try it another time because we wanted to share food. After a lot of going back and forth we went for another new addition to their menu, the savoury waffles and we added scrambled tofu to it and also ordered a side of satay tempeh. How could you not order some tempeh with satay sauce? Yuuum!

We of course had to try some of their delicious sounding hot drinks while we were waiting on ur food. I had a peanut butter latte. Yup a peanut butter latte! How good does that sound?! And it tasted even better. What a great idea for peanut butter addicts like myself. Mim had a golden latte and it was lovely too!

I’m trying to find words to explain how good the food was and I don’t feel like there are good enough words to really give you an idea of how insane Serotonin’s food is. The pancakes were beautifully fluffy but moist at the same time. The cashew cheese on the waffles was so creamy and cheesy, I have no idea how the managed to make it taste that way. The scrambled tofu tasted amazing and the satay tempeh, that satay sauce was heaven. I could’ve eaten a whole bowl of that stuff. I don’t think the staff have ever seen to more enthusiastic customers. We couldn’t stop mmming and aaaing over how good it all was.

The food was devoured far too quickly and even though it looked like a lot it all somehow fitted in our stomachs without feeling overly full. We then got the very lovely surprise from Gabriel who asked us what dish we’d like to try next time and he gave us a card each with ten dollars off the dish of our choice next time we come in. How nice is that? Incredibly generous of them.

They were closing for the day at this point and we headed to the till to pay, the last people to leave. It’s a very tempting place around the till because they have all their beautiful cakes displayed just there. Mim and I were discussing the cakes and another guy who worked there gave us one of their raw lamington cakes for free. Wow, I’ve never experienced a place so caring and generous towards their customers and everyone who worked there seemed to love to be there. The positive vibes and energy is contagious.

Wow, wow, wow. I’m lost for words and can’t wait to go back!