Eating vegan in Melbourne

Before moving to Melbourne I really thought it was easy eating vegan in Glasgow. It’s supposedly the vegan capital of the UK. The haven for all British vegans where they’ve got plenty of options and places to eat in. Having lived in Melbourne for over two months now I can tell you I’m mindblown atContinue reading “Eating vegan in Melbourne”

Matcha Mylkbar // 72A Acland Street // St Kilda

Our first visit. Believe it or not, all vegan. Mushroom and date late Second visit A happy Maddie is a fed Maddie Matcha Mylkbar is social media renowned for their next level vegan food. In this place you cannot only get vegan eggs but also vegan bacon with your breakfast. I’d heard about this placeContinue reading “Matcha Mylkbar // 72A Acland Street // St Kilda”