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Trying out Babs

Jamie went for chicken souvlaki, I went for the tofu bab and then we ordered hummus and babaganoush…

… and the big greek salad

He just refuses to behave when I take photos haha

Forever in gym clothes, Jamie and I couldn’t dress more different for our jobs haha. Opposites attract!

Jamie and I seriously hadn’t seen each other properly since Monday so yesterday we had decided to meet up for lunch. It’s handy that I work in town and can just pop out of the office. We have been seeing loads of stuff written about Babs, Bread Meats Bread’s latest venture where they do kebabs properly, according to their slogan.

Being the foodies we are, we wanted to go and try it out. Not quite Midsummer food but hopefully nice and tasty food haha. The place is really nice on the inside! Every single detail was thought out. I was first a bit hesitant to try Babs but after seeing their massive salad section as well as a veggie section plus all the dips (you all know hummus is my life) I was sold. It definitely looked like a menu I could like and something that was somewhat healthy too.

My tofu bab was tasty but I thought there would be more vegetables on the skewers. It was just potato and tofu on it which was a bit disappointing so for next time I’ll definitely ask for the more veggies if I order it again. It was still tasty though. It was also served on a wrap which I didn’t really feel I needed but nibbled on it a little bit. Jamie absolutely loved his dish and the greek salad was also really good. There is even a vegan greek salad on the menu with vegan feta but we went for the normal one. It would be cool to try it sometime though. The babaganoush was amazing the hummus was a bit too minty for our liking but still went down well.

We both really enjoyed our meal and would go back. City Centre is in desperate need of good restaurants so I’m really glad places like these are starting to open up. I loved that they had some options for vegans on the menu. It felt a bit unexpected when you first think of kebabs but considering it’s the same owners’ as Bread Meats Bread it shouldn’t really come much to surprise that the menu would be something special, which it is.

Go check it out guys!

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Dean Village // Edinburgh // Photobomb

After a disastrous search for food we ended up at Wagamama for the first time in years!

Then we headed towards Dean Village

It was absolutely stunning

Sneaky boyfriend captured this

It felt like we were in a Fairy Tale

Because I love colourful doors

We were so happy to have made the trip to see this beautiful place

We stopped by one of Jamie’s favourite cocktail bars over in Edinburgh, Panda & Sons. He had this cool drink, I had water.

After Juice Warrior Jamie and I were on a mission to find food. We were starving. It was about four in the afternoon and we hadn’t had lunch yet. We went to place after place who said their kitchen is closed but they were selling cakes and coffee. It was quite bizarre. Why wouldn’t they serve food? The hanger started kicking in and both of us were struggling to stay positive. We just wanted something light and lunch like salads and sandwiches and stuff but it seemed like a mission impossible.

Eventually we passed by a Wagamama and went in there. We’re really not the people who goes to chains like these but we were so hungry! We prefer to support local businesses but sometimes when the local businesses don’t want to serve food you will just have to take what you can get haha. The food was alright (I had a veggie pad thai and Jamie had the bulgogi). We were just happy to feel like ourselves again after that hunger dip! We always struggle to find nice little lunchy places when we’re in Edinburgh. Please send me tips for next time, we really do want to try out the food scene over there properly sometime!

Once we had refuelled it was time to find Dean Village. There was a moment where Jamie thought we had already been to Dean Village without realising it when we stayed over in Edinburgh for his birthday two years ago. I was just thinking, oh god could this day be more of a failure haha, food fail and now after all of that we’re going to a place we’ve already been to. Luckily, it wasn’t the case.

We eventually got to Dean Village and trust me, if we’d seen it before, we’d remember. It was mesmerisingly beautiful. It felt like going back in time or stepping into a Fairy Tale. Like the village in Beauty and the Beast almost. I couldn’t stop saying wow everywhere I turned. The sunny weather made it look even more breathtaking. Dean Village is quite small so we were there for probably less than half an hour but it was worth the journey from Glasgow. If you’re in Edinburgh you need to add this place to your list!

When we’d seen everything we walked past Panda & Sons (the cocktail bar) on the way to the train station. I’d never been in before but have heard Jamie raving about it for years. We went in so Jamie could have a cocktail. It’s one of his favourite places and I figured since he joined me for smoothies it was only fair. Panda & Sons is hidden in a barbershop behind a bookcase. It’s so cool! If you didn’t know there was a cocktail bar in there you’d never know what lies behind that facade. It was really cool to see.

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Juice Warrior // A must in Edinburgh

I was so happy to see they’d added even more smoothies to their menu (to Jamie’s dismay, I’m incredibly indecisive and this did not help). 

 It was tropical over in Edinburgh. I was so happy I dared to wear shorts (you can never be sure about the weather here in Scotland). I did bring a pair of jeans just in case haha.

Originally we were meant to go to the Kelpies in falkirk on Sunday but the trains were cancelled so that plan is once again postponed to the next time we’re both free. It might be a while haha. We’ll get there eventually. So instead I said I’d love to go to Dean Village in Edinburgh. I’ve seen it popping up on Instagram here and there but had no idea where in Edinburgh it was. It felt we’ve been missing out on this secret Fairy Tale-like place.

We eventually got on the train and started our journey towards the east. I knew from the moment we decided to go to Edinburgh we had to go to Juice Warrior. I didn’t care we hadn’t had lunch yet. I just needed one of their smoothies. I so rarely make the journey so when I do, this is a place I have to go. They had even more smoothies to choose from than the last time I’d gone!

I struggled loads to choose  (if I could I would have one of each) but ended up going for Eternal Youth in the end. It had banana, raspberries, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, acai, cacao and beetroot in it. It was very chocolatey with a hint of berry. A bit like my favourite ice cream and sorbet combo, chocolate and raspberry. Very tasty.

I really wish Juice Warrior would open up in Glasgow. I think it’s the best place for a healthy treat in Scotland and I really think they’d do incredible over here. I’m thinking of starting a petition to get them to open up a unit here in the west, who’s with me? Jokes aside, they seriously should just come over. With all the new healthy businesses opening up they should join in on the fun!

I need to go back to Edinburgh soon just for another one of their smoothies. I’d love to try their smoothie bowls as well. A bit tricky to eat on the go though! Jamie had one of their coldpressed juices and he loved it. I think it was called Alchemy.

We then went on a mission to find lunch and that was way easier said than done. I’ll leave that for a separate post!

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Brunch is life / Singl-end / Glasgow

Brunching with my love

I was very excited for food
Caught sorting out my hair…
Yum yum yum!

Good morning my dears! Hope you Saturday was amazing. We had some unexpected sunshine during the day, which was very nice. Jamie was working at five so by the time he got up and got ready today we didn’t have loads of time to do much but we did go for brunch.

We are super lucky to have one of the best brunch places in Glasgow less than ten minutes away from us, Singl-end, so that’s where we went. I always go for the vegan breakfast but was so hungry I thought I craved the veggie breakfast with eggs (asked for the guac too, it doesn’t come with the veggie). I haven’t really eaten eggs that much lately and it was one of those instances where I was so hungry I was craving it (everything) but then when I actually ate it, I didn’t really want it anymore. I think the vegan breakfast without the eggs is better haha. Oh well, now I know for next time. Eggs are nice once in a while but whilst before I was obsessed, I’m not as big of a fan at the moment. We’ll see if that changes.

It was so warm we actually sat outside and it was nice to have a bit of time together. It’s not been a lot since I started working. We’ve gone from seeing each other pretty much whenever Jamie was off to barely seeing each other at all. Quite a drastic change. We’re getting used to it though and I definitely think it’s healthier for our relationship for us both to do our own thing. We wouldn’t mind a little more time for each other than it’s been recently though. We’ll find a balance eventually!

After a massive meal we went for a walk in the sun. The one thing I really struggle with living in Glasgow is the lack of sunny days in the summer. It makes so sad to not have proper sunny and warm summer like back in Sweden. It felt like we walked around the entire West End, which we sort of did.

I dropped Jamie off at work and then headed home. Such a lovely chilled day and exactly what I needed. Today Jamie and I are going to do something nice together, we would love to go outside of Glasgow so we’ll see where we end up!

Speak soon,

M xx